Everyone Is Going Through Challenges

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I need to prepare for the day I'm going to go back to Allah, the day that the whole objective of myself being on earth comes to an end. And what was that? Allah says, Well I sent you on earth in order to test you, in order that you will go through challenges and difficulty, hardship upon hardship, and I will tell you what to do what not to do, you must pass all those tests one after the other, I will reward you for every test you pass, whether it is a sickness and illness, a failure, loss, whether it is loss of produce loss of people, you know, Death of loved ones, your own injury, your health being taken away, your jobs being lost, perhaps so many other things, uncertainty,

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insecurity, all of that Allah mentions in the Quran. And Allah says, we will test you with all of that that's part of the reason why we created you in order for you to go through those challenges one by one, and then you return to Allah having told Allah subhanho wa Taala I tried my best I did my best. You send me challenges upon challenge, challenge upon challenge and I pass these challenges Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us the ability to be strong, steadfast, sobre is something is that is amazing.