Ikram Sanaullah – Lessons from the life of Ibrahim A.S

Ikram Sanaullah
AI: Summary © The legacy of the Prophet expired in the Holy Quran and is missing in culture of the United States. The speaker discusses the importance of not forgetting it and mentions a book written by a non- Muslim author about the legacy of the Prophet. The importance of strong leadership and strong connections to society is also highlighted. The segment touches on the food shortage in Zambia and the potential for forbearance in the future. The importance of learning to change and practicing Islam is also emphasized.
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when Villa Himanshu Rijn fusina woman sejahtera Malina, Maria de La Villa one minute

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the hula Shetty color one a shadow and Sega now I'm old enough to do a sudo I'm about

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to shape on Emma Jean wavy patella Ibrahima movie Kelly Martin Fatima hoon. Paula in the Jay Z Mama. Follow me do the Yeti all da da da da Polly mean, setup Allahu la the respected I set these a kid when my dear friends and my beloved elders in Islam

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as Muslims we believe that prophets was sent as the greatness of mankind on the surface of this earth to guide and bring people back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and foremost the Prophet, one of the greatest Prophet Ibrahim Ali Saddam Hussein referred as a nation on his own in the Holy Quran. Allah Allah says in neighbor on Hema Karna oma Ibrahim Ali Salaam was in nation on his own. It is like saying that Ibrahim Ali Salaam was the whole of Zambia on his own. That shows how powerful the legacy of Ibrahim Ali Salaam was. Respected elders and friends. Allah subhanho wa Taala destiny but I am on a Salaam and even I am on a Salaam succeeded in all the tests without shaking, which leaves

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a lot of lessons behind FOSS. And one of the best way of understanding the life of any great personality is to understand their virtues. The moment you start understanding their virtues, it becomes easy for you to extract lessons from their lives. So similarly Today we will be extracting few lessons from the life of Salaam inshallah. The first lesson which we learn from Ibrahim Ali Salaam, is that Dr. Ali Salaam was a true leader

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Ibrahim Ali Salaam was a true leader after us.

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And a lot wanted to give a black tidy and his significant of success to the Bri Mali Salaam. Allah say to him it is even mentioned in the Holy Quran in the jar in oculina. See Mama, Ebrahim. We are going to make you an easy mom, we are going to make you the leader of humanity.

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know if it was an ordinary person like you and I, we would have thanked a lot and we would have celebrated this great timing of Allah subhanho wa Taala but he bryman a salon, as I said, was a true leader. So he said to Allah, woman lluvia de la was about my generation. What about my offspring? What about my children and their children and their children? employee Molly Salamis beaver been given a glut died him yet he's worried about his society. He's worried about the people to come. This shows that he primarily Salam was a true leader. And this shows that he was a genius. You see, it is easy to say that he brahmani salaam was a true leader. But true leadership involves a lot of

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qualities. It involves integrity. It involves honesty, it involves commitment. It involves communication. It involves confidence. It involves innovation. It involves creativity. It involves delegation. It involves empowerment, it involves empathy, it involves involving others, it involves asking others understanding others say Brian malice Salam had all these qualities in him. That is why he was he was known as the true leader, respected elders and friends today, this quality of Salaam is missing in us. We are not talking about becoming leaders on international level. on political level. We are talking about becoming leaders as a father in our family, as a mother in our

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family, his son in the family, as a friend in the friend circle as an employer in the company or in the Institute. That is the leadership we are talking about. But unfortunately, this leadership is missing today. It is missing today completely. And there is a reason why I say this. They say in English that

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The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. When are we? How are we going to have those leaders tomorrow, when the youth of today are sitting in one corner for 15 to 16 hours, and connecting themselves to people globally by playing pub G or free fire and disconnecting themselves from the people seated right next to them? How are you going to become leaders of tomorrow? Whenever a genocide takes place? The first people on the scene are elderly people, the people who live the genocide, the people, the people to give who Salah elderly people, no youth is seen. So how are you going to play that role? In the coming days? How are you going to be the leaders of tomorrow when a

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car breaks down? They simply can't change a tire. So, let us give concerned to this matter. And let us understand what the legacy of his family salam wa Salatu was a true leader. This is what it means, yes, people will say that

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leadership comes with age and wisdom comes with age, but the process of becoming a leader starts from the very young age, look at the Weimar the Salah.

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Allah gave him the title of becoming a leader at the age of 90 or 92. But when was the first time he stood against the whole of this society to say that what you people are worshiping is wrong, it was when he was 15 years old. So the process of becoming leader starts from the very young age. So I would like to urge to my youth to take this message seriously. And and let us not be oblivious of this response responsibility, which Allah subhanho wa Taala is placed upon us in 1978.

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a non Muslim author and American non Muslim author in 1978 wrote a book. The name of the book was the hundred

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ranking hundred influential personalities in the history.

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When he wrote this book, a lot of questions were raised. And a lot of fingers were pointed in pointed at him. Do you know the reason why. The reason is that he ranked Nagi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first in this book. He kept me Salah law while he was sort of first in this book being a non Muslim. So people raised fingers at him.

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I think so I would like to repeat this again, because I saw people's attention was not with me. Please pay attention to what I'm saying. In 1978, a non Muslim author, American non Muslim author, wrote a book. The name of the book was 100, ranking influential, influential personalities in the past in the history. And when he wrote this book people raised fingers at him. Do you know the reason why? Because he kept Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first in this room being a non Muslim dipping nabeshima first, so people raised fingers, and when asked he say that I found the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the only man in the history who led successfully both on

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secular and religious level. There is no person better than prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who left successfully now that non Muslims realize the status of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam realized this quality of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was being a true leader. And we as Muslims have forgotten that. So we have to bring this quality of leadership into us. The second lesson, which we learn from the life of a boy and a salon, is a grind at a salon perfected his trust, and powerful in Allah subhanho wa Taala. No matter what the situation is, no matter what the odds are, the dua is Allah, the controller is Allah. It comes in

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that when he

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was thrown into the fire, the six women of the time, made an oath to Allah, that if Allah is to give them to from their sickness, then they were going to go and egg wood into the fire in which Brahma Salam was money. That is the kind of opposition primarily Sam head yet when he jumped into the fire, not even a single half his burn, because he had trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala if not busted on the low dollar who mentioned when he brought him on a salon jumped into the fire. Do you know what was on his tongue? Do you know what he was saying? hussmann Allahu

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Allah tala is sufficient. And he's the best disposal of affairs. If not boss again, mention

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When the writing was sent, and the Sahaba were surrounded by 10,000 people 10,000 enemies in Medina what was Nabi? sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying and what were the Sahaba saying, in fact it is even mentioned in the Holy Quran and Medina Paulo humanness in the NASA for the general rule of

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Masada, whom imana Apollo has been a long one.

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When the Sahaba alleppey sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was surrounded by enemies, and a group of people came and say to the Prophet of Allah, the prophet of Allah, are you not scared of them? Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was saying a school of law has spent a lot of money a lot on a sufficient force and is the best dispose of affairs under the blue side, the amount Allah mentioned, that was when he saw a low value associated with the Sahaba. And he mentioned kaoma. And he says that film is so close, that the angel is Raphael Allen Salam is waiting, with the Thumper in his mouth to blow. The Sahaba got scared, so Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them, if Tamar

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scares you, then keep breeding has won a lot of money in Milwaukee that Allah tala is sufficient for us, and He is the best dispose of affairs. Recently the British government told the Zambian government that there is going to be a food shortage. So declare a food emergency

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and the Zambian government is

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they predicted that by 2020, March 2.3 million people are going to be food insecure, because this year Zambia faced drought, which it has never faced since 1981.

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So the concerns were made, donors donated and the person has has been still going on. But look at what my Allah says regarding such situation. Allah tala says here, pinata lotta powerfulness in the super ma domicile Tony bathia or children

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do not fear anyone's power. As long as my power name was Tony Nyan kousaka and my father never ceases you ever know does not show me the schema

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which I

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do not feel

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because my store home says I have a food and they never get empty. You have

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to carry a Barbie. Tara, child the father might created you to worship me. So don't play around with me. Well, let me

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or China Father, I have set your sustainance aside for you your share of sustenance aside for you. So don't make yourself dying in the b2b market sooner if you are wanting and happy with what I have allocated for you. But

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I will leave fish to your heart and to your body will

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be Matheson. And if you're not content and not happy with whatever located for you know suddenly

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I will set the world loose on you and you will run in this world like an animal and you will still receive what I've allocated for you. Nope. Hello to summer. What

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are children of Adam? I created seven heavens in seven skies. effortlessness and it's never made me tired. So do you think it is going to be difficult for me to sell a loaf of bread your way?

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You're not gonna suddenly discover what your father do not ask me for tomorrow. sustainance Kamala look Minka. I'm on the way I do not demand from you for tomorrow's good these elections.

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China father, your beloved to me, for the Husky la Colima. Indeed return love me. That is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says regarding testing him say Brian man is Salaam perfected his testing.

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And we are supposed to have the same just the third lesson which we learned from Ibrahim Ali Salaam is forbearance. Now what is four bedrooms? four bedrooms means to not lose your pool in any circumstance, regardless of what the situation is. Regardless of who the

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person is you are not ready to lose your food. And in fact this quality of forbearance is one of the qualities of Allah. Allah says he is I mean, he's forbearing That is why we dis obey Allah, we break the commands of Allah with Allah subhana wa Taala doesn't grip us or catch a straightaway, he gives us a chance, that is forbearance. And this quality was found in all the prophets from other Malik Sultan, Mohamed Salah low while he was setting up

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the social chaos which we see today our meets our self. It is because of the same reason because this quality of forbearance is missing in the social chaos which we see in our homes, which we see in our workplaces, which which we see in our society is because the quality of forbearance is missing from us respected elders and friends. Ibrahim Ali Salam was for bedding.

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In a bra Hema Helene Romani salon was for very, and when Allah gave it to the bride malasana regarding his smile on his setup, Allah said for Bashara now boo boo Nami, Ali Ibrahim, we are giving you the blood title of a forbearing child. And it is because of this quality and grime on a Salam and he smiled and he said they succeeded in all the tests which Allah subhana wa tada gave them. And we look at the example of the Romani Salah, Allah Allah tells Ibrahim Ali salam to start off with * Ali Salaam, and the sapling child is finally set up, start off where he doesn't know it's the commando family until they reach the barren land of Makkah. When they reach the parent end

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of Makkah, Allah Allah commands to leave his family over there and to return without saying a single word. And he starts returning. Another toddler is running behind him. And she's asking him and she's holding and dripping, but he Bly my Salaam is not ready to speak a single word because it is the commando karma until she says is this a commando en La Romana Salaam sheiks is heading to Yes, that is when she says even when you die, then Allah subhana wa Taala is not going to destroy us. And then finally Salaam bones. And this woman hydrolase salam waits and watches the husband disappear from her eyesight.

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Then when Ibrahim Ali Salam reaches at a place where he can see his wife anymore, that he brought him who never shoot for Shiva jumping into the fire, ended up getting off the camera and crying in front of Allah, that all along I've left my family in your security take care of them. Only Allah knows how much you

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must have spent that first month into the darkness of the jungle. The darkness of being in between four mountains, the darkness of night.

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And only Allah knows how he primarily set up must have spent that first night away from his family. And then we go on game drives to for a game Park and a few a national park with with our heartbeat is to leave our wives or children in the jungle for a second.

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It would never be his primary Salam did that because Allah subhanho wa Taala comandi

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test after test

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one year passes by philosophy I know what Allah commands him to go and visit his wife and child, his smile on his son and he goes only Allah knows the wisdom behind his command. Allah says that you have to go and have a look at them. That's it, bro interacting, no talking

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Salaam reaches to * Ali Salah.

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Looking at dasuquin

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received sooth nurse in her eyes and she doesn't forget the responsibility of being a wife. She says to him that oh my husband Ibrahim, Allah subhanho wa Taala has gifted us with water if you allow, can I wash your face and your beard and your legs she goes brings the water washes the legs of the bride Melissa around the beard of the bride and a salon. Ibrahim Ali salon takes the child he says the forehead of the child gives a hug, gives it to her child and then starts off with a

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few year passes by the great woman of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and now we are commanding you to sacrifice the smile

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and the smile on a salon

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who has barely seen his father. Rahmani Salam comes to visit him

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and he tells him in neurofilament and then he has

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my son

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I saw in my dream that I'm sorting you now. This can only be easy for a father to say when he has the quality of forbearance in hate to tell your own child that I saw in my dream shorter in you. And just because it's my alley Salaam also have the quality of forbearance in what did he reply

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to my father, go ahead and do what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded you to do. And they both succeed in the test. And Allah subhanho wa Taala then gives them the clicktight so respected elders influence if it wasn't for the quality of forbearance in a salon and his smile, this test and all the tests, which they faced would have been very difficult. So what we learn from the life of a salon are three things. Firstly, true leadership, letter style, bring true leadership into us as Muslims. Secondly, the moment we made this intention, methods are trusting alone, to change, to change to bring revolution. And thirdly, to have forbearance you're going to find hurdles on your

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way Don't give up have forbearance in my lessons, I know it's gonna give us the ability to practice on whatever has been saved. Meanwhile to do that one

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now will be

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trying and understanding how we are going to perform we eat Salah, the Salah is to Roxy.

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We are going to make intention that we are performing two records of evil

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behind the EMA with six extra that be, that is the intention we are going to make. When the amount says a lot.

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We are also going to say Allahu Akbar and join our heads.

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After joining our hands, we will read somehow

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and the first bit we will read Salah mo will again say Allahu Akbar and leave his hands on the side, we should do the same.

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The Imam will again say Allahu Akbar and leave his hands on the side. We should do the same for the second time. Now the third time the mom will say a loved one and join his head. We should also raise our hands and join our hands.

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That is in first serata when the mount will pray the surah and carry on with the normal Salah till the second record starts. In the second record, the amount will pray to the archaea and a short surah after that the IMA will say Allahu Akbar. Instead of boiling in ruku. We will also say Allahu Akbar, raise our hand and leave them on the side. The mob will say Allah what's better for the second time we should raise our hand and leave them on the side. The Imam will say Allahu Akbar for the third time we should raise our hand and leave them on the side and when the amount says for the fourth time

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and then we will finish the Salah in the normal way.

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finally come forward.

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Brothers are still outside are requested to come in.

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