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When you look in your life you're here in Toronto in Masuda Viola. Have a one Allah who he

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was then a fear element. You are in this Masjid. Where do you find out? Where do you find your God? Where do you find your way to Allah subhana wa Tada. It is to look to the one above you not to submit yourself, not to give yourself over, but to look to the one above you. So you come to brother site and brother Hudson, some of the brothers fee him call you.

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And you learn from them, not just what they say, but why they say it. That's why classes are important. We're not in the business of telling you what to do. We should be in the business of telling you why you do what you do. That is the elementary process of learning in Islam. There is a difference between

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an aim

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is understanding then, right? You can memorize a map and map for him or her water purifies in itself and it purifies other things why?

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Well Allah said, The Prophet said some Allah honey was salam in this position of ethnic sunnah. According to an Imam Abu Hanifa it is such a Malik it is such Imam had charted is such Namibia, in humble as such, the majority of them agree on this.

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Now you're gonna say brothers say he doesn't always go through it like that and not father's? Brother. Yeah, you don't go through it like that. You usually just give us the opinion that you have come to understand is the truth.

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What you need to understand Brothers is that that is not only is not the only truth, it is not exclusively only this, for a lot of the matters of Fila.

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For the matters of al Qaeda, in our johe to Allah subhanaw taala, it is pretty much set. We believe in Allah. We believe in the message of Mohammed Salah Salem, we believe about the Quran. We believe in what the angels we believe about certain things that are all pretty much fixed, according to the scholars of Atlas Sunova, irrespective of what place they have in the society that we live in,

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past and present pretty much the same concept. So your guiding light initially is the people who are nearest to you above.

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They're the ones you ask. They're the ones you attend classes with.

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But they are also your stepping stone to those who teach them

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and they are a stepping stone to those who teach above them.

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Well, luckily they aim in early before above everyone with knowledge there is one more note

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certain things you are not really entitled to know

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certain things you are not entitled to know certain evidences, you are not going to grasp their concept if they were explained to you, and as such as a course of gravity and to make it shorter. The Imam of the masjid the person who is skilled in his a manner of delivering the same gives you a verdict. And if you want he can give you the place where you can check it.

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And that leads us to the way of Allah azza wa jal What do you do with what you learn?

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What do you do with this systematic way of coming towards the knowledge that now you become responsible for? We make things very complex for ourselves at times, my young brothers and my young Sisters in Islam,

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we look within ourselves.

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And we ask ourselves questions that we ourselves do not need to ask. Allah even tells you in the Quran, let us and one as yeah into

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are you who believe, Don't ponder and think about questions that if you continually continually seek to have answers to them, they may harm you.

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The way of Islam has been made very easy, but very deep, very simple, but complex. Its simplicity in its performance, and its belief system is easy to be latched on to and held on to by anyone who has come to faith.

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But in it and underneath and beneath it. There is a system of theology, a system of creed, a system of ficlet jurisprudence, that is unending and you can continue doing it year upon year upon year upon year in study.

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So you're going to Allah Subhana Allah is your Masjid is the place you pray is the people who you have come to associate our friends, is the people who you have made equals to you who enter into your home who you share.

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food which is the people who you interact with and ask questions to and about Islam. That is the step that takes you towards Allah subhanaw taala. When difficulty arises, you come to the one above you and knowledge if they are stumbled and honest, because you ask those who are honest, and they are unable to answer you, or if they answer you, but in your heart, you don't find it is settled. You're convinced. You ask others, you move on to others. And you continue in this way, only and sincerely hoping for the reward from Allah subhanho wa taala. And that is the guiding light that leads you to the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what he says to us

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about Elaine and it's Baraka, Allahu Allahu kna. Amen Naga. O Allah bless us with knowledge that is benefiting to us and others, meaning knowledge that we learn and intend to learn, so that we will benefit from it by practicing it and putting it in the way of Allah azza wa jal, that is a significant responsibility upon your shoulders. I want to conclude with a few Hadith from the Prophet Muhammad, so I send them

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putting to us the fame of the scholars, the fame of the people of knowledge, and it gives you

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an indirect way of measuring those who live amongst us. Those who speak to us in the mosques and those who interact with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who says,

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an eye on him and scholar, when he walks on the earth, when he's walking.

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Everything he comes into, comes around, make dua to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for him,

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and who to fill. If you walked by water, the fish, when they see him and recognize him from the purity of his heart, they know who he is, not his name, or what he does. They know he's a righteous man upon the Semak this the hood, the fish in the sea, make the art for him. them not the end, that he is walking in the park, he's walking in grass, and sleeping under him in the grass, they know He is above them, and they make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to forgive him.

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That's it. That's a person of not how many people you know, who deserved that. Subhan Allah

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Subhan Allah

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followed by a person who seeks knowledge the prophets of Allah Allah He was sent and he says to you,

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when someone came asking him, ya rasool Allah in Egypt to approve an NK O Messenger of Allah, I have come to learn. I have come seeking knowledge from you. The prophets I send him with laying down on one of his cloaks, it was a red garment.

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Conference awareness and when Salah when he was sending model hadn't been taught,

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greetings salutations, happiness. Welcome to the one who has come to learn.

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In Nepali back into full melodica, the seeker of knowledge the one who's sincere about asking about knowledge, the angels keep circling.

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Circling, welcome boggling folk, and the white one on top of another hot day of Lucerna dunya. They cover him

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and they ride one on top of another until they reach the sky of this heaven of this earth.

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inhabiting the microphone because they love what he has come to learn. You walk with the angels you walk with the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says to you