What Should You Say To Someone When They Are Leaving

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April 17th 2012

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handler on Blimey masala la voz de la Baraka Amina Muhammad Ali or Savio Salaam, this demon kathira

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if you see if you know someone who's struggling what should you tell them Iijima

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now Candela we were talking about receiving people in we might have some people leaving out and whatever some is maybe leaving few months live in the community, we convinced them to stay inshallah, but if someone is departing and leaving, how should we treat them? What should we say to them? Should we ask them to make dua for us or should we even offer them? who deserves to call me God for the other person? And remember, no, no him Allah, Allah He says in rather sorry, he kitabi and other the book of good manners. He mentioned that with Babel what I saw heavy over Babel what I saw was a lot of suffering already. What do I

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mean? He says this is a chapter on bidding farewell and advising on the eve of departure for a journey or other things and making that for them and asking from them, got a lot of data. Also we have Ibrahim when he was

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in last de la de mucho

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to Muslim moon. And this is means that the submit to Allah subhana wa tada the message of submission to Allah azza wa jal, this was enjoined by Ibrahim alayhis salam upon his sons, and by a coup also to his children, saying all my sons, my children, Allah has chosen for you the true religion, then die not except in the faith of Islam means submission to Allah.

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Ibrahim jacobellis, they knew that there was something important they needed to advise their own children. Now this departure for them was a long departure and they will be dying, they live in this world. So this is now when it's more worthy to give the sincere and the most important advice to the people who leave behind.

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Well, quality highly desirable outcome I love that. And then we also have a lot of selama karma for having a lot of us Nike bahawa. He said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he, one day he stood up in, in,

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in cookbook, and was a longer acting from a longer story when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was preparing the people for his departure. So he made a long foot bus a lot of a sudden

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eventually gave a football in which he sent the last panel to Allah, presidents panel what Allah wa called he advised the people on how to monitor people. So I was given that mission and advice column are you and he says about proceeding all people in ANOVA shown you ship who and yet era surak data he says, Oh people, I'm certainly I'm a human being. And I'm about to receive a messenger from Allah, my Lord, like everybody else, I'm gonna have to respond. He was talking about whom is

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the angel of death.

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And I'm leaving behind two things. Sakhalin, in this case, two way to heavyweight things for you call it a water Huma Kitab, la FEA and Buddha. The first one is the book of Allah subhana wa Taala. in which there is a Buddha, no light and guidance for hoodoo, basically tabula was stem SQL but who

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was stem SQL? So hold on to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala was tempted to be, which means you hold on to it, and invite others to hold on to the book of Allah azza wa jal Kanata hasta la kita Villa de Ravi, so he kept reminding the people in regard to the book of Alaska, which is one and alomst on

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today is way behind, because we don't have that attachment to the look of Alaska.

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If you ask yourself

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and how many how many children in Europe and the family, your children, your siblings, children, and others? How many of all these people around you that you know of and you're related to them by blood relations? How many of them know that for an Bihar

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today having someone in the family learn the frog by heart is a novelty?

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They people make big celebrations.

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Back then, that was the standard

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children they memorize the Quran by the 12 years old 1315 there are far today if someone just have their child number as full of a lot of I had they bring them to the man

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says listen, he was pulled over

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and he's 10 years old. It's a shame

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So when it comes to this data for iron ore standard for the man that's what the Prophet Solomon says over here is the master.

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You hold on to this plan bukoba lost power was mc COVID. And then command others on the book of Allah. Then the prophet SAW some says the second one was diversity with a que como la key LGBT, he said some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and second are the members of my household, my family, I remind you of your duties to the members of my family, because you know the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, he sacrificed his life for the

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evening during the during his lifetime. His family perhaps the last people maybe to take his attention to Las Vegas so I'm so busy with the first of the saltwater loves

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even while in bed with his wife with his wife, salatu wa salam ra things and serious metal has come to him that he has to go and attend to. So after his death, what he's asking the people to do, he says, You know what, please take care of my family.

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I took care of your families. So you take care of my family. That was that was a little long, so a lot a lot he was certified. And part of this for us today since we are not actually around the fabric of profit settlement center is to love them. And express our love to the family for civil law civil law setup which includes his, his his cousin Oliver, and his daughter Fatima has an old saying, and also as whites, I showed you love to do Puja, the first one and all the other ones the prophets of Allah, Allah. So we know from this hadith in the salon, that when he was preparing himself to leave, he was given all the advice and all that conditional reminder to those of you who

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will be leaving behind some Obama

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era. Any question?

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Which one?

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We're talking about a supermarket at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said masala Rakuten Dasha terra cotta Miguel Farina. Anyone who maintains all Africa, besides the folks that are every single day, it must pan out I will build them a house and agenda. So if you've maintained these records, and these are the sooner robotic that comes with your mother, or mother than Russia, to America, before failure for Russia before the hook to Russia after world war two era after a mother to Russia after Russia, this is our total breakdown. So if you maintained a regular dialogue with Johnson and Johnson, about that

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forgot about housing and housing do not matter what

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tornado comes and take everything always.

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agenda is different. You know, what is the structure of agenda?

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gold and silver. And what is the cement that used Miskin sufferance

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of saffron and muslin it's always beautiful and smells nice. I mean, these days with some rain in next day, it smells bad at lunchtime, more than other things. So make sure to maintain this residual

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demand before Salah

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for Sato Juma. The process of our Salah he mentioned hated Iran, anyone who makes it and then go to the message and then they pray Mashallah.

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They pray as many as the last hours it was for them to pray 246 10 100 if they come early, they pray as many as they can until the amount goes at the member and then they attend the football listening quietly until after Salah until they're done with us Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will shine the week and another few days afterwards. So eventually you have the whole Barak of this week afterwards. As for after Salatu Juma the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, he used to go home and he would pray two rakaat in his house, but he if he present the message after Giovanni would pray for salado now when we say four were these are the four substituting for Serato is one of the

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misconceptions, some people that think that says Juma was to Raka. And you know, just in case of Gemma was not accepted for me at this, I have the bullet as a backup.

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No, it's not about German cars, it's done. And the law that says and you're following us for on Friday is not your fault is to press a lot. Once you're done, there is no meaningful for you to make afterwards. But as soon as you bring the magic pray to us to the sport. If you go home and read. If you want to add more, it's fine because I will be an affiliate shop

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When we come to Southern Gemma, and the memorial is finished, so people are standing right now making up for the best part of what you said. Can you join someone who's already making salaat? make an offer to join them in JAMA? The answer journalist speaker Yes, there is no actually there is nothing that prohibits that from happening. Someone is already making salad. Can you join them to make drama? The answer is yes. But is it preferable? I would not say that. I wouldn't recommend that you join someone who's making up for a salon specifically depends on the location.

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And the method may be the bag that will might increase the Gema might make actually I'm locked away of the people as they come in and out. So it's kind of any would create some uncomfortable situation is that the person should want to see somebody else and that they can come join them or if someone already finished or false or otherwise. They can join them. They wanted one long time.