Ramadan 2023 Appeal

Ruling On Wishing Merry Christmas

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I came flying from Egypt yesterday

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and I'm not

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many Christians

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listening listen listen listen I will not ask him to be mean here

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but quite frankly quite frankly when the elements of the universe

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he is that someone says a lot has a

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look out there yet

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what is this was about this celebration that bird they have the Son of God

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what an insult

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it's an insult

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it should have been

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the sort of added insult woman mid level

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there is one of these folders medical

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something I forgot that here

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Yes, he was to the D with a Catholic priest

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in the church

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Mohammed Abdullah, he was famous.

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So he went to the church, you know, Catholic, we still don't know.

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So what

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are you doing good to see you. And he did this intention. How was your wife and your children

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is asking the Catholic priest you know what he said good

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So, you know like this for you and you accept this for Allah. Allah has and

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how is he going to have a son without a wife?

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The husband is about to cry

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what the

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why and the how

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mothers whom you didn't think that

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this ship is really only No no.

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Listen to me

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memorize the slide.

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is an interaction nothing to the

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environment what a

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lesson than an hour holds Christian believes that you're going to heal if you do not believe that Jesus.

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Listen, being tolerant does not mean you compromise what you believe in.

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No big

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How are you?

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Good to see you sir.

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Shop does no more.

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Show you character. good character is a Muslim.

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They have good character because of

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the hours that

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they attribute the good character and we have

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thumbs down.

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Be nice to them. But

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it does not mean that you can't provide what you believe

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, nobody said that. And as a matter of fact, Christian will give you a lot of respect.

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But a Jesus advice if you

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have a neighbor, don't try to correct them when they are experiencing the moment.

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don't try to correct people with the eating or feeling they're not going to life. But if you have a neighbor, if you have a co worker, explain to him ahead of time

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your Christmas and Easter goes against by pay Don't expect me to say Merry Christmas or exchange gifts with you. But listen, this does not mean that

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you have to protect you have to respect my feet, you know, expect anything.

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exchange gifts with you

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brothers, brothers and sisters in Islam men

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at the expense of the displeasure of

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the same people unhappy with you.

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This is a big issue brothers and sisters in Islam and our fans.