Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Zaid Shakir


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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim on the left rhumbline.

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Imams a shout out here at the Martin Luther King Memorial on the day commemorating the birth of Dr. King. Brothers and sisters let us commemorate the great life of this great freedom fighter, a fighter for freedom for his people, human dignity for its people, in fact for all people, and let us remind ourselves, we reflect on the struggle of Dr. King and the movement that he led and the struggles of the likes of Malcolm X notes. Remember, brothers and sisters, we have to struggle. This is a message that the quarter end gives us what Jay has

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struggled in the way of Almighty God and the word Allah should rightfully be the case. Allah Tala reminds us or has he been nurse when you Turaco and your guru and then our hula, you know, the people think they'd love to be left alone beauty saying we believe that not be tested. So these are days of tests and trials. But we reflect on the dark lives of the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the trials that he confronted and the tests that he was confronted with and what he had to overcome, and then remind ourselves of a critical critical factor brothers and sisters, at the foundation of the struggle of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the spiritual struggle with spiritual

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strength happening into spiritual strength. It was a struggle that was rooted in the African American church. Brothers and sisters, our struggle, first and foremost has to be a spiritual struggle. It can't be for first and foremost a political struggle, economic justice, etc. Those things will only be obtained if they're built on the foundation of a spiritual struggle, because only when we have a strong connection with our Lord with Allah subhanho wa Taala will we be sufficed, and we have the energy and the hope to make it through the many, many trials the many, many tribulations that lie before us. So brothers and sisters, as we reflect on the time of darker

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came, let us reflect indeed, he was a fighter for freedom. He was a fighter for justice and equality. But first and foremost, he was a spiritual man whose message was rooted in the spiritual history of his community. That has to be our foundation. That's what I'd like to leave you with on this day brothers and sisters, may be a blessing day for all of you wherever you find yourself. This is Imam Zaid Shakir at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial here in Atlanta, Georgia, reflecting on the life of this great giant and the example that he set for all of us, regardless of our race or color, or our creed, brothers and sisters for too long, be strong struggle with dignity and struggle

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from a spiritual foundation. Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh