The Life in The Barzakh – Episode 2 – Transitions of The Soul

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smilla Rahman Al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was iVh marine about. So we're still doing our series of the bottles off. And I had mentioned the issue of the roar, and the some of the details that we know about the roar. And at the very end, one brother said to me, what is the difference between raw and knifes. And even though this topic is about the buzzer, and it's not quite about the rule, but still we are discussing it. So we might as well go into a little bit of detail about the issue of the rule and the enough's. So what is the rule? And what is the knifes? And what is the difference between these two?

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I will go over a lot of discussion, but I will tell you the conclusion. And that is a lot lighter. There are many theories, there are many interpretations about the relationship between the road and the knifes and this discussion of the soul and the being the soul. And then after it actually goes back to pre Islam. It goes back to the philosophers, it goes back to many different, you know, strands of Islam. And in fact, many interpretations exists amongst 100 or so, Wolf, they have their interpretations amongst the philosophers, they have their interpretations amongst the people of Kalam, they have their interpretations. And in reality, they all these are all from issues of the unseen. So what we can do is to look at the rule and the nuts in the Quran. And many academics have done this. How is the rule used in the Quran? The word rule? So we see, for example, that of the terms that Allah uses the rule for is the angel Djibouti, right, but Nadella who wrote kudos. And

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generally when Angel Djibouti does mention rule, and kudos, the holy Roy. So Allah calls Djibouti rule. And another indication or another term that Allah uses the root for is the revelation and the Quran. So in some verses Allah calls the Quran ruin and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What can I Dickens and he co wrote him in a marina. This is how we have revealed the ruler to you. What is the rule? What are the low reveal the Quran? So Allah calls the Koran ROI. So we have number one, jubril is ROI. Number two, the Quran is ROI. Number three, the spirit that Allah blew into Miriam is called the ROI

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for the Facchinetti, human Raveena. So Allah is mentioning that the womb of Miriam, what was blown into it, Ruth was blown into it, and either three or four similar thing, and Isa is called

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what is the title of Isa rohilla. This is in the Quran that Allah azza wa jal calls Isa rule that Allah says in the Quran in nimal mercy hurry sodoma Medina Mara surah, la Colima to Aparna moriyama Whoo hoo min Isa is the Messiah and the Kadima to LA and the rule coming from Allah. This is in the Quran. So Isa is called rule from Allah subhana wa tada as well. And of the things that our law cause rule in the Quran is his help that comes from the heavens, a law called rule. So Allah says in the Quran, Allah Khattab a few pulumi himolla imana What a yedder whom biru him Minh who those

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are those whom Allah has written a man in their hearts, Khattab of your holy man. Then Allah says, What a yetta whom below him min Who? And Allah has helped to the Sahaba from a rule coming from him. What is the rule over here it is the divine aid the divine help that came in the Battle of brother in other battles, a law calls it the rule. And of course, this is number one now four or five, whatever number six we can say the term rule is also called the soul inside the body. Right? Well yes, aluna karna rule, put a Roman under a B, this is the roof inside the body. Now, in all of these, we noticed that the roof is something that is beyond generally speaking our eyes except for Isa we can feel him and sense him otherwise everything else is beyond our it's in the other world. It is something that is an inner power of force that allow users to help or that brings life. So the Quran is called ruin because the Quran brings life to the soul. Revelation is called ruined. Eman is

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called Roy Allah saying I'm helping the believers with ROI. So all of this is a divine aid that brings life and this is why the Quran is also called rule because it is the primary mechanism of making the rule alive. gibreel is called rule because jabril brings that life down

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The spiritual life, God brought down all of the revelation of Allah. So he is enlightening. He is bringing life to the creation through the revelation of the Torah, the NGO visible the Quran. So he is called the rule from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So all of these terms are used for rule and the main common theme that which gives life that which is energizing that which gives a lot of help. As for knifes, knifes occurs many, many, many more times in the Koran I think, don't quote me but I think at least eight times more than the Lord Roy knifes and unforced occurs much more in the Koran. And if you go over that, you get many many categories. But generally speaking, the the term knifes you can say very rarely, sometimes neffs is used for rules. And this is an exception it does occur. So for example, in the famous Hadith inhibin Marja, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Don't you see the one who dies? When he is dead? His eyes are looking up. They said, Why no sort of

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law. He said, that one, the knifes exits the body, the bus sort of follows it. When the knifes exits the body. He didn't say roll and this Hadeeth when the knifes exits the body, the eyes follow it and that is why anybody who dies in the state of wakefulness, when you die and you're asleep, your eyes are closed. Anybody who dies in a state of wakefulness, you always find their eyes are looking up Why are processing explained why that there is that millisecond between life and death where you see your own roof. And obviously, whenever we'll see our room, we're gonna look at it, everything else goes is not gonna be important, right? Everyone will look at the last thing they see their own room is exiting their body and then it's gone. So their eyes are gonna be over there. This authentic This is an authentic idea in which our Prophet sallallahu iclm said that when the neffs exits the body, the buzzer follows it. So he called the room neffs in this Heidi also in the Quran. Allah who your

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telephone fail and foster hayner motiva Allah takes the unforced the plural of knifes. Allah takes the knifes at the time of death. So sometimes the word knifes occurs the same as the as what? Roy but this is exceptional. Generally speaking, the word knifes is more than just the rule in the Quran. And Allah says that kulu Neff sin Bhima Casa Batra Hina every knifes is going to be mortgaged from what its own diseases right? That's locally for long enough sun Illa was aha no knifes will be burdened with more than what it can what it can bear. Risa says Allah mama enough see what Allah Murphy enough sick Oh Allah, you know what is in my enough I do not know what is in your knifes. So the term knifes is used much more frequently. And generally speaking, what we see is that the term knifes is used when the roar and the axle and the body are all combined in one when it is a walking talking living entity, then you call it nefs right? Wolfie unphysical fly to Iran in yourself, don't

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you see unforce your own selves. So neffs can be called the self and the self is composed of body and soul and intellect. These are all coming together. And it does appear that this seems to be the most common usage of the term knifes in the Koran and some have said that there are three types of knifes that enough to multiply in and enough amount of a suit and enough Salah wama so Enough said multiply in is the highest category it is content and the worship of a lot and it will be content in the era and the lowest category enough amount of is soon enough that is always commanding with evil and the middle category the sinning Muslim enough Silla wama he does a good deed he's happy he does a bad deed and he's like why did I do the bad deed This is enough sylow womma so low womma means always criticizing itself. So this is one interpretation Why? Because in the Koran you have three adjectives in different verses next enough's right in the Neff Salah. ammara Tomba suit is sort of

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useless, right? And Enough said most of my inner is mentioned in Joe's ama and enough's

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enough Scylla wama also mentioned just so they say three different adjectives for three different knifes but others say no this is a mistake. There's only two and that is enough sir multiple inner and unnecessary amount of issue. And as for enough Scylla wama this is every nurse without exception, because every knifes reproaches itself without exception, whether it reproaches for good or bad

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But it reproaches every knife says Why did I do this? Why didn't I do that? I should have done this. This is low wama lama illuma to criticize to reproach every enough's is low gamma. So other odema say, Oh, this is two souls. Nuff said multiple in an absurd amount of issue. Yet other orlimar say no. All three of these describe

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what's left

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you guys paying attention. We said there's three categories there's no then there's two what are the other other option? There's one. All three adjectives describe all souls simultaneously.

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In the Nef, Salah Amara timbi sui illuma rahima ropey every soul

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wants to do some evil, but Allah save some souls but still the soul is telling. There's some wristwatch that comes from the soul but Allah save some souls, but still the soul is whispering evil and loves the llama ever enough is there enough symbols in there whenever anybody does a good deed It is enough to multiply in. So, in reality, you have all of these positions and some of them I have said neffs and rule are synonymous. Others have said that the famous principle of Arabic when they when it is very commonly used either stem after a call with a thorough college seminar. When the two words occur in the same context, then they have different meanings. When they occur in different contexts, they become synonyms. However, Allah knows best if you gather all the times the rule occurs in the Quran and Sunnah all the times, knifes and unforced occurs in the colon. So, no one does get the impression that row is used primarily for the spiritual entity inside of our bodies,

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that which leaves us when we will die. This is the general rule row is the spiritual entity inside and without the rule, the body dies and the body becomes a corpse. So that is the primary usage and generally nefs is used generally there are exceptions even in the Quran and Sunnah. Generally, knifes and unforced is used when the body and the rule are combined together in a state of alertness and a state of wakefulness in the state of contemplation. This is the general rule of the Quran and Sunnah, that knifes or unforce is a broader category because it includes the soul, inside the body, when the it is in a wakeful state. This is the general rule and Allah subhana wa tada knows best. So that answers the question, what is the difference between Rojas enough's? And I said, there is no specific categorical correct answer, we have a number of interpretations. Now, the next point I wanted to move on to. And so that will be the rest of today is one heading. The rest of today's

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lecture is just one Heidi, and it is the most fundamental headed when it comes to the soul and the barossa. And the journey of the soul. And this hadith is, if nakaya mentioned us lumen are solid in this one Hadith, it is one of the foundations of the religion. And he says in his famous book metabo rohypnol by him has an entire volume of book called GitHub or ROI. And this is one of his earliest writings that he composed. And he mentioned this Hadeeth that I'm going to mention to you today inshallah, to Allah this hadith is the foundational Hadith when it comes to knowledge of the rule, and what happens after death, and other odema also commented on this headache, and they mentioned this headed is the most detailed Hadith about the journey of the soul. And that is why I will quote to be in his famous book a dead Cara and every single author of even Josie, every author who mentions the journey of death. They always narrate this entire headies pretty much at the beginning

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of the book. And so we are also talking about the butters up. So this Hadees needs to be done at the beginning of our series on the buzzer, and it is an authentic ID that is reported in behati and Muslim and without in many books of Hadith. All of the chains go back to one Sahabi al Bara even as if the famous companion, Al Bara even as IP and

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ip nakaya mentions that from this idea we can extract more than 20 theological doctrines that we believe in what do we believe in? We believe in the rule of believing God will cover will even Mancha nicaea he extracts all of these different ones insha Allah who tada we will mention them as we go over this hadith. So this hadith is narrated from Alberto Ivanov and I will try to mention some Arabic phrases as well so that we are benefiting from the Hadith. Alberto Eben as he said that once we attended the janazah of somebody from the ansara and we followed the grave up until the cover and the cover had not yet been dug. So all of us sat down with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and somebody began to dig the cover. Now that's going to take a while is going to take some time. So the profit is a little longer, I said and began speaking, this Hadeeth is called the header bar all about the journey of the road. This is that famous has

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The hadith of Bara, about the role and its context in the graveyard in Buccleuch agenda to appear with God in buckler. One One of the Sahaba is being buried. So this hadith was narrated in back here. And the whole narration is about obviously the context of the of death. So Albert, even as Rob said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looked up to the heavens. And then he looked down to the earth, He looked up to the heavens, he looked down to the earth, and then a third time, he looked up to the heavens. And then he looked down to the earth three times he's looking, quietly looking up looking down, then he said, a lahoma, India through the becoming either below copper, or will I seek refuge in You from the father of copper. By the way, this hadith also shows a very important point. And that is,

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the Muslim the diary, the Mora be the share, takes advantage of situations and opportunities. Right now they're attending a janazah. Right now they're attending a genizah. What is our Profit System speak about the death, and the importance of knowing death, seeking refuge and a double cover? Right? So there's nothing wrong at all, with giving a lecture based on the context of the time, right now? Would it be a good time to talk about the field of inika? I hope not. Anybody says this. What are you going to teach somebody now? Death more ever? This is common sense. I mean, some of our brothers they, they read in things to be with other than not be that there's nothing wrong. It's a context here, somebody passed away, of course, you're going to speak about death. The hearts are soft, you're thinking about it. Here. The Prophet system is taking advantage of this time, and he gives something about death. And this is in bulkier, unplanned, that he didn't say, oh, there's

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electric coming unplanned right then and there, the cupboard is being dug, and they sat down, and they're having a lecture about death and the reality of death. So he sought refuge from a double cover. Then he began the Hadith. In knowledgeable Muslim with that kind of experimental after work time in the dunya. When the Muslim is about to enter the next world and leave this dunya the medical moat comes and sits at his head. The medical moat comes and sits at his head, the medical moat. Is this a noun or an adjective? scholars differ. If you say it is a noun, this means there's one Angel, and his name is medical moat.

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If you say it is an adjective, then there are millions and millions of medical moat, and whoever takes your soul at that time that is your medical mode. So is there one medical mode? Or is there are there many, many medical modes? Allah knows best, but it seems as indeed there might be one medical mode who's in charge there's nobody's denying that, but it does appear that every single soul has a specific medical mode assigned to it. Because Allah says in the Koran, medical mode, it will Falcon Bella komoti Lady wakita become then the medical modes. This is in the Koran that has been assigned to you will take your soul. So Allah is mentioning that Malakal mode and medical mode is in the care of you know, Arabic Allah is not saying l mela Carmela cool No, not l Malak melaku l mode, an angel of death. This is how it translates not the angel of death. So Allah says in the Quran, that, that the angel meaning an angel that has been assigned to you, that Angel will end up

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taking your soul. So it does appear that there are many medical modes and maybe there is in fact a special medical mode for every human being. And that is not something that is strange because the number of angels is beyond our comprehension. Why am I Nemo? Judah Rebecca Illa, who no one can count the number of the angels of Allah the army of Allah other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So, when the Muslim is about to leave this world and enter the the next world, the medical mode comes and sits at his head. So it's at the place of the head, then that the angels of the heavens come down, as if their faces are Sun's bright.

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And they have with them the shrouds of Jenna and the perfumes of Jenna. So

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when the person is about to pass away,

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a law sends a delegation of angels just for him. Now, even though it is not explicit, our scholars mentioned that the generality of the text of the Quran and Sunnah would indicate that this delegation

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from person to person, the one who is mood Turkey is not like the one who is on the borderline in just about a good Muslim. Hmm, the one who praised the HUD Jude and was Albert Anza. HUD is not like the one who barely just prayed the fives on a lot and just just about made it. And just like all deeds will equal, Linda Raja Toma Amira, everyone has a double jump from where they go. So two is the delegation at the time of death. And therefore, the one who is righteous will get a more noble delegation, and a more higher ranking delegation and larger delegation, and the one who was middle will get the middle, and the one who was at the very, very end, but still on the righteous side, because this Hadeeth applies to the first part applies to the righteous, the second part applies to the next side. So then he will get a lower delegation. So angels will come and they will have with them the shrouds of gender and the perfumes of gender, and they will sit as far as the eye can see.

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Now this

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would apply to the elite category, that they get the best delegation. And generally, when the ahaadeeth mentioned these types of things, they mentioned the highest because that's the prize. That's what you want. You want to have that level that as far as the eye can see, can you imagine you are in a crowd, you are the center of attention, and you are surrounded by millions, because as far as the eye can see that's like imagine, you know, like, as far as the eye can see is literally we're talking about hundreds of thousands, and all of them, they are bringing peace and comfort with their presence. Their faces are shining bright, you can smell the fragrances of gender, you can see all of them they have the cuffin for gender, what do you think the impact will be when you see this? What do you think the impact will be? And that's the whole point we want to get to that level. And so they will come down and they will sit as far as the eye can see. Then the angel of death will say

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a yet to her nestable multiple in a 3g lm affiliate criminal law, he would have won, oh pure and peaceful soul, now is the time to exit the angel of death has that power that Allah has given him, that he can take the soul. And even though he can take it in any manner, he is taking it in such a gentle manner, he is inviting the soul Come come out now. Now come you beautiful soul, you pure soul come out. And I welcome you to Allah is Mo Farah and a law's pleasure.

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So this shows us that at the very, very last millisecond between life and death, the person even though the monitor is saying his heart is alive, even though he's surrounded by his family, he enters a different realm. Now from our paradigm, that might be a millisecond we don't know, from our world, if we look at the watch, it might be something that we cannot even count, but from the perspective of the person about to die. Now things go into a different time zone. Because the one who is about to pass away, time and space are different, right? The buzzer has different they have a different sense of time and space, as we said last time, and everybody understands this. So that person while they're still alive, they're seeing all of these angels that aren't dead, yet. They see the angel of death, they can still see the angel of death and they're still alive in this dunya and the Angel of Death is saying come pure soul come beautiful soul come out and meet Allah Fira meet

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Allah as pleasure. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Fatah rujuta see Luca Mata Sunil Patara domina Sokka So, his soul will exit and just go out the sea Lu Salah cielo means to flow, this is the you say that the the river The also has say Alon is just flowing, the same word is used. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said his soul will flow out like water flows out from a jug if you pour water out the smoothness and by the way, the metaphor is also comfort because when you see water, all human beings is a sign of peace, a sign of calmness. And the metaphor that our Prophet system gave is a metaphor of calmness, his soul will exit the body like water when it is poured from a jug. So that beautiful, just symmetric coming out. This is how the soul will exit and it will then reach the angel of death and the angels around it. And the prophets of Allah Allah who was sending

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them said, they will not allow the soul even one second to be attended, they will take it up to the heavens immediately. In other words, the soul will not be left alone, the soul will not feel empty, or naked, naked or anything, no, the angels will come, and they will shroud the soul, they will put perfume on the soul. So interesting, by the way, the body we shroud it, but the soul, the angel shrouded the body, we take care of it, that's our job that's full of fire on us. If the family is there, they do it. If not, then the community will do it, we have to take care of the body that's left behind, but the soul does going forward. That is the responsibility of the angels. And the angels will wrap it in the delicate clots of gender, and they will put the perfumes of gender on it. And every time they were going up to Allah subhana wa Taala, they will pass by other angels. And the angels will say, Who is this beautiful soul, and the angels will respond, this person is full on

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even full on. And they'll mention him by the best names that the people of Earth remembered him by anybody who said, Oh, you're an honest person, the angels will say, this is what I've been told, and the honest person, somebody would have said, You're so generous to us. So then on the angels, it says so and so the Senate was formed. So the generous one. So all of the adjectives that were used on earth in a positive manner, which means what must we do in this dunya brothers and sisters?

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Do hair do good? We want the angels to use those objectives. Right? So the Prophet system said, the accent in a smart, the best descriptions that the people gave him, the angels will give as they're going upwards. And this also shows us another fact that we all know. And that is that the heavens are chock full or jam packed of angels. This is something we know that everywhere there are angels. So when the angel is taking that one soul, they'll pass by other souls sorry, other angels. And those angels don't know who this soul is. So they'll say, Who is this, and they will recognize this soul to be a beautiful soul. How so because of the angels of mercy, and the angels that have the the perfume of gender and the cuffin of gender. So the other angels will recognize, oh, this is a good person. So they'll say Who is this good person nafsa yerba Who is this pure person. And so the entourage will say this is so and so the son of so and so. And then they will mention him with all

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of the beautiful names that he was mentioned with in this world. Now, once again, remember, all of us will go through that we will all be terrified at that stage. I mean, this is human nature. If you do anything that is new, you will be terrified. How about if you're exiting this world, we will be terrified. What is all happening now? calmness, calm, you are being comforted, that not only the angel that have taken you, but every Angel you go by every group that you go by, they're smiling, they're radiant, they're encouraging you. And this is the reward of the righteous life lived in this dunya The one who lived righteously, now they begin to taste the fruits of that righteousness. So they're going up and still, I mean, obviously they're still a matter of panic and whatnot. They're going up and up and up. And every time they go, the angels comfort the soul and mention him with good with good names, and then they reach the highest heavens. And then the Prophet sallallahu I

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said him said when they get to the highest heavens foot they had Lahu Ababa sama, the doors of the heavens are opened up for him. And so again, imagine the vvip status he is the entourage he is the person wherever he goes, the doors open up he's being ushered in with the entourage How do you think this person is going to feel now more and more the communist is setting in and they go higher and higher until they say that they get to the highest heavens the seventh heaven so throughout all of these seven heavens now what are the seven heavens that's a whole different topic. If you listen to my sera lectures, when I talked spoke about the flow and methodology go back to the YouTube videos. The first or the second lecture of historic millage. I went over 3040 minutes about the cosmology of the Quran. Okay, there's a whole different lecture we cannot do it right now. What are the seven heavens holla serve as Mr. Watson please call what are the sub SMR what what are they? There's a

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whole different topic I have done it and you'll find it on YouTube right now we go now the Prophet system is saying they go through every heaven and through our all of these heavens the angels are going to be comforting until finally they reach the seven heavens. Then it will be said to Bukit Abba who filled a lien, it will be said who will say this in other reports. A law will say so a law will say write his name in the

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Register of a lien. And a lien is the name of a register for the righteous people it is mentioned in the forum and it means the highest register from Oulu from the high a lien it is the high legit ledges that lead registration that is where the highest book is written for the righteous people. So a lot zoa john will announce and everyone will hear right, the name of my servant in in lean. And then Allah will say, out of Giroux elegir Abdi Ellen out, return my servant to this world, because I created them from it, and I shall return them to it and then I shall bring them back from it one other time, men have not come or few hundred to come womanhood to come to Ratan O'Hara. And so his row will be returned to his just said, Now, pause here, what is the show? This whole journey was the row only

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the row is going up. And the row is now getting the first taste of the Oscar. And it is going up to the first decree. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said quoted the Hadith in the last class and we'll quote it again and again. kabru, a womanizer in men men as well as the copper is the first station out of the many stations of the era. So this is the first station and we get the mini hisab before the big hisab.

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The mini Hassan's will begin right from death. From the angel of death, we know which way we're heading from the angel of death from the entourage from what happens all of it, we will start knowing where we're heading from that point in time. And so a low we'll say, return his soul back to this earth. This shows us that the common myth that other religions have that the soul is in heaven. This is not correct. The souls are not in heaven. Allahumma except we will come to the one exception is the Shahada. We'll talk about them in another in a later lecture. But that's the one exception their souls are up there. But the rest of mankind, their souls come back down to this earth. And then their souls reunite with their bodies. Now, obviously, the reuniting with the body, it is not the reuniting of this world. Nor is it the reuniting of the earth here. It is a completely different reuniting, which we do not know and we don't have any details of and we will not even understand

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even if words existed, we wouldn't understand it is beyond our complete animal life. But the soul is where the body is located. Now, if there is no body, Allah knows where the soul goes, but it will still be somewhere even if there is no body, the soul the body must have decomposed somewhere, right? I mean, you have to something happens whether a drowning or burning or something happens and the remnants of the body are going to be somewhere so in all likelihood, the soul will be in that location in the Alamo. barossa not necessarily in our dunya because again, in that realistically then every spot on this earth is going to have a soul in it by the time since we have come here There must have been millions of people living everywhere you understand you will be walking over everything. This is in a different three dimension, not our three dimensions in a different dimension not in our three dimensions but the soul goes back and other Allah says in this hadith

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woodsy, there's this phrase head to foot see return his soul to his body. So it will then go back to this body. Then

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two angels will come. So going up coming back down, then two angels will come and they will ask him the questions. This is Moncure and Nikki, the names do not occur in this hadith but in other Heidi they occur and they asked him Mara book, he says Allah, they say Medina, he says Islam, they say who was this man that was sent amongst you. And when they say this man, then the person will automatically understand the prophets a lot while he was selling them, he will say Rasulullah he is the Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and

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when he says this, so they will say to him, how do you know all of these answers? What are you doing? He will say, part two keytab a law firm are meant to be he was a duct. I read the book of Allah. I believed in it, and I affirmed it to be true. Then a voice will call from the heavens. On sad duck he has spoken the truth. For our free shoe human agenda, what will be true human agenda? What are our human Zilla hoomin agenda? So once again, Allah will

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decree. This is a second degree after the first degree. That's right, his name in the game. Now he will come back down, passes moonkin. And Nikita passes all of the questions. And by the way, as our scholars mentioned, as our scholars mentioned, the passing of moonkin nickeil is not intellectual knowledge, it is the knowledge of the world. It is the knowledge you lived, it is the knowledge of your life. It's not the knowledge of the intellect because even a Kaffir at that stage will know my god is a law. My religion should have been Islam. No, you cannot cheat on this exam. This is not an exam where you can be fed the answers which is why Unfortunately, some Muslims are falling into strange practices, they stand outside the grave, and they wait they timed themselves three minutes they say ha the angels coming respond your Lord is Allah. They wait another three minutes they say, okay, the angels coming respond panela Firstly, I mean, again, where does one begin? This is I don't

00:35:56--> 00:36:47

like being harsh, but will lie this is this is backwardness. This is not from Islam, we do not stand at the outside the copper and then spoon feed the answers will lie if you did this in this world, you would get expelled Your son will get expelled from the examination hall, you think that that exam is going to pass it? I mean, seriously, you know, like it doesn't work that way. This is not from Islam. This is mythology that has nothing to do with our religion. I don't like being harsh, but sometimes there are red lines. This is one of those red lines don't make our religion look foolish. where you stand outside. You think you're spoon feeding? You know the answers to somebody in the grave? Subhanallah No, you can do nothing. At this stage. That's his actions and what he has done and his or her lifestyle. So then the statement will come Alo will say he has spoken the truth. So give him the clothes of genda and

00:36:49--> 00:36:54

give him the couches of Jenna, and show him his place in genda.

00:36:55--> 00:37:01

So at this stage, there is no food there's no drink. Because it is bizarre.

00:37:02--> 00:38:15

But there is comfort of the buzzer. What is the comfort of the buzzer the ambience. So in the barossa nobody eats and drinks there's nothing there to eat and drink. You cannot eat and drink it's a bottoms up stage that will happen in Jenna, or are the winner of the will and Johanna. And that happened in this dunya. As for the buzzer. It's just the ambience of the soul. That's all there is. That is the name or the other. What is the surroundings of the soul? So in this hadith we learn give him the cushions of Jenna. Okay the cushion Okay, that's the soul is there and give him the Libous of genda Okay, you put something on the soul and show him his house in Jenna. So, the person will have his grave made vast, his grave as loud as loud loud as large as you can see, Moodle bustle means as far as the eye can see, and a portal will open up. And that portal will be facing his house in genda. And he will see his house in genda. And he will smell the fragrance of gender. And he will

00:38:15--> 00:39:08

hear the sounds of gender. And so he will say, Oh Allah hasten Judgment Day, make it quick, so that I can enter this house so that I can enter this house. So this is the case of the one who passes the test. And as he's waiting there, a very handsome entity comes, that is bright, that is wearing good garments that has good clothes. And that entity will say, I've come to give you glad tidings rejoice and be happy. For this is the day you were promised. The man will say and who are you for by law, you are nothing but good. Your presence is good, your faces good, you are bringing good news. And so he will say I am your good deeds coming back to you.

00:39:09--> 00:39:59

So your good deeds will take on a form that will bring you happiness will give companionship to you in the grave. You will feel an actual entity that's calming you down, making you happy so your good deeds will become an actual comfort for you in the cover. And that person will then continue to make the actual law and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, This is what Allah says in the Quran. So this is the Tafseer of the prophets or some to the Quran. That's the highest level of dipsea. When the Prophet system says something that is a different category of seed that is at the seed with the sun, which is an infallible, divine category, and that takes the highest category of Tafseer. So the Prophet system said, read if you want then he quoted the famous verse.

00:40:00--> 00:41:03

Youth upbit Allahu livina amaru bill Holy sabeti Phil higher to dunya waffle hero, Allah for better means to make firm, Allah comforts and makes firm youth a bit better. Allah gives the bat to the people who believe, with what Bill Ollie sabots with the firm statement in this world and in the next world. What is our oldest habit? Our scholar said, a holy habit is in this world. You say la ilaha illAllah at the time of death, may Allah make our last Kadima to be La ilaha illAllah at the time of death. And in the next world, when more Canon nickeil come you answer these questions, who gives you the confidence to answer when you've just been returned to the copper, who gives you that confidence, you have beautiful law who levena Allah gives you that confidence, Allah gives you that confidence, very quickly, we'll finish up in sha Allah because I know I don't want to go too late. The second half of the Hadith is the exact opposite of the first half. So it goes over every single

00:41:03--> 00:42:02

phrase, but obviously with the exact opposite adjectives than the first half. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, As for the kafir, or the Father, the opposite. When he is about to leave this world and enter the next world, the medical mode comes and he is surrounded by angels have a gloomy disposition, have a scary disposition. And they surround him as far as the eye can see, once again, we say the worse the person, the more frightening the delegation. Again, there's nothing explicit but it is the common sense that you derive from the parameter, the general text of the Quran and Sunnah, that people have different levels. So the data for our own is not going to be like the death of an average person who rejected Islam, there's definitely going to be differences between that so the person who is at the bottom scale, as far as the eye can see, they will be deadly angels, angels that terrify angels whose presence will you if you weren't dead, you would die

00:42:02--> 00:43:01

look at them that type of thing. And as far as the eye can see, and the medical most will say, a 3g a year to her Neff solo Habiba, you filthy soul. So the angel will give an adjective that's not a positive edge of you dirt you are not a pure soul, not to move to my inner not to play yerba Habiba your filth, you are not pure. Or Habib soul gets out of your body and meet a lot of and meet a lot of anger. And the Prophet system said and listen to this will lie This is frightening May Allah protect us is something very we need to know the story because brothers and sisters, every one of us, this is our journey, either A or B May Allah make us of the first category. But this is our journey. Every one of us there is no getting out. People can deny anything, their arrogance, they can deny religion, they cannot deny death. They cannot deny death. That's something that will happen to all of us. So the prophets Allah said him said, so the soul will exit listen to the analogy, like

00:43:02--> 00:43:14

an iron comb is pulled through wet wool. What an analogy, wet wool. And you take an iron comb, and you pull the two apart,

00:43:15--> 00:44:21

the soul doesn't want to leave, the soul is not happy to leave. So the soul will be snatched away in the most vicious manner imaginable. And there will be angels that have from the cuffin of Johanna rubella, the calls of jahannam, the stench of jahannam. And that's what they're going to surround it by, and they will wrap the body so already the other begins and next lesson we'll talk about nine we'll cover we'll cover this word begins at the very moment of death begins the name and the either at the second your medical most will right then and there you know which direction overall you are heading. And they will surround him with these coffins. And they will pass by every group of angels and the angels will say Who is this filthy or dirty soul because they see who's around they see what is surrounded by and what adjectives will they use the adjectives that the people used in this dunya against him. Once again Subhan Allah, be careful brothers and sisters, be careful of womb, be

00:44:21--> 00:45:00

careful of the daughter of the mother room, be careful of hurting an innocent soul and they use an adjective against you that will be used in the next life or with the Billa in a much more worse scenario. Never ever, ever, whatever personal sins you do insha Allah in sha Allah for under him, but when you hurt other people, you take the heck of other people, you trample on the rights of other people, you take the money of other people, you you you dishonor the honor of a brother or sister, then our ooh Billa you have to get the permission of that person. Otherwise between you and Allah and this is by the way, a Hadith of the Prophet system that the movement is

00:45:00--> 00:46:01

At ease as long as his sins are between him and allow meaning that anyone who does Stober repent to Allah, but as when you get to the other people, then that is a different category. So what are the adjectives used? These aren't for the private sins, these are for the sins other people called him, right? Oh, you vote him, or you cheat, or you liar, or you descend, that double faced hypocrite those adjectives, they will not be forgotten, a lot has written, the angels have written and now it will be used against the person or with a bit law, when they are terrified, the terror will only increase every time they're going up, those adjectives will be used to describe and the worst adjectives that were used, and the doors of the heavens will be shut and not opened up. So they will not be honored by going to the seventh heaven. And then the voice will come right his name insyde gene. And so gene is the Registrar of jahannam. So gene is where the names of gentlemen are written,

00:46:01--> 00:47:04

and then the same phrase take his body back to this earth, because I promised them from it I created and two additional return and from it, I shall bring them back a third time. And then the Profit System resized to diverse that woman you should be like I never heard Romina semi for Dr. volt playdough web recovery mechanism here. This is in the Koran, that whoever commits shidduch with a lot. This shows us that this category primarily applies to shidduch. And of course, the the one who is a sinner, Yanni, there's a possibility that he will get a little bit of both meaning. This is the worst case scenario, the one who rejected Allah subhana wa Tada. And committed Sure, and the verse translates as whoever commits chittick with a law, it is as if he is falling from the heavens, and it is as if the birds are plucking at his flesh or the wind is taking him hither and thither and the point is that this ayah indicates the falling of the soul and a type of punishment of the soul. So

00:47:04--> 00:47:41

the Prophet system recited it and applied it in the Acura is going to be having then the profitsystem said his soul will be thrown back into his just said this is not used in the first one thrown back indicates a level of harshness. And then the angels will come and say Mara book he will say ha ha ha Audrey meaning haha is how we sing like I don't know like the words that we just say like this. Then they will say, my Dino ha ha Audrey, who is this man center? monks do the same thing I do not know. And then the angels will say that.

00:47:43--> 00:47:55

Sorry, Allah will say he has lied. Now why has he lied? Because he didn't know in this dunya. And he refused to accept. So when they say Who is your Lord? He says I don't know.

00:47:56--> 00:49:01

In his mind, he knew but his body did not worship Allah. So his body is answering I don't know. But his mind knew Allah is my Lord. When they say Who is this man? This is for the one who knew the Prophet system and rejected him as for the one who's ignorant, we'll talk about him as well later on. One who never heard of Islam. We'll talk about them later on. But the one who knew Islam, Abu lahab, for example, he will say Haha, Allah de Allah will say he's lying. He knew and he didn't follow. So the lying is to the one who rejects Islam consciously. And then the angels are told, put around him the shroud of jahannam and bring from him the smoke of jahannam and allow him to look at his place in jahannam. So the portal will open up, and the portal will show him his place in jahannam, then the hopper will become dark and dank and surround him until his rib cages broke, break and enter into each other. This is what the Profit System is saying that his ally his rib

00:49:01--> 00:50:00

cages break into one another. Now, of course, from outside, the two cupboards are exactly the same. This is an item on butters off from outside, it's still six foot by three foot by two foot, same thing. But this is what's happening inside you can have two people next to each other. And the one of them the cover is bright, the cover is large and vast, the covers as far as the eye can see. And the other one the exact opposite. And then as he is they're being punished, an entity comes to him who is terrifying to behold, with the worst stench and bringing just his presence is odious. And he says whoa to you, who are you? And of course the responses. I am your deeds coming back to you. I am your deeds coming back to you had filthy deeds. Now this is what is going to come back to you and the man will make dua to Allah. Rob do not allow judgment day to occur. Era delay the judgment date because this is just the beginning. It's

00:50:00--> 00:50:22

is painful enough, but who knows what will happen is even worse than this. This is the entirety of the Hadeeth. And there are many other facets from this and other honey that will derive but I want to stop here for our lecture for today and finish off with the idea and what I mean as of let's open the floor for inshallah, seven minutes of questions. We'll finish exactly on 45 in Sharla. And I 45, who is going to begin our questions. Yes, in the back further.

00:50:33--> 00:50:37

Is there a hadith about the days getting shorter in the buzzer?

00:50:39--> 00:51:03

Know, the dunya we mentioned is one of the signs of Judgment Day, that time will diminish. That's one of the signs of PM, as for the bodies of the time is beyond our comprehension. But what we will study next week is that the time for the believer in the buzzer will go by very quickly. And in fact, this is the reality even in this dunya when you're having fun what happens,

00:51:05--> 00:51:19

time goes by so when you're in comfort, when you're smelling gender, when you're seeing gender is going to be the twinkling of an eye, right. So it will go by very quickly. And obviously the opposite is the opposite. Okay, sisters, any questions? Yes. Good. Yes, yes, good.

00:51:26--> 00:52:17

The sister says, Is there a hadith that specifically mentions the sinful Muslim? So the second Hadith one wording says the foger and one wedding says the Kaffir. What we know is that the sinful Muslim will never be treated the same as the one who rejected Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is something that is explicit, even in jahannam. There are categories that are at the higher levels of gender we seek Allah's refuge. They are not meant for the ones who rejected a lot they are meant for the unrighteous of the Muslims. And in fact, they're even us how without off and us how without off are those people who they're not in Jenna, but they're not being punished in Johanna.

00:52:18--> 00:53:23

They're not in Johanna widen out off any junk on the very top of the mountains, there are people that neither are they in the depths of jahannam. nor are they in Jenna. So they are being punished, but nothing compared to the actual punishment of those rejected Allah. So the Hadith does not mention explicitly the the the in pious Muslim, but as we said, there are generalities that we can extract a potential from, and in the end, only Allah knows. And that generality, as we said, Is that not everybody is at the same macom. And so it is possible that there will be. And this is all against assumptions. There's nothing explicit, it is possible that there will be those whose delegation doesn't have as far as the eye can see, where they're not given the welcome, but they're also not punished. So they do feel some panic. And they don't have the same Sakina as the highest level of the category. And we'll come to this. But what I will tell you next week, and the week

00:53:23--> 00:53:24

after that, is that

00:53:25--> 00:53:40

there are levels of Isobel copper, and many of the unrighteous Muslims, they will be punished in a double cover, only to be saved in the app hero before Janda

00:53:41--> 00:53:45

because that too, is a punishment. Like, imagine

00:53:46--> 00:54:18

when you learn to love alongs the best example I'm not trying to equate but imagine that you are told you have failed a very important exam. Okay, let's say the MCAT you can get to take the MCAT or not, you're not in that field. Okay. You take the MCAT No, nobody's taking the MCAT here. Come on, how can be Moschino MCAT? Come on? Have the kids are taking the MCAT you were talking about? So suppose you're told somehow some examiner somehow said you fail the MCAT. And the results come out in one week. You think you failed? You've been told you failed that one week will be

00:54:19--> 00:55:00

what type of week will it be? Very, very miserable week. That is a punishment right there. That is a punishment. Now suppose the examiner was wrong, and you actually pass? Okay, you were still punished that one week. I mean, I'm not giving the same things I'm trying to make you understand. There will be people and we don't want to be amongst them. They're like a D plus, right? They're like, you know, what do you do with these people? So a lot is that man under him and perhaps this D plus, he should get to Jenna. But he deserves there are things he has done he shouldn't have done. So alum might punish them in alternative

00:55:00--> 00:55:36

of ways, and the number one way is in Johanna. So he might be told, look, you did this, this, this, this this, you deserve Johanna, and he does deserve gender. So he'll be shown a place in gender, right? There will be terror there will be. But then what's gonna happen on kiama? That was your punishment. That was what you needed to do. I did it for you. And now obviously we don't aim for that Dewey, right? We don't want to be the deep let's do to do it. That's a pretty sad level to aim for. We want to have the A plus to it. But I hope that answers your question. inshallah, back to the site is good, weather's good.

00:55:42--> 00:55:59

Very good question. And again, we'll come to this, the brother saying, isn't there a Hadeeth? That we're supposed to wait at the public for a period of time? Yes, there is. Our Profit System waited? What did he do when he waited? Did he give the local match with the guy inside? Ah, no, he didn't? What did he do?

00:56:00--> 00:56:01


00:56:02--> 00:56:04

You can ask Allah for anything anytime.

00:56:05--> 00:57:03

But you cannot communicate with the dead at this point in time. You stand there, and you raise your hands up, and you pray and pray and pray to Allah directly. Oh, Allah give this person about? Yes, go ahead. But you do not stand and turn your face to the cover and start speaking to the cover and start cheating on the exam. No. So the DA is done. Yes, at the cover. And you wait there in the realization that Monica and Nikita are coming at that point in time that in our world, within 510 minutes mocha and Nikita are coming. So the Prophet system will stand for a long time, and he would raise his hands in the cover any meaning in the cover in the graveyard. And he's raised his hands in the face Qibla you are allowed to turn and face the Qibla and raise your hands up and make sincere dua. And by the way, this is often neglected Sunda brothers and sisters, this is a ticket, especially when your loved one dies. When your family member dies, it's your house they have over

00:57:03--> 00:57:17

you that you make to offer them at this stage. Don't just walk away and go back to your worldly chores. Somebody just passed away, they need you they need your dog. That's what they need. So you turn to Allah subhana wa tada and make two inshallah sisters is going to the backward.

00:57:34--> 00:57:40

If I understood your question correctly, is that a prerequisite? Or does that happen?

00:57:47--> 00:58:02

So are sisters saying that? Yeah, you're telling us multiple? Does it mean that the soul was in ultimate none in this dunya? So therefore there will be called your a turnips when multiple inner? Or is this something that is given to them at the time of their death?

00:58:03--> 00:58:07

This is a question I would say there's an element of both over here meaning

00:58:09--> 00:58:11

the souls that are at that level

00:58:12--> 00:59:16

will automatically feel the Sakina of the heart in this world, they will already feel the the sweetness of worshiping Allah, they will already have the ultimate none of the old even before that happens. So but the question of course is that can you give this title to yourself? Obviously not. You cannot say oh, I am not saying multiple in but the righteous person will feel that it's not in this world. And one can quote me over here. Very famous quote, have we been Tamia that in this world there is a Jenna. Whoever enters this worlds, Jenna will enter the next worlds gender. And if they don't enter the gender of this world, they will most likely not enter the gender of the next world. And he said that Jenna, it is the worship of Allah. In other words, when you worship a law, you get a sense of peace and it's not that intimate, none insha Allah it will translate to the angels and they will say yeah enough sort of Ultima in but in the end of the day, you cannot guarantee even if

00:59:16--> 00:59:22

you feel it, it may not that you will be amongst but Allah knows best. Final question for the brothers. We're having the brother in the back go ahead with similar Yes.

00:59:33--> 00:59:43

So our brothers says that we'll all the believers get to Jenna the response eventually. The response is those who had

00:59:44--> 00:59:59

actual Eamon in their hearts will eventually antigen two points number one who can guarantee they have a man and be safe say I'm not a hypocrite. I'm not enough for one

01:00:00--> 01:00:21

Bob was worried Am I am I enough? Or not? Am I doing things to show off? Is my everything to please other people. So do not automatically presume that a person has a man or we have a man, we pray for him on secret regional from number two, this notion of Oh, if we have a man, even if we're punished will enter agenda.

01:00:22--> 01:00:42

That's not an indication of strong Eman. In fact, another group is criticised in the Koran for the exact same thing that they said in Surah, Baqarah, that, even if we go to jahannam, we are the chosen people is going to be for a while. And then we're going to get to Jenna,

01:00:43--> 01:01:48

this attitude, or the villa with a villa, in and of itself. It is a type of arrogance. That is an almost rejection of Allah and the punishment of a law. Like if we understood what that punishment is, none of us would be, it's just a bit of time we're going to go there. This attitude in and of itself are the Billa it's a potential that there's kibra in the heart. And Allah responds to this group of people. And this is the response we give to ourselves. If anybody says the same thing. Put them in the law here. I then further nuclear for laquanda. Do you have a promise from a law that you're going to enter gender? If you do a lol fulfill that promise? Do you have a promise from Allah, that you will enter gender? This group says, Ah, well, Colin Thomason now illa ayama might do that, then we're going to all go to gender. So that attitude, disqualified them from entering gender, the righteous of the believers, even if they're sinners, they will always be scared of

01:01:48--> 01:02:27

gender and desiring gender. Eman is based on the two pillars of fear and hope combined along with love, which is the central pillar, fear and hope the movement once Jenna and is scared of Johanna, right? We like a lady named Runa yerba horn in urban was here are you Yakubu while you're a Jew Nora Mata Hua, Hakuna adab the believers are hopeful they're going to get a luz reward and they're scared of a less punishment. That's the righteous person that process and visit to the mount on the grave. And he said describe to me your state. The man said Yasuda law.

01:02:28--> 01:03:13

I am hopeful Allah will forgive me but I'm also scared of my sins and Allah punish Allah's punishment. So the Prophet system said, Never do these two emotions combine at the time of death, except that Allah gives him his hope and protects him from his fear. to demand say, Oh, don't worry, two days in jahannam that'll go to gender. No, that is not the attitude to have out of school of law. I'm hopeful I have some good deeds, I hope will accept but I'm scared. I have sins as well. What if Allah punishes that combination is how we live our life of hope and fear together and inshallah when we do this, and then we hope for the best and ask others refuge from the worst, would that inshallah we will continue next Wednesday to Xochimilco Harrison en

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enough dounia Salomon

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