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Does What We Hear and See Affect Our Spirituality

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Saad Tasleem

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There's what we hear and see affect our spirituality.

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The answer is a definite yes was presented to us as in the seminar I will basato one other couldn't do like and who masuleh that certainly the hearing and the site and our hearts about all of those will be questioned. And the key point here in this aim is that there's a very strong relationship between what we hear and what we see in our hearts. So if we are listening, if we're hearing profanity and backbiting that will chip away at our Eman. If we are looking at lewd images, if we are looking at nudity, or watching TV that has those type of images on it, sooner or later it's going to affect our image, it's going to affect our connection with a loss penalty. And that is why

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it's important that on our journey to get close to Allah subhanaw taala we purify our gaze and we purify what we hear as well. And last parity, Allah knows best