Muhammad West – The Women Around the Messenger SAW – Episode 50

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The success of the "istic women's" project is highlighted, including a series of recorded lectures and a message from a brother that encourages people to enroll in Islam. The importance of finding answers to questions and finding a high place in learning is emphasized, along with a course on Islam and a quiz for students to test their learning. The success of learning to become a Muslim is emphasized, along with a Deen for both men and women and a new series of lectures and resources for learning. The speakers encourage viewers to participate in the quiz and share information about the series.
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Man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen

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he was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. jacala. Hey, thank you so much for joining us this episode 50 of our series, the basic women around the messenger sort of lonely or seldom. And yes, indeed, this is our last episode of the series while hamdulillah. And we begin by sending our gratitude and making sure to Allah and praising him for allowing us to reach this great milestone. A few months ago, when we started the CDs, we set the the meeting, myself and the team and as I keep mentioning the visit a bunch of people behind the scenes that put in a lot of effort and work to put this together, and we spoke

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about whether this project will be a success, whether it would be worthwhile to continue and Hamdulillah, we've reached the end of the series 50 episodes a lot more than we expected initially, well, Hamdulillah, we can only think of last panel data for allowing us to do this. And we paid it Allah subhanho wa Taala, except from us, that he keeps us sincere that we do this only for his pleasure. And that it is of benefit to you that have learned and you've listened to the series, I hope that there was benefit in it, that you've learned a lot more about your dean, you found the connection with the dean through these lectures. And also it was enjoyable, that listening to it was

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something that you look forward to that the next episode was something that you were anticipating, I hope that was the case. And if not, so then we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for any shortcomings. On our side, sometimes I re listen to the audio, and every episode is a mistake, or something that I've said that I thought, you know, I could have said it better. So my last panel data, pardon me for my shortcomings. And if there's anything that I say that offended anybody, or that you disagreed with, then please let me know. I really appreciate the emails, when people email me, and they give words of support and encouragement that's very good. And hamdullah, please do so

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encourage myself and the team. But even more, so if there's something that was wrong. And please let me know so that I can rectify it. And I can send out a correction in the next episode. So we begin by giving sugar to Allah subhanaw taala. And to all the people that have been part of this wonderful project, I really enjoyed doing the series. It's a series that I'm highly passionate about. And we can only give you know, chuckanut Allah subhanaw taala allowed us to do this. And then of course, as I see that there's a whole team of people behind the scenes that do this, the team at bronto Islam, there's a lot of late nights we they sit down and they edit the audios and edit the notes. Sometimes

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on my part, I'm quite late. I mean, if you see the process, and on the outside, it looks like well polished product sometimes. But you know, the reality is a little stranger than that. So I think the team at bronto Islam, the individuals, they wouldn't want to be mentioned by name, but I'm gonna mamasan the blessing. Again, everyone in this process, they do this in only light Allah, there's no fee, there's no salaries being taken for those doing this work. So Allah Subhana Allah reward them and give them something better. And of course, and the families, the families in my family, there's a lot of times usually doesn't come out of we are all working people. So the times we do is we put

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this in during after hours, times when we have to disappear and do these recordings. So please, our families that usually pay the price and the sacrifices to do this every single week. But last time that it would them for the patients. And then of course, as I said to all of you who've listened, and to those of you who fought on the lectures, and May Allah grant you your word, sometimes you just forwarded on and that lecture reaches the strange places. panela. This week, I received a message from a group of people that are currently in pools represent. I don't know anyone personally from pools or prison. But I received a message from a brother that says they have heard the lectures

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about the whys of the problem. And it has given them a lot of encouragement, a lot of hope they look forward to it one every evening of the market, they would listen to these lectures Subhan Allah how these lectures travel around the world, Allah knows best, I have no idea how it gets the and we can only think Allah subhanaw taala. And this is something that is of benefit, and something that will be rewarding for everyone, for all those of you who listen. And when you see it, it's an easy way to earn rewards, you see it so well from the data. When we look back at the series of thanking everyone, we look back at the series, and we ask did we achieve the objective? When I started the

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series, you know, I mentioned that I'm deeply passionate about this topic. Because as a young person, I was always intrigued or always asked the question, why did the persona marry so many women? And usually, as we said, it's painted in a very negative way The problem is described, you know, in spotlight, he's the best of people, but there are those who describe him in the Western world in many terrible ways, especially with regards to him and his wives. Why do they have so many women? Why was he so young? And it's important for us today for to be able to understand the context of his marriages, to be able to answer these kind of questions because we call it on away from them

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anymore to explain to our kids, you know, as a eight nine year old child having these questions, you struggle to find answers, but now that we have the answers available to us speak about your kids because they will be asking the questions either from themselves or someone at school adversity at work will have those questions.

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So this is one of the big reasons why I did this course. And I also I need to mention yes montilla someone that I would like to give sugar to as well. Um Allah subhanaw taala forgive him and bless him and grant him a high place in gender professor, use of the Costa. I remember as a young child having these questions in my mind, and I was in Poland years ago, and shift came to give a jamaa footbaww, very briefly 30 minutes on the eyes of the professor lamp. And that lecture stuck with me. I mean, as a young child in Juma, usually you hardly pay attention, but I remember she giving a talk on the wives of the Prophet Salam. And it opened my mind and until today, I remember that you must,

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I have never personally met chef de Costa, he has passed away, I'll grant him a place in gentlemen, forgive him for any shortcomings. But a word that you might give. And I take this a word that I might say a word that you might give your nephew an email, you might say something, it leaves an impression on somebody, a young child may hear one or two things from you. And that will stay with him the rest of their life and might impact the decisions that they do for good or for bad. So, you know, be mindful of what you say. And also don't discount any good things you do. For sure, probably he doesn't even remember the quote, but I'm sure if he hopefully shifted, you know, his agenda. But

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he wouldn't even remember the one that he gave. But I remember it as a young child. So spatola, we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala again, and we remind ourselves that we share this goodness, and that it pays dividends in our account in ways that we cannot even imagine. So we did the series with the intention of learning about a very controversial topic in Islam, women in Islam, we've tackled some of the most difficult issues around gender, with discuss some of the most controversial ayat and Hadith. And I hope now that we've clarified certain things, for those of you who have doubts, who are Christians, as I had doubts, and I had questions, the only way is for you to confront those

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questions to ask those questions. We ideen in which Allah says extra part of reading and learning is the question is to ask your Imam, your chef, your mowlana to go back into the books and learn because we believe that this is an answer. Allah does not require from you, me, blind faith, he requires from us to learn and to study. And when we see what Islam is all about, voila, here we will be convinced with sincerity insha, Allah, this is the deen and this is the correct way. And this way of life is the best for me. So those of us who have doubts, particularly at our agenda, I hope the CDs clarified some of those misconceptions. Of course, a lot more needs to be done. And then beyond

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the controversial side of it, the thing that really I enjoy, that I love, and I hope that you've also enjoyed was the stories, I hope that you've got to know your mothers, that this is not just a topic about any any person, not just any Sahaba This is about your mother's. So now along with the mom that you have the mother that you know, you know your other 12 mothers that you've learned about, I hope you have a relationship with them. I hope for the sisters, you have role models, someone to aspire to be like, I hope that you look at these names. You think I'm more like an Ayesha or Khadija or hafsa whoever it might be. And that is my role model. It's very good to have role

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models in Islam and what wonderful women they were. And it shows us once again the role of sisters in the deen that this Deen from its very beginning, only move forward through the contribution of both men and women that this Deen and hamdulillah has come this fall because our sisters played a big role in it. And in our community. There's so many so many heroes that are our aunties, our mothers, our sisters, women, usually women don't get the attention. They don't do it for the attention. But we discount it we underplay the contribution that they've made in our Deen. So we should celebrate our heroes, we should celebrate the men and the women who have done great things in

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the deen. And to remind us that this Deen is for both of us. So Alhamdulillah they are also attached to this audio, we have sent out a quiz. If you click on the link, and I hope you do this will take you it won't take you more than five minutes. It's a multiple choice quiz. There are no penalties, there's no negative marking. So just we have some questions for you to go through to see how much you've learned from the lectures. Some of course, just listen, now and again, some have been very diligent. So do the quiz. And it will be seen back to us and inshallah, we hope to give certification for those of you who complete the quiz and succeed in it. And then more importantly

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for us, there's also a survey a few questions afterwards, about what worked for you what didn't work for you, what you liked about the CDs, what you didn't like about the CDs, how we can improve because this really was our very first attempt at an online or WhatsApp series using the WhatsApp platform. And it's a learning process for us. And we take your comments really seriously. And we adjust our process and our procedures accordingly so that we can deliver something which is of benefit to you something that will really be worthwhile. We live in an age of information overload. your phones are being bombarded by all kinds of messages. You know, you get so many Hadeeth of the

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day, so many is so many reminders, it's all good, but there's just so much that you can you can consume and we tried

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To give you something which was very short, which we you can do in your, you know, while you're sitting in traffic or you're sitting in the queue in the bank, whatever it might be, you can listen to it within 20 minutes, and it will be beneficial. And it's something that you enjoy listening something with your kids will enjoy listening. That was our objective. And if we fallen short, then inshallah Allah forgive us, and we hope to improve. But we can only do so with your input, and we can adjust going forward. So please do the quiz, I really asked you please do the quiz. You're not only taking from this year, not only doing something which will benefit the give us information, you

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might give a great suggestion that will change our process, and then it will benefit 1000s of people, the number of people that have received this lecture allow Ireland, how many people have ever received, it's gone to many different countries of the world have received wonderful emails from them. So your input your questions, some people you know, they brave enough, they ask a question. And that question gets answered on this WhatsApp line. It answers the question for maybe hundreds of other people who had a similar similar, you know, nagging doubt in their heart. So ask your questions. Don't feel shy to do so give us your feedback, please do the survey. I asked you

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sincerely please do the survey. So that we can benefit. I mean, then going forward in sha Allah, this is Episode 50. And this brings a conclusion to our series, the women around the messenger sallallahu sallam. But of course, we want to continue using this platform. And we did a survey to we took a poll in terms of what topics are the most relevant to you? Or what topics are those that you are concerned about who you'd like to learn about? And it's come back, you know, very, very clearly that most people who listen to these lectures, you'd like to learn a lot you'd like to go back to basics. You'd like to learn about what it means to be a Muslim. Not just from the ritual side, back

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to basics, but let's take it all the way from the beginning. I'm starting new Yes, I'm a Muslim or hamdulillah I believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. But I'd like to go back in terms of what does it really mean to be a Muslim? What is Islam all about? How can I be convinced that this Deen is the correct Deen? And when I talk about my theology, who is Alawis? Allah, these kind of very basic fundamental questions that we've never asked with a Muslim for 5060 years. But if anybody asked that question we were just taught from the beginning. I'm a born Muslim, and you continued like that. And then of course, going from the we will talk about the ritual worship, how to perform Voodoo, how to

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perform Salah, we've gone to madrasa or madressa or maktab. You know, when we're kids, we just learn penetration. And now as we get a little older, we want to revise that information. But in a far more mature, a far more academic way. We'd like to ask questions like, why is the Hanafi we'll do an A Shafi will do. Why did the sharefest make one or two fudger? Why do we even make sure that if I missed this, so I missed that? How do I correct Mashallah, of course these kind of questions, we will work kids in madressa, we didn't have the opportunity asked him, and now it will more mature. We parents, we have kids, we have to teach our kids. Now these questions are very important for us.

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So that is really what has come back from the quiz. Also, a lot of you would like to do some Tafseer as well. So we'll try and incorporate this back to basics section more fundamentals of Islam, I think we'd actually call it the fundamentals of Islam. We'll talk a little bit about your theology, your Akita, we'll talk about the rituals effect. And we'll talk a little bit about the meaning of Surah Fatiha, the meanings of the neurons that you use each and every day. So we'll be doing a much broader topic in this. And of course, with Ramadan, not too long away, we obviously hope to do the feature of fasting as well so that we in the best shape when Ramadan comes around. So this is our

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intention in sha Allah, for those of you who receive these lectures, and you don't listen to them, or you don't, you know, you don't have the time for that. And hamdulillah I'm sure you're very busy, and you are listening to other lectures, and you're part of other halaqaat of learning. But I don't want to, you know, exhaust your data unnecessarily. Please let us know that this is really maybe a topic that is not for you a topic that you've covered Alhamdulillah you've already mastered that area, and you are interested in other topics, then let us know and we'll remove you from our WhatsApp line. And please don't feel shy some of you might feel shy to say, remove me from the

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WhatsApp line. There is no judgement Yeah, well hamdulillah just let us know so that it doesn't require us to send it to you and you own you know, inconvenience you receiving it. So basically, there's no inshallah, we don't want to bombard your inbox or your WhatsApp, with unnecessary information. And for those of you and hamdulillah would like to have further questions, you can obviously engage with us on different topics. So don't you don't have to confine your questions to these topics, you can talk about anything even beyond the scope of the lecture. So from that era, we will conclude on that we will wrap up Episode 50. These episodes are available in sha Allah on our

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bronto which I put on all that all that today, put a handle that does it. If you haven't listened to all the audios and you'd like to reach him. You can go on the website and you can download the audio and the notes. You can go to Muslim Central comm you can go to the Muslim Central website as well and you can search for Mohammed waste as a speaker and they would be the CDs as well. I believe it should be updated soon and of course

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If you'd like to receive it via WhatsApp, you can message myself with the office or wait for triple to 13. Or you can message us and we will send you all the lectures. And even if you want to receive it on a USB, you can actually hit No. And we'll provide you with a USB with all 50 episodes and the full set of notes. And then you can have it you know, in digital format. So that is also available. Maybe you'd like to give the entire set over to someone I know some people that have said, Okay, wait until the I want to binge listen to the kind of binge watch series, I'd like to binge watch or binge listen to the entire series. I don't want to start in the middle, when it's done, then give me

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all of the episodes and then I will listen to it from there. So there might be someone like that someone that you might know, you might have a young daughter cofrin that's at university, very important for our sisters, as I said, to have role models, you know, give this over to them. If they listen to it when hamdulillah and they get the benefit, then you know, that's all in your skills of goodness. And if they don't listen to it, and haven't they've done your responsibility of sharing information. So I hope that Allah Subhana Allah accepts from us. And we look forward to our new series, which will be released in the next week or so in the coming few days of this week. I pray

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that you do the quiz and that you can test your knowledge and give it a proper go and see if you learned for the very last time and I hope you can do this by yourself now. Let's go through the names of the wives of the Rasul Lem. For one last time we begin, Khadija sodha Ayesha hafsa, Xena being hoceima whom Salah, Xena vintage ash, jewelry, yeah.

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Rama, Sophia maimunah. Maria alakea, Allah subhanho wa Taala except from all of us, may Allah Subhana bless us. May Allah grant us the love of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his family. May we be on the string of Nabisco sell them and be in his companionship in general Filipinos very soon. I mean, just like Allah Hey, thank you so much. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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