Your Community Defines Your State

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But the day that spliff that day, that code comes into your head into your house, the day that your children become crackheads, then it will become your problem.

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But see, this is the general mentality, unfortunately, that we will never ever speak up. And I'm not saying that words go get into a ruckus or rumble with everybody who say something. But yeah, you have no self is it?

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You have no self respect.

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And if you have no self respect, then nobody out there was gonna have any self respect for you.

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And this is the this is the thing. Look at your look at our areas.

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Why is it the fact that people, people throw rubbish in our areas, people lose men, and nobody says the word because you are only concerned about what is in front of your personal home. It is a matter that every single day your children have to go pass rubbish tips on the corner of your street. That's what your children grew up with.

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And our Dean, I don't know what like any other texts out there, where they Prophet said, I went into Jenna. I went into gender last night.

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And I saw a man rejoicing agenda.

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And I asked, why is this man in general, they said this man is in Jannah.

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Because there was a branch in the middle of the street, and he picked up the branch and he moved it away. Alon love this concern for his community so much Allah granted him Gentlemen, I know no other text. But we are so far away from this.

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You have people smoking spliff in our areas.

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Nobody cares.

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Nobody cares. It's not your baby. His father should look after him. It's the council problem is the police's problem.

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And tomorrow, then they'll start dealing in your corner street corners is still not your problem. It's the police's problem.

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It's the council problem.

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But the day that spliff comes into your head into your house, the day that your children become crackheads, then it will become your problem. Why? Because simply, you didn't know.

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You never enjoyed good.

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You never, you know, he never saw Look, why is this happening in our areas?

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And then then then this is the beautiful thing about it. Then you'll turn around and say, yeah, these bolts these are the problems.

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Every gathering of movies, movies, movies, the movies are the ones are speaking about it. Your counselors, your MPs do jack