Zakir Naik – Vikram Asks , “Why is an Animal Slaughtered on Bakri Eid- Does it Really Satisfy Allah-

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A speaker, an auditor, questions the logic behind slaughtering animals in the Bible. They question whether it is possible to slaughter them in a way that it satisfy the Bible's teachings, and how this can be a powerful reason for animals to eat. The speaker also emphasizes that humans cannot sacrifice their bodies to increase the world, and that humans are being reminded that human blood and flesh are the only materials available to feed poor people.
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Mr. Vikram, I'm an auditor by profession, this is a question of my friend. The question is, what is the reason behind slaughtering the animals in Baccarat? Does this really satisfy Salah? Does this have any scientific reason as other rituals have in Islam like fasting? With as a question that what is the reason? What is the logic behind slaughtering the animal during book read? Does it satisfy Allah? Does it have scientific reason like the other Islamic rituals are scientific reason like fasting etc. Brother, Allah says in Surah chapter 22 the blood and the meat does not go to Allah subhanaw taala he does not have your blood and meat, it is your piety at the Tacoma teaches him. So

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we slaughter the animal, not because the blood and meat should go to Allah, that's in most of the other religions. In the other religions. You slaughter the goat for the God

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and you leave it on the idol. Maybe somebody else will come and eat it the priest or someone would you leave it to the idol

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for God. Quran says in Surah Nam chapter six verse number 14, Allah subhana wa Taala

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he feeds everyone, but does not require to be fed. So when we slaughter the animal, we don't do it so that the meat and the blood go to Allah. The logic is, it is in remembrance

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of the incidents of Prophet Abraham peace be upon him. When Almighty God asked for for the brand peace be upon him, that Who do you love the most in this world, after Almighty God, so he says, My son,

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Almighty God asked him, that will you sacrifice the most beloved thing which you like for me,

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and profitable and peace be upon him, he listens to this commandment, and his son does his father, which might be peace be upon him, that Father blindfold you I saw that, though you love me, you should not see me. Maybe your hand would not execute whatever God wants. So in this way, the incidence continues. And when he is about to slaughter,

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his son, there is a replacement, by a sheep, by God

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in the memories to that

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we commemorate

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the batteries.

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Now when we slaughter the animal,

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it is the remembrance to the world. That Almighty God does not require human sacrifice. He was testing Prophet Abraham. Not that Almighty God did not know whether Prophet Abraham in passing the test No, he knew very well, that this prophet of mine, he will pass the test. It is reminding everyone that human sacrifice is prohibited even today, especially in this country of us, India. Every day, human beings are being sacrificed in the name of God, which is prohibited. Yeah, we are being reminded Almighty God does not require human sacrifice. Furthermore, when we slaughter the animal, we do not believe that the meat and the blood go to Almighty God, when we started the

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animal, we have to give minimum mantled to the poor people. Either one third, with relatives and friends maximum you can keep is one third. We are again we are sharing

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if you want again, everything the poor people also but minimum Antonia forgive manda the relatives and friend, one third you can eat. It is helping the poor people feeding the poor people. So here we are being reminded that human sacrifice is prohibited. And we are being reminded that Almighty God does not require blood or the flesh of any animal. At the same time. We are helping our poor people to feed them and increase the Brotherhood. Answer the question

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