A Non Muslim Girl Asks – Will God of My Religion Punish Me if I Accept Islam?

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AI: Summary © A non Muslim sister is considering returning to Islam after receiving a slip note from a non Muslim sister. The sister discusses the idea of accepting Islam and the importance of God being one, with no difference between Islam and allied religion. She also mentions a messenger named Muhammad and that he will provide guidance on accepting Islam.
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I have a question from a non Muslim sister on the slip says I'm a non Muslim girl, and I'm considering to revert to Islam. But would this mean my god in my religion will punish me? Mashallah, there's a non Muslim sister who was thinking of accepting Islam, Malaga and we welcome you to follow Islam Alhamdulillah. I mean question is that once she accepts Islam, we'll have God Punisher,

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sister, in all religions, including Islam, God is only one. There's only one same God for all the human beings. There is no different God for Muslim and Christian and Hindu and Sikh and Jews. There's one same God. And I've given a talk on concept of God in the major world religions. And all the religions say that God is one, he doesn't have any images. He's not begotten. He's all powerful, so that God is the same. So if you accept Islam, and all religions say, if you read most of the major religions, their scriptures say that there is a messenger to come, whose name shall be Muhammad, where they read the Jewish scriptures, the Christian scripture, the Hindu scripture, I

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don't know whether you are a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu, but whichever religion you belong to, inshallah, most probably, even in your religious book, it will be mentioned God is One, it will be mentioned that there is a messenger to come, whose name is Muhammad, and He will guide you to the truth, peace be upon him. So even that God is the same God there are different God. If we accept Islam, Islam means submitting a will to God. So inshallah that God will be very happy and he will reward you and inshallah next life. He will give you Jana