Yaser Birjas – Asr Khatirah – Asking For A Blessed Accomodation

Yaser Birjas
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Salam Alcorn with the lower cut

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and hummed a lot of anatomy so low salovaara kind of you know Muhammad Anwar earlier so he was selling the Sleeman Kathira mama bad. Do I have the Quran dua number 10. We have from Surah Talmud noon. That is chapter 2327 28. Actually the day itself is 29. But the context is from this ayat, Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking to us about new Hala he set up

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new Halley's cerami asked Allah subhana wa Taala for the best accommodation and the best place like the best resting place after a long journey, when he says in the DUA call for either steroidal anti McArdle full kefir called Al Hamdulillah Alladhina German Kamala aalameen work or rugby and ZIL the moons that are Mubarak and monta heileman zd which ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala turn the Prophet Manohara is Sarah. There when Allah subhanho wa Taala he plays you after that long journey then say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah appraised is for Allah who saved us from the wrong Dong doing people work or RBNZ mudra Mubaraka one to Herman xylene and pray My lord, allow me a blessing Landon for

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you are the best accommodated so what's the context of this Ira now and as we know the sort of new Halley's Sara, Allah subhanho wa Taala he gave him an extended life that wouldn't that lifetime he spent over 950 years given della

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I want you guys to imagine that. Can you imagine the non Hunter 50 years not 150 years? Can you imagine that? How long that is?

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Like for us and just living an average life? 67 years maybe by the time you hit your 40s you're already getting tired.

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As like wow, I'm in love is getting too long alone was time at 50s is upon Allah. Imagine no holidays 950 years just giving dower does not in his lifetime. That's him giving Dawa which means inviting people to Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, what's the most impressive thing about that particularly than 150 years? Is the dedication, the commitment, the commitment. We learned last time that eurosai said, I'm gonna happen with him.

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After he gave down to his people, and they rejected Him, what did he do?

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That's it. They said, You know what, you don't deserve it. I'm leaving.

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I said, I'm leaving. So he left, right. And Allah subhana wa Tada. He tried him and tested him because of that he goes, How dare you leave without my permission. And here you have no Halle Salem, year, one year two years, three, year 10. Year 100 years 200 Oh my god, 950 years given down, and you never give up. And it keeps insisting on that. And the sad part of this Dawa, that he gave a resort was same as what?

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What Ma Ma Ma Illa Khalil. Few people embraced Islam with him and believed in his message. And what made it even sad, even furthermore, is worth that his own family, his own wife, his own child, not even believe. What gives us peace and tranquility in our hearts in regards to how we should really consider what happens in our lives. We are not responsible for the guidance of the people around us. We are responsible to deliver the message and just do our part. So there is no hurry Sam, he did everything in his power. And then finding that Allah Subhana Allah that is telling him, Look, no one else is going to leave after this. It's over.

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It's over. Therefore, we need to start now building an ark. Build that ship in the middle of nowhere. And as Allah described in the Quran, as he was as people were passing by, and seen him building a ship, not even close to the to the shoreline, and they were marking my loving like what is this for?

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But he knew Allah's promises true. And then Allah subhanaw gave the order for the rain to come from above and the water to start exploding from from beneath. And the water was flowing all over. And obviously that arc became the only rescue space and place for them. And it kept going and going and going as Allah describes the margin called zhiban.

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The serves were like the mountains. If you've seen the tsunamis of the 2004 that kills Hala more than 200 plus 1000 people in an instant in an instant. Can you imagine the same way the same waves have been going

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for days and nights,

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the motion cul de van like the mountains, and they make dua to Allah subhana wa taala. And then after that Allah azza wa jal is now describing to us what happens to know Ali Salaam and this console hyena lie and a slothful caviar Yuna so we inspired him build the ark under our watchful eyes. I'm watching build the ark right now. We're sorry that I'm on our fourth node. Then when our command comes under under oven burst with water. Take on board a pair from every species along with your family. Carl first look for him and Collinsville Jane's name. What a HELOC. A lemon Sabha. Karla Hill koloman. Home says except Except for those against whom I decree the decree to drown has

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already been passed, which means those who didn't believe in you, Carla to heart of Newfoundland in Adelanto and do not plead with me for those who have wronged. Don't tell me about those wrongdoers. In no Morricone, they will surely be drowned. So again, the ship was going until Allah subhanaw gave the order for the ship to settle for Carl for either steroidal anti MacAllan full kiboko Will hamdulillah Hey ladies and gentlemen, como Dalemain. Then when you and those who have settled in the art, whether you believe would you settle and they are, say oil pros for Allah, for whom who saved us from the wrongdoing. People work on rugby and Zeleny. manzara Mubarak and one tournament Zilean

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and pray My lord, allow me a blessing Landon for you are the best Accommodator. This guy now particularly, is the one that we use usually, if, for example, you are traveling, and you'd like to take a break on the site, or if you enter a new house, or a new apartment, and even as a matter of fact, even when you land in a new city, and you arrive in a new town. If you go to a hotel, and you open a door or a new up a new room, for example. It's very recommended to make this dua that you say rugby and zili moons and Amara quanta Herman Zilean that you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to make your landing to make your sirloin and displace a good one, because he's the one who's best accommodated

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subhanho wa taala. So you seek protection with Allah azza wa jal, from the space from the land from that town from that room from that apartment of that house. You seek protection from ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, who made it possible to have this accommodation and because it is his creation CCRB and make this accommodation the best for us in the dunya the best verse of the dunya until we meet our Lord in the era, so Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned that about no Harlan Salaam and then he says called in FE Delica. Ayat and we're in Kunal mo butylene surely in this our lessons, and we always put people to the test. What does that mean? You're going to need this dua because people are

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going to be to put to the test. You might be among those people go to a place not necessarily the most reputable town or village or place you need protection from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So this will be good in sha Allah Allah to see that potential from Allah azza wa jal so we'll repeat that together in sha Allah, rugby

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and zeleni mon Zellen mobile rockin were Anta Hiral monzi Lin,

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rugby and zeleni moons Ellen mobile rockin we're Anta Hiral, Monza Lin,

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rugby and zeleni

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moons that are mobile rockin

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we're Anta, Hyrule Monza Lin

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rugby Ladhani for the

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war Anta Hyrule Warriors in

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LA in in

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Subhanak in con two men. Hola limine

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rugby in Macedonia Dora.

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We're under our hamara him in

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rugby. Zeleny Elma

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rugby ish rally Saturday.

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Well yes, sir Lee Emery.

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Wow, Hello. Look at that mainly sunny.

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You have Cabo cobbly

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Rob be heavily Megalodon Coverly

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WHAT THE * who? Rob Bureau the

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mill lagoon Kurama

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Well hey Alana, Minh and Marina Rasheeda Rob be at the hill knee medallist

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walk origini Maharaja Sardar

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wa jal li Mila dunka so soltana Nazira

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Allahumma. Durham Wally de come?

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Rob Bayani Sahira

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Aloha Miami

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