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Aloha, una

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Lu Mina

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As a must,

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looks like Allah.

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See the hanbali lamea kulambu, Khufu one, no one even can be compared to Allah subhana wa leesa chemistry he or she, no one is like Allah subhanaw taala. So you left with what number what? Number three, low Allah must kill you

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must describe himself to you. And this is going to happen through up

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through a revelation message messengers books. So the first rule that don't ever speak about Allah without having a text without having an evidence, if you see this about Allah, then you must have it from the Quran, or from the sound Hadith period. And this is really what makes Islam

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one of a kind, because the Christians open the road for what for this? Just Just watch any Christian who speaks about Allah. Lucky speaking about his own friend, his own buddy, his mama, mama, mama,

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that what exactly they ended up saying that he's a human being. He ended up saying he has a wife. He has a son, who is

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out of line, totally out of line.

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But us and Allah subhana wa Taala warned us regarding this in the Quran, to pull in Nana Hama, Mara, Bellflower Hashanah Allah Haram in Botswana. Well if Moldavia

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were to Shinjuku Willa Himalayan region de soltana. What pulu Allah Muhammad Allah, Allah have labeled the following to be top of the line Haram is our hash, adultery and so forth. Without

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You know, if being unjust, unfair.

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And you can

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look at number four, which right after ship and let you say about a lot of things that you have no knowledge of.

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Who had an anomaly ship on

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ship? Yeah, a yohannes uchumi method out of the highlands.

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Shay Pani in NA Hola, kumada movie in Nanaia Murakami. So he was actually

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one of Hulu I love la he manner, the Alamo

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shaitan whispers to you so that you can say things about Allah that you have no knowledge of, and we cover this.

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We said let's be practical.

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Leah hood method and use the slide is a very famous, Allah created the heavens and the earth in six days. And what did he do in the seventh day?

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And for us,

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for Muslims, what did he do, Rosa for his throne in a way that suits His Majesty. But for them what what did he do that he didn't they didn't say that the Jews What did they say? rested?

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rested? They actually they actually if you read the Old Testament that he rested from the work yeah, and the machines yada yada. It is. Now if you say Allah arrests, that means Allah what Buddhists someone who gets tired

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As a law

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abiding this is an issue that Allah addressed through Quran. Allah says what? What are the hotness and

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the, you know human feces that he I mean wah wah Massena min Lu, who

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I have created the heavens and the earth in six days and what's between them, the creation usually in six days, and I didn't even feel what you can call Ooh, below a tire some of fatigue, not even the taste of it

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below, but this is a rule number. Rule number one

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what was Rule number two?

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I'm gonna review I'm not gonna come here on mumble because this is academia if you really and I encourage if you're gonna write that stuff down and this is coming from the boxwalla here a lot of work is being done. If you write it down maybe in these iPhones these days, if, if you don't come in the morning with a piece of paper, the iPhones they have these notepads, they have you know, just put some stuff in there. What was number two? Rule number two?

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Can you make them understand it? So I don't have to repeat you.

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What do you mean by that?

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Trying to figure out

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If every word that I say has an apparent Meaning,

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if I see a watch what do I mean?

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A watch that's the apparent meaning.

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Now, once it comes to the names and the attributes of Allah, the words which are used, you have to take the apparent meaning.

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You cannot come up and say what No, it doesn't mean this it means that

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it is what it is. Look Look at this. You cannot take a word from its apparent meaning to a hidden meaning without an evidence.

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It will not be there man a metaphor metaphor, right? Isn't that the metaphorical meaning? level in magic?

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Who does this very well. Yani the Shea the Shia Islam and the extreme Sophie's extreme Sophie's Okay, so we're fit for everybody. Look at this. Let's take for example the the Shiite

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Maharajan Buhari nelta pn Rockman superadmin Allah made the two seas come together. Lower the salt and

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the sweet

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Alba Hurry, if you open the book of Shia al Buhari bahara. Now when I tell you a see what do I mean?

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See, you know, in behind the said Ali and Fatima

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hahaha you're nodding your head. But that's the problem we have an issue that's the issue with the name that that's why people went astray in this field.

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Because you take an apparent meaning of a term of a word to a hidden meaning. So Mirage Albania Delta tn baina Houma Barbosa hola Brianne between them that is what the yo yo min woman lu lu moto Jan and out of them comes out to look Look what is the low pearl will merge and in localu elhassan will not Jan elfo say

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listen Allah I love elbaite Well, Laurie, I love them dearly. I love Valley. I love Fatima, the daughter of my prophet will say that Miss Elgin and she's she's gonna be the head of the women in paradise. Fatima. One more hair line. Bala Hinata Carrera Illallah before begin, while we seek the neatness of Allah, through the love of Allah will be a loving husband, loving Hussein, but we don't have to do this.

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We don't have to do this with the text. Play around with the text.

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why this is a rule

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Because there are people in the oma Muslims in the oma who did not want to accept some of the names and the attributes of Allah. And meanwhile, these names and attributes are mentioned in the Quran.

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Now, apparently you're not gonna say no to the Quran

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because the words are used in the Quran, you're not gonna say no, I'm not gonna follow the Quran. So the way to go about it is play with the explanation of the words.

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You're getting the sense of it to know is it too early for you? I mean, suppose you should have some coffee. Right? Then you have some Starbucks in Soho.

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I mean, not necessarily Starbucks. I mean, we're not promoting that. Those people here.

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You see in the difference between a hallucinogen are the people who really follow the footsteps of the Sahaba the companions Look at this. Yesterday, Luna,

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familia tuxedomoon.

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They look for the evidence, then they base abundant evidence, their beliefs, the people who followed the beta.

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Normally they do this er, una familia study do the opposite. He already develops a belief towards an issue, then he looks in the Quran for an evidence,

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you understand, and if he finds an evidence contradicting what he believed, then the only way for him to do is

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let him manipulate it. That's not what it means play with the Tafseer of it.

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You're getting it for others.

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When you read in the Quran,

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he had a law he thought at him.

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The hand of Allah is above the hand.

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When I say hand, what do I mean?

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Now, anyone

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from those people who do not follow these rules, would explain the word hand he would say the power of Allah is above their power. Because normally the hand is worth aside.

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Or that little LLN lamalfa nano camera, I mean, common current, whoever sees even let him change it with one hand, so hand his reference to what you force, the Chilean coup, that string it's in reference to a string. So they say, listen, ham does not mean a hand.

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It means what the string through, but why is he doing this? Because he doesn't want to believe that Allah has a hand.

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But listen, let's be fair to them. You know why they are doing this? Because they don't want to lie in a lot to us. Because literally when I tell you a hand, what is the first thing that is going to spring out of your mind? What a human hand? timeout brother? No, no, no, no. Lisa, can

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we go back to the first rule? Have you seen the hand of Allah?

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Have you seen it? There is a hand

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looks like the hand of Allah created.

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So we have not seen it.

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Allah told you to understand the term hand in a way that suits Allah His Majesty. That's it. And don't even try to visualize it.

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Don't even try. But if you say there is no hand you're saying what?

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No to the Quran.

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You were able to play with this one tablet. What are you gonna do with this one? We'll call that Ilya who do we are the law him of Lula

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Mr. Khurana Allah. The Jew said the hand of Allah is what?

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they have their own understanding of the karate.

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When you sit with some of them, you know when they read these verses, it says in tomsula I am so you have to give victory to Allah to the gods. They need somebody to give them victory. Is that this work? Yeah.

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It's not we understand it.

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look at Heidi's method,

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the people who reject the attributes, we have Muslims actually who say Allah has no attributes at all. People who say that Illallah Muhammad Rasul Allah

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zero attributes

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It's like a I tell you Allah Hill method Allah Subhana Allah Allah has blessed me with a child. So special child is so nice, so nice. Oh brother, can you describe him for me? Oh he has no attributes,

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no attributes nothing.

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So where is the child what's special about your child if he has no attributes? Well they kill their fee Bakula Angela Bella. And

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Buddha is

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the one who negates dismisses that Allah has attributes who he worships what

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you wish for?

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Nothing, what do you wish?

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Will magician and the one who like in a locker that created Yamato Sonoma

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and the one who like in likens Allah, the attributes of Allah to that key the attributes of the created his worshipping

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an idol because you made an idol of Allah subhana wa.

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Very Be very careful because this is a way for people to not follow the names and the attributes of Allah in the same pattern that they play with the words they play with the words

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eg tabatinga like a we read the tallies How many of you have read the Hadith that when the last third of the night is he is here a lot what

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the sentence

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now for him Allah distance either

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a bit

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so how

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are we lucky? When he's asked about this attributes of the

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camera here, just understand it the way it is.

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Don't try to use your intellect with it. So they don't want to accept the fact that Allah descends so they tell you what, not Allah descends the mercy of Allah the essence.

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The Hadith says Allah descends.

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What you do is, Allah descends to the lower heaven in a way that suits His Majesty. How he descends. I don't know.

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I'm supposed to find out No. What if shaitan plays with my head and tries to get me to visualize Allah descending in a certain way? I say Subhan Allah, Allah has above us although it's over that's how we understand this murder haka that.

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We will look at in the day for resurrection, you read the verse Maha This is listen modus operandi, our all of the Quran speaks about Allah, how are you gonna explain the Quran? My why there are corrupt difficile, a lot of difficile out there in the internet are corrupt the facility gotta watch what you when I was in Chicago, last weekend, not this last Juma for I know, this Quran, the translation of the Quran, the Imam of the masjid, we had some meeting, they were discussing the issue of moon sighting and vs calculation and they invited me to tell my opinion and so forth. For I saw the Imam having in front of him one of this Koran that really follows that way of doing

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Miss interpretation of the words lower as you take the word from its apparent meaning to a hidden meaning. without evidence. Sometimes you may have to do this if you have an evidence

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for it, I wanted to tell the brother

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the Imam, be careful if you're teaching from that book, well.

00:19:09--> 00:19:16

Let me discuss the moon sighting first before we this is another issue in a way you read the Quran for example, you

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can either do cattle or budak and

00:19:22--> 00:19:25

watch buco and Morocco

00:19:27--> 00:19:29

and Allah will come

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in the day if resurrection into the land of gather

00:19:37--> 00:19:46

that mankind are standing for a long time and then they go through the process they will go to Adam didn't know then Abraham then Moosa, then he said,

00:19:47--> 00:19:59

Please intercede for us to Allah can begin rocking, and then finally the guru Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and then the prophet will say I am for it. I am afraid that he's gonna go and prostrate in front of the throne and Allah who will say

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To him far as far as your head and intensity will be, your intercession will be accepted Europe, can you please begin judgment? Then Allah will say the Hadith says that then Allah will say to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, go back to the land of gathering fair in the air.

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And I will be coming soon.

00:20:25--> 00:20:30

Good luck. No, that's not how we are. The command of Allah will come.

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So watch our book somogy Rob been in the command of Allah will come to baseball. What did you do the fear of that verse? It's because then you don't want because he says Allah comes. Because when you say Allah comes the first thing that's going to spring into your mind what like a human being coming? I actually this is not how we do it. We believe that Allah comes in a way that suits His Majesty. No one is like Allah. Now how he comes? I don't know.

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But he comes in a certain way.

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I gave up the knowledge of it, but he comes in a certain way should I find out how he comes? That's not my job. That what if if shaitan gets me to visualize somebody walking in and saying this is our ICS upon Allah, Allah has about this should be

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straightforward like a shot like an arrow. Let me let me Welshman

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let me know the smell

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are we doing good? I'm sorry. I'm a little extra excited here about the I love this subject. I have so much passion for the subject. Because really, if you really enjoy want to enjoy Islam, this is your key that you know who you worship.

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It's it's a problem that you come into this world and you leave and you did not learn who you worship who you who has a love for you. And and this is the importance of this subject inshallah. So, so far we just reviewed by the way, this was a revision,

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because I saw some new faces. And I thought maybe we should do this, shall we? say one more? One more rule today. What time is Shotokan? Sharla? Yeah, we don't want to also give you a hard time here. What time is shorter?

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What you're saying is perfect sense to me. And I'm not asking this to be funny or disagree or anything. So how do we know when the laws and the brand being more like

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Obama? Obama's are right.

00:22:55--> 00:23:05

Very good question. That's not funny. That's a very legitimate question. Because there are some times some words which are metaphorical like

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like, when you say Allahu

00:23:11--> 00:23:12

Allah to Allah.

00:23:13--> 00:23:19

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. This is in itself is metaphorical.

00:23:21--> 00:23:25

But this is in reference to up to the vo

00:23:27--> 00:23:30

Maha read this

00:23:31--> 00:23:49

Abu Salah Shari, Robbie, Allah Han said, karma phenol Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the hamsik element. One day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood up and he just made five statements. I love this hadith.

00:23:51--> 00:23:55

This is about Allah the five statements are about Allah. In Allahu Allah.

00:23:56--> 00:23:58

Allah, Allah doesn't sleep.

00:23:59--> 00:24:01

Warm I am very Allah who I am.

00:24:03--> 00:24:11

And is not befitting for a god to sleep. Can you imagine a God who sleeps your Shiva Gatto sleeps? So you wake up at night to breathe ahead, God?

00:24:12--> 00:24:16

Is the guard awake or asleep? I'm gonna be praying.

00:24:18--> 00:24:24

It's really tough that you have a guard who sleeps. While I agree it's not befitting for a guard to sleep.

00:24:27--> 00:24:37

We have a Arthur Moosa it's just slightly yet we don't believe it will be like actually brought with Moosa as a law How come you don't sleep

00:24:39--> 00:24:48

and unless it to him, okay, you stand up? Of course not. Okay. Okay. I mean, that's, it's coming from the Israel you stand up and hold that object in your hand.

00:24:49--> 00:24:51

still stood up for a whole day.

00:24:53--> 00:24:58

Tired era human, for what happened? A slumber of asleep token.

00:24:59--> 00:25:00

So what happened to the hour

00:25:02--> 00:25:23

So what exactly was led by my Might and Glory? Low ahadith nishina 2 million now, if a slumber of asleep would overtake me, lamp Baba petition Allah to Allah, the heavens will crumble in earth without manifold Quran This is Ron Williams yakushima

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00:25:26--> 00:25:30

the levee, analyst holding the heavens from what

00:25:31--> 00:25:32


00:25:34--> 00:25:37

for inala Elena? Well I am barilla who I

00:25:40--> 00:25:45

need to get to the witness here which is the last statement look at this Hey Jacob.

00:25:47--> 00:25:54

The veil between Allah and His creation is made out of light.

00:25:56--> 00:26:03

This is what is meant by Allah Who knew because what we see is the veil the side of the veil which is what the light

00:26:06--> 00:26:07

the debate

00:26:08--> 00:26:09

between the Sahaba

00:26:10--> 00:26:20

but let me let me know first how much time I still have before the show. So this way, you and I want to make this as sweet as possible. So you come back tomorrow, Michelle?

00:26:22--> 00:26:25

1530 pusilla 15 minutes inshallah.

00:26:26--> 00:26:29

There is a debate between the companions

00:26:32--> 00:26:37

without the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Allah, the night of what

00:26:38--> 00:26:40

El Mirage are not

00:26:42--> 00:26:46

ignore a bass. He made a statement that he saw Allah

00:26:50--> 00:26:50

when I

00:26:52--> 00:26:53


00:26:54--> 00:27:00

that, if not our best said this. She said men, Paula. She said this was Ilana.

00:27:03--> 00:27:07

Mona of Ilana mencoder and Nora Sula, law,

00:27:09--> 00:27:12

de la palma de cerca de Syria.

00:27:13--> 00:27:17

Who ever sees that the Messenger of Allah so Allah the night of the ascension,

00:27:18--> 00:27:21

he indeed have uttered a great lie

00:27:22--> 00:27:24

to a Buddha

00:27:25--> 00:27:34

asked the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam this question straight. Hello at Rebecca Rasool Allah, Laila,

00:27:35--> 00:27:49

El Mirage. Did you see Allah or messenger of Allah, the night of the Mirage? You notice upon Allah follow Allahu Allah send him the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No run an ultra

00:27:51--> 00:27:52


00:27:53--> 00:27:56

Seville so there is a light.

00:27:58--> 00:27:59

So there is a veil between what

00:28:01--> 00:28:07

as an Allah subhanaw taala that veil is made out of light. So we have an evidence

00:28:08--> 00:28:13

to say that is not metaphoric anymore. It's an evidence. Now.

00:28:15--> 00:28:31

Abu Musa says that the Prophet said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he Jabu. The deal between Allah and His creation is made out of light. Lo kashia who if this veil is lifted, removed,

00:28:34--> 00:28:38

so we'll have to watch him and he la basato whom in

00:28:40--> 00:28:48

the glamorous of his face, the beauty of his face will actually burn everything that his eyesight reaches

00:28:49--> 00:28:51

for actually that veil is protecting

00:28:54--> 00:28:54


00:28:56--> 00:29:00

And guess what? We do have an experiment in the Quran.

00:29:01--> 00:29:02

Again Moosa

00:29:03--> 00:29:04


00:29:08--> 00:29:14

You know, there is a Abu Bakr narrated the same Hadith which Abu generated he was the

00:29:16--> 00:29:28

he was the you know, the hurry that I just the five statements that are a soulmate mercenary, Abu Bakr so that was the you know, if you look at the wording of Abu Bakr of this hadith you know what they said hey Jabu nor

00:29:30--> 00:29:32

his veil is made out of fire.

00:29:34--> 00:29:36

And this is the fire

00:29:37--> 00:29:42

from which are behind which Prophet Musa did what?

00:29:43--> 00:29:45

Speak to Allah

00:29:46--> 00:29:50

Mashallah, we believe that Prophet Musa was walking in the desert and he saw what

00:29:51--> 00:29:55

a fire burning bush used as a burning bush.

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

One day Prophet Musa alayhis salam actually asked, Can I see you Allah?

00:30:07--> 00:30:08

This is the law of

00:30:10--> 00:30:12

Moses La, La La

00:30:14--> 00:30:14


00:30:16--> 00:30:17

de la

00:30:19--> 00:30:36

Moses Musa was coming to meet with Allah, while a manager Mussolini cartina waka lemma horrible. when Moosa came to me to Allah spoke with him, you know what Moses said? Call of Duty he said my lord Eleni under la

00:30:37--> 00:30:43

solara this is from the Quran. Allah can you make me see you?

00:30:45--> 00:30:51

Currently Ronnie, you're not gonna be able to handle Look at me. But if you want to try

00:30:52--> 00:30:54

Allah kinome lol general

00:30:57--> 00:31:05

you know, we look at this rocky mountains here. And we admire them. I'm telling you brothers. I lived in Sinai for two three years

00:31:06--> 00:31:10

to three years huge mountains. I have never seen mountains like this in my life.

00:31:11--> 00:31:13

Now, you

00:31:15--> 00:31:19

the you know I used to be a tour guide when I was in Egypt.

00:31:21--> 00:31:30

And I used to take these groups would come out of philosophy. They come and visit Jerusalem so they wouldn't come and visit the mountain

00:31:31--> 00:31:36

will profit Prophet Moses spoke to Allah. And there is a mountain there called sandcastle in mountain.

00:31:37--> 00:31:56

So we take them and we actually climb up the mountain, like would wake up at one o'clock that's the program we wake up in the morning at one o'clock in the morning. And then we keep walking, walking, walking above the mountain we arrive at sunrise in the morning, huge mountains. So Allah says the Prophet Musa look at this mountain

00:31:57--> 00:32:01

wlm tegile prabhu lil Jaden.

00:32:03--> 00:32:24

When Allah did the agenda, how did the prophets Allah Salam explained the verb Nigella you know how famous nada Horace Hasson look at this Allah the Prophet did to his companion like this a lot lifted the veal that much he did

00:32:28--> 00:32:31

the veil was lifted that much what happened to the mountain

00:32:33--> 00:32:37

jhala who imagined the mountain became even what

00:32:40--> 00:32:42

if the mountain can handle this?

00:32:44--> 00:32:45

Can you handle this?

00:32:47--> 00:32:54

The shuffle a slip at a loss if it will collapse the attribute of another speech level and then

00:32:55--> 00:32:56


00:32:57--> 00:33:02

this this is one attribute the Lowell balkar what is the Quran for ask Allah?

00:33:05--> 00:33:11

It shanto the important thing here is sometimes brother that would answer in question

00:33:12--> 00:33:31

that the metaphor or the metaphorical explain explanation of the words is backed by evidence. So we're not saying that he cannot use metaphor at all matches at all. No. Here it is, here is the only game you cannot take a word from its apparent meaning to a hidden meaning without What?

00:33:33--> 00:33:40

Without a proof without an evidence if I just give you an evidence for that. So there is an evidence you can do this. But without an evidence No.

00:33:44--> 00:33:46

This is a review Shall we stop here.

00:33:47--> 00:33:49

Stop here today. Yella

00:33:51--> 00:34:06

Sharma jack ma Hara inshallah. Tomorrow we'll continue with the rules. Only the first week is a little bit you know, academia, but the fun is going to come when we go over each lane, and we apply these rules.

00:34:09--> 00:34:44

Like I'm gonna, for example, talk about is Milan haleem. The name of Allah, the forbearing one. I'm going to first before I teach the name I'm going to tell you that name was mentioned in the Quran and that place was mentioned in the Sunland place, and here is what it means we're not taking any metaphor. We're so we're gonna apply these rules so the rules are important inshallah, but I hope you keep track of these rules please. So we don't have to spend all this time reviewing them in sha Allah desikan lokaler. So piloten llama, Shadow Allah, Allah, Hayden's Africa today. Welcome to the lecture of blasphemy.

00:34:45--> 00:34:48

So don't forget Shahrukh now, you know, the

00:34:52--> 00:34:53

10 more minutes,

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

six minutes so there is a question of something in Sharla but what about this

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Can I give you a taste of what was going to happen tomorrow?

00:35:03--> 00:35:08

inshallah, the third rule the names and the attributes of Allah

00:35:10--> 00:35:11

are two types.

00:35:12--> 00:35:14

Sleaford that

00:35:15--> 00:35:15


00:35:17--> 00:35:21

an attribute that is part of the essence

00:35:23--> 00:35:31

and attributes the other type the attribute pertaining to the action of Allah scissortail

00:35:33--> 00:35:34

What do you mean

00:35:35--> 00:35:43

we believe as Muslims listen this is a big no and when you speak to Christians let them know this we do you see Christians believe that the lies of spirit

00:35:45--> 00:35:46

you know, spirit is right.

00:35:49--> 00:36:02

And this is we are in some of the brothers the big Colossus and you guys are, you know, fanatic Wahhabi Salafi Musharraf II? When you say yeah, you don't say allies every week. If you say allies every week, you're condoning there these guys.

00:36:04--> 00:36:08

analogy, but if you say allies, every word that means allies what

00:36:09--> 00:36:13

is a spirit and everywhere means that Allah goes into what

00:36:14--> 00:36:16

is revealed that means Allah has weighed

00:36:17--> 00:36:17


00:36:23--> 00:36:26

how did they analyze how did they

00:36:28--> 00:36:34

simply admit the fact that Allah came into the flesh of Jesus?

00:36:36--> 00:36:44

Because they do not believe that Allah has an essence, essence and you know the word essence that you know the word essence, right? Like this is what?

00:36:46--> 00:36:54

This is my essence, that this is this is a human essence. Allah has a divine essence. Allah is not a spirit.

00:36:56--> 00:37:00

But no one knows the greatness of that divine essence except to

00:37:01--> 00:37:03

but he given us an idea.

00:37:05--> 00:37:13

When he told us in Adam Kersey that the footstool is greater than the heavens and the earth.

00:37:15--> 00:37:33

When he told us Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if you can be the heavens and the earth and what's in the heavens and the earth, with the throne where Allah rose above is like carrying, you know, the ring, the wedding ring, the halaal one

00:37:37--> 00:37:46

I'm throwing all these fanatic things in the middle here, the highlight one ring like you throw that ring in a desert, can you imagine? This is the throne

00:37:48--> 00:37:56

Audrina Lee, I was given a permission to describe for you, one of the angels who bear the throne of Allah.

00:37:58--> 00:38:03

How many angels bear the throne, a wire, you are bigger

00:38:05--> 00:38:11

than any one Angel. His feet is in the seventh Earth.

00:38:13--> 00:38:22

We believe that there are seven layers of Earth not countenance his head, the angel in the seventh heaven.

00:38:24--> 00:38:25

This is the angel obey the flow.

00:38:26--> 00:38:29

The distance between his eagle

00:38:30--> 00:38:36

and shoulder, it will take a bird 700 years to cover it flying.

00:38:43--> 00:39:03

Mo This is how you can talk to Akasha Come on, man you wanna you wanna tell me this is this is the angel who built the throne? And this is the throat. Now what about Allah, you want to bring that Great Divine Essence into the flesh of Jesus, that we cannot see that essence with the moose, I told you a minute ago that we cannot see him. Now we will not bring him down into the flesh.

00:39:06--> 00:39:07

Logically it doesn't.

00:39:09--> 00:39:09

It doesn't work.

00:39:11--> 00:39:33

They tell you all Allah is able to do everything. They tell you that this is how they answer that question. Well, if Allah would have told me this, I would have believed it. But Allah never told me this. It was also La la la sala was in Candela rukmani wala, if a man has a son, and he told me the man has a son helaas I will worship I don't have an issue with it. Then I will add.

00:39:34--> 00:39:41

For now, you believe that Allah has an essence there are attributes that are part of this essence.

00:39:42--> 00:39:44

Like lolly

00:39:46--> 00:39:51

and there are attributes that are pertaining to the actions of the essence.

00:39:53--> 00:39:56

Luckily for the reader, the love

00:39:57--> 00:39:57

the love of

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

this attribute

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

Are attributes of actions, but there are attributes which are pertaining to his essence like adding the knowledge Allah is knowledgeable in all knowing, since he existed and he existed without a beginning. So, while it describes what the essence of the action

00:40:28--> 00:40:34

is the ever living describes what the essence of the action the essence

00:40:35--> 00:40:53

the thesis said that there are attributes inshallah, I'm going to give shed a lot of light on this because if you understand this, you really gonna enjoy it. There are attributes which are connected to the essence of Allah like my essence, right here. Samia.

00:40:56--> 00:41:00

essence or action, essence bazzill.

00:41:01--> 00:41:04

Higher, alive, who?

00:41:05--> 00:41:14

essence, wisdom, essence. But there are attributes which pertaining to his action.

00:41:15--> 00:41:35

When you do something Allah gets angry at you is that an attribute of the essence or an attribute of the action? action because of what we did? Lacan radi Allahu Allah, meaning a view by your own Nakata shadow. Allah is pleased with the believers who giving you the pledge under the three oh Mohamed Salah is when did this happen?

00:41:36--> 00:41:51

But after for the beer. So the river the action of river happened when when the Muslims went and there are attributes which are pertaining to his actions. And this is normally connected to his machine

00:41:53--> 00:42:03

that Allah wills to do things that he would do these things like descending in the last third of the night. This is an attribute of the essence or an attribute of the Action. Action.

00:42:06--> 00:42:07

All right.

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we're in Hakuna

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