Tafseer Surat Qaf – 09 Closer to us than our Jugular Vein – Ayat 16

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Hey Nina Shane banyuwangi

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one quite a while up on and is no one moved to was Swiss will be he enough so one uporabo la haiming haben woody need

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so here in this particular area I am number 16 allies so it just says that Allah has created men and even knows what is in the inner whisper of that person so what the person is even thinking of their heart allies so a gem is very well aware of it and we meaning the angels are nearer to him then his jugular vein, okay the jugular vein which is from what I understand the largest vein in the neck, okay, the jugular vein, the angels are closer to us than our juggler vein. This is one understanding of this particular one acabo la him in heavily worried we are closer to him than his jugular vein. One understanding that the rlms tafsir including Eben katha Rahim Allah, is that we here means the

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angels laws, so we're just talking about the angels they're closest to mankind than their juggler vein. Another interpretation which perhaps is more famous, more preferred, and majority of the rlms took this understanding is that when Allah zoa just says that they are closest close circular vein, meaning allies, which has knowledge of what is happening to that person, Allah azza wa jal is so aware of every single minute thought, every single minute word, anything that comes from a person, Allah azza wa jal is so aware of it, that he understands it more than you and I are aware that there is a presence of a vein in our neck, you see the link now, everybody knows there is a prayer there

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is a vein in the neck. Everybody knows you can't be unaware of this because it is such a close part of your body. Allies soldiers knowledge is even closer to this vein than

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than than the jugular vein. So this is what Allah azza wa jal is telling us. Why does he do this? Why does he soprano hautala do this, it shows the absolute dot over mankind. Allah azzawajal says in solid an arm that he has won in the whole mathematical life. He has the key to the unseen La Ilaha Illa who no one knows what is in the unseen except him subhanho wa Taala Well, you're gonna feel better he will bow Allah so agile is very well aware of what is happening during the days and during the nights that I have continuous he is aware of even the insects crawling beneath our rock, allies soldier is aware of what that insect is doing, where it wants to go, and even what it is thinking.

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Furthermore, in the same as sort of a non allies so it just says that he is also aware of each and every single leaf that falls from a tree regardless where it is on the face of this earth, even if it is its world, in the hereafter in general, everything. Allies origin is even aware of the tiny insects, the tiny animals that are moving. What does this do for the disbelievers?

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The disbelievers. What Allah azza wa jal is doing here is showing he is very well aware of their belief that if they disbelieved in the resurrection, disbelief, even if they didn't talk about it, it was in their heart, Allah azza wa jal is aware of it. A key point here to understand Amen, consists of two parts. When you say you believe in Allah or you believe in the religion, you must have two things. Number one, you have to have the belief embedded implemented into the heart, you must believe that allies so agenda is aware of all things and the other ingredient to having a complete amen is you follow that belief action. So this is why we pray to Him. This is why we read

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core and for him, this is why we fast for him we make hatch for him supine who with Allah, because if this is an indication of what is in our hearts, and this is something

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions authentic hadith that allow what in the field Jessa de model? Isn't it true that every single body has a piece of flesh or a piece of meat? I know what in the field just at the Mobile Email Sala had Salah hell just said kulu what either fest said that festival just sort of kulu Allah wa he'll,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is teaching us about a man event, believing in the heart is not enough, and tells us that in the body, there is a piece of flesh. If this piece of flesh is clean is pure, then the rest of the body will be clean and pure. And the opposite the emphasis is so it is filthy, is dirty, evil, then by default, the body will be the exact same, it will illustrate the exact same thing. And this of course, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam tells us that it is the heart.

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Why is this important? The number one way if you want to know that someone is sincere in their religion, you know how you always hear the statement that someone says, You don't know what's in my heart. You don't know, I believe in this, you know, Allah knows what's in my heart. So I don't have to wear hijab, because Allah knows that you know, what's in my heart. This is the most easiest way now, to refute such a statement by telling that person that if your heart is pure and sincere, by default, your actions will show it. So if a person says to you, sister says that, you know, I don't need we need to wear the hijab or clean heart and I don't need to do this. This is a direct

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indication and then she doesn't wear it. This is a direct indication that her heart is not clean, it is not sincere. So they always go hand in hand, amen. And action. Furthermore, another benefit that we get from this particular idea in this method, this method of giving down or calling and inviting to the religion of Allah azza wa jal

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is consequently we understand that angels, they touch mankind meaning they are so close to mankind. Now if you were to take the opinion of even Casio Rahim Allah, by this I he's mentioned, what what Allah azza wa jal means when he says that he is closest to you just as close as the jugular vein, meaning that the angels are this close to you. Consequently, we understand that this is exactly very similar to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us about the jinn or the devils the shell team by saying that they are as close to us as the blood that runs through our veins. So we know that the shell team, Allah azza wa jal has given them an ability, that they are able to flow within

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the veins of mankind. This is why they have been given the ability of waswas a whisper and the devils the shell team, even have the ability that they can come directly to the heart and whisper to it. This is how powerful they are. Remember, shell team they are not weak, they are only weak to the person who is strong and Amen. But a person who has died and weak and even then the shell team can overtake them very, very easily. So this is another understanding. And Eben Cassio Rahim Allah, he mentions that of this there are other evidences in the Quran, in other sources that Allah has. So a gel also uses the same language, the same style of language when he says when operable and we are as

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close to him, meaning the angels. In another area, Allah azza wa jal talks about death, and says when Accra la HeMan kumala que la total soon This is talking about the angels, allies. So it just says that we meaning the angels are closest to a person, when they are in the state of death, they're dying, they are just moments away of their from their death. Angels are there and they are present present, witnessing, that the soul is going to be removed from that person.

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And here this is a support that Ivanka theater uses in his Tafseer to show that here in the A in sort of path. Why not? caught up with LA, meaning angels are near to Him, then his jugular vein