Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #02

Yahya Ibrahim


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early Mohammed, Allah ma Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed Inca Moussa lightoller Ibrahim ohada early Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohamed income about Okta, Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in comas are late Allah Ibrahim awada early Rahim alarm abetik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed income about tala Ibrahim Allah early ra Haemophilia lemina in NACA hamidou Majeed Allah who masala Salli ala Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed in kamasan late Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed in komagatake Ibrahim awada early Ibrahim El amin in that hamidou Madrid

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Allahumma Sanjana Mohammed II wanna early Mohammed in camels are late Allah Ibrahim on early Ibrahim A Filomena iNec, hamidou Majeed, Allah masala Allah Mohammed Juana de Mohammed, Mr. sunlite Allah Ibrahim Allah early Rahim Allah Allah Ameen and Nick hamidou Majeed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Muhammad Inka mouse on later Allah Ibrahim on early Ibrahim along Mubarak Allah Mohammed in the Mohammed income about Dr. Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim FLR. Let me know in Hamid Majeed

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during the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, every morning and every evening in sha Allah I invite you to join me for our daily drop in the mornings in sha Allah after Salah to the fetcher in the evenings after sun also Tara we have returned from Tata we had a little bit of tea a little bit of a snack. And I'm going to begin my Tafseer of soda moon soon after on my Facebook page and my YouTube page, but at 10 o'clock, usually we're going to start a little bit earlier today because 10 o'clock is might have C or every Sunday of soldier till noon. But at the moment in sha Allah we want to come together making got to Allah, if this is the 21st night for you, it could be one of those

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special nights, all of the last night of the month of Ramadan, all of the month of Ramadan is important. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept it from all of us, Allah whom I mean, why pray that Allah Subhana Allah uses you and I for that which is good, that which is righteous, and makes us from those who are able to assist others in that which is good, Allah whom I mean, Allah subhana wa Taala except from you and I the little that we do and bless it for us.

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Allah Homer, I mean, I'm going to, in sha Allah. Begin by asking Allah subhana wa Taala for myself in new prosperity in this dunya and Africa, and to make us a source of protection for those who are weak and needy. Allahumma I mean, for today's are up.

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We begin with this solo act upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam And may Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us remember him in each and every occasion of our days so that we can be blessed by his memory and receiving his chef out on the Day of Judgment, the llama I mean, y'all know we acknowledge that there is no strength or ability except by your Livia Allah. Allah Allah we know that there is nothing that can assist us in this life except by your leave and your permission yet Allah Allah we ask you the request of those who are weak and needy and seeking you yet Allah The Allah by the sacredness of this month and the EVA that we are performing in your obedience Yeah,

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Allah we know that it is soon to end upon us yeah, Allah we pray to you before its end that you will fulfill our needs fulfill what we need and what we don't know. We mean before we need it. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you for security from fear, and a cure from every ailment and prosperity from every austerity and happiness that ends all sorrow. We ask Allah to grant us love that bars us from hate and hate that may arrive to us that turns us away from love yet Allah, Allah we ask you for risk that we can share with others and be a protection for others in this life and in the next year, Allah. O Allah, we ask you to allow our children to go on to grow up under our watchful eye, to be

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nurtured with your hedaya Allah something we can't put in their hearts but we make sure that you will instill in them your Allah, Allah we ask you to make us regular and our prayers and make our children regular and our prayers and if we are not yet blessed with children yet Allah, those who are not yet blessed with children or listening or love less than with children who are regular in their prayers in their future, yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to protect our parents, those who are still living and give them a long life full of worship Allah, Allah for those whose parents have passed away we ask you to send light upon their grave.

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And to make us from those who remember them often. When our holo and our fall we're taking leveque All we ask you to give us Sabra in every calamity.

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10 prints during anger, to give us humility when we are successful and to cause us to be from those who ask for forgiveness when we've caused offence, or Allah we ask you to be of those who places kindness in our heart especially when we are giving governance and authority over others, or law makers of those who are charitable when we are enriched and wealthy. Allah we ask you to bless us with the Quran we ask you or hamara amin to make us from those who remember it. In our days in its practice, and in its nights in its reading sustained long before you Allah, Allah we ask you to permit us to remember you through its reading and through its practice here are hammer Rahimi yeah

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Allah we ask you to illuminate our hearts with its word, to release our stress and our attention with its rhythm and its rhyme. We ask Allah to elevate our spirit with its message and to cleanse us from our errors with a teeling Allah we ask you to increase us with the love that you have for us, and to make us from those who are more beloved to you, Allah by earning our deeds and standing in your worship in the obedience studio or primer I mean, your love curious with the Quran, and protect us with its blessing. Here are hamara herminia Rob Bell, hi, Ella, me. Oh Allah, you are the most generous and most merciful and most Clement of those who show mercy and compassion. You are the Lord

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of all existence in all realms. Yeah, Allah, we call upon you and we ask you in a way that none can be asked. We call you with every name that you have named yourself revealed in your book taught to your messengers, we ask you by the names that you have kept with yourself that are not known to us yet Allah, we ask you to make the hole on the labia and the spring of our heart, the removal of our strain and distress and the blessing of our site. We ask you a hammer I mean, to be sincere, you know we do to you, we ask Allah to grant us the death of the Shahada, and to grant us a Shahada on our tongue before we depart this world yet Allah, Allah we ask us, we you've asked us to stand

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before you in our night, and to be from those who are fasting to you by day. Oh Allah make our do to you in these moments and do that is replenishing for our strength and healing for our our purpose inwardly and outwardly. Oh Allah, we ask you to grant us personal one, to have good expectations of you. We ask you to expand the grave for those who have passed away and illuminated in light. We ask you to preserve our record and make us from those who will be in a lien in the highest levels. A lot of light now we're load when we are questioned on the day of judgment to Allah. Allah protect us yeah, Allah as we walk upon this earth and as we are entered and placed within it to Allah, O Allah,

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we ask you to protect us as we are resurrected. Yeah. I mean, Allah make us successful on our day when we're our deeds are way down Allah in the knees en O Allah help us cross the CRR like the flash of lightning Yeah, Allah. Allah protect us from the touch in the heat and the stench of hellfire. Yeah, Allah. Allah do not expose our faults in front of others. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah Hi, that was shame and our sinfulness here Allah and allow us a repentance before we return to your hammer. I mean, yeah, for we are alima Allah, Allah in Mecca for winter Ebola 454 and Allah you are the one who loves to pardon you are the partner you love to pardon pardon us Allah. Oh Allah you are the one

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who forgives you love to forgive forgive us. Yeah, Allah. Allah in the fall wouldn't owe him Allah for Allah who met in Mecca for one to him Bulava for under Allah we ask you to open our hearts and grant us tranquility immature or hamara I mean, yeah, well, he almost killed off him. So power Nicola nasi Sana anally and the camera apne darlin of sick, jello edge hookah, hookah follow matter Shah opia Hotel otic otaku mama to me to be exotic. Yeah, our hammer Rahimi yeah what are your mustafi Allah in their know they're becoming a millionaire young woman called Bella yaksha woman I in in that admin a woman Neff similar touchback woman in law used to jab hula hoop wanna use Maya

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Allah, our hammer I mean, Allah manana, all that because he met in LA he met him in hobby. Why hobby? Oh Allah, we ask you to protect us from your anger and your wrath and your punishment to Allah or shall read a bad day and from the evil that is created by your slaves. Yeah, Allah. I mean, Amazon is Sheltie and what the rule or law protects us from the incitement of the Sheltie and then they'd be present in our life. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to forgive us as you have forgiven Adam alayhis salaam and how where Allah, O Allah, we ask you to protect us as you protected us from the flood yet Allah, Allah, we ask you to give

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versus the trueness of purpose of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and to give us the steadfastness of Musa alayhis salam. O Allah give us what you have given to the Prophet before us. Allah give us the heyday and the guidance that will uplift us in our faith yeah Allah Allah leaders to our newbie Mohammed so I sell them and make as sooner more beloved to us than any other way of life yeah Allah. Allah send your choices blessings upon I whenever you Mohammed's IC. O Allah honor I want to be a slice and lamb Oh Allah elevator whenever he and his family and his companions how Allah Allah raise him to the highest rank and Mohammed Mahmoud on the day of gentlemen to Allah. O Allah allow him to

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choose us and to bring us closer to drink from his blessing hand from alkota a drink that will never make a thirsty thereafter Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to grant us Isha on the day of judgment to have hammer I mean, yeah, our hammer Rahimi make us near I whenever you have sobre la who it was send them in conduct in this life so that we can be near him in the next life. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah raise us to the highest levels of fairytales. Allah Khomeini nanus ello caljan Natoma, colorata la hum commonly when I'm an Allah, we ask you paradise, the highest levels of it and all the deeds that allow us to be led to achieving Allah. Allah I mean now now that becoming a now when our Corrado lay

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him in Poland what I'm an Allah Hamas suddenly we're selling was it whoever Allah said you know have even known every you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us the highest of levels and acceptance in this blessing night of Laila to the other May Allah make it so for us and then that other nights in this month bless and month out Allah. Oh Allah we have just a last few days with you. Yeah, our hammer I mean in this placid month, our lawmakers from those who witnessed a little other Oh Allah in the car for winter Ebola 451 Allah made in the car for winter Ebola for four and Allah in the car for winter a bola for

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an Allah Wa salli wa sallam was it was sad now have you been out whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim to Sleeman kathira and I end by sharing with you once again. My charity project may Allah subhanho wa Taala make you the protection of orphans, Allah Houma. I mean, this charity project is dear to my heart there is 1000 orphans whose names we know whose locations are present, whose ages are with us. I asked you in sha Allah, to check out my link that I've just added to my social media streams, just giving calm under fundraising sponsor 1000 orphans, my aim and in sha Allah, I will not quit even if we don't achieve it before the month of

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Ramadan is defined enough to support them for the year but even the law he dialed up, we want to support them with their food, their medicine, for their education, and for their home and their and their life. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from us and make us from those who will be a protection for the orphans into the future. Allah whom I mean, I'll share with you just, you know my screen just for a second if you're following me on Facebook, and you can see this beautiful beautiful Subhan Allah opportunity. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from all of us Allah. I mean, these are the names of these wonderful children and I thought I'd just read them. Some of them

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to you. They're from all different parts of the world. We have some Pamela beautiful Syrah who's age 12 and Pakistan and PubMed Eight, Seven in Pakistan. We have also Mohammed from Somalia, ah, three years old, he's newly an orphan. Subhan Allah. We have in the cry at age 13. In Yemen. We have Subhana Allah Bara, who is age eight in Lebanon, who is a Syrian refugee on the border. We have Fatima who is from Syria, Lanka at age 11. And Mohammed who is age four. In in Syria, Lanka, there's a list of 100 names that I release each and every day and I look for a sponsor for each of them. May Allah Subhana Allah accept it from you, you'll find the links to it in my social media on Instagram,

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Facebook, LinkedIn, all of them in chat Allah. This is something I'm passionate about and I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives relief to those who relieve those who are in need Allahumma Ameen. May Allah subhana wa Taala use you in good and make you from those who are accepted and protected Allah whom I mean, also Linda whom I was selling was it who abetik Allah say, you know, whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you have the time, you can join me for the Tafseer of surah Menon on my YouTube and my Facebook page in sha Allah was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh