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When Everything Will Perish Except Allah The Ever-Living

Zahir Mahmood


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And then finally Israel will come.

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And he will ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Atharva. Allah would ask him, says, who is left?

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He will say,

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and you

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That's it.

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That's it, everybody is gone, me and you

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and then Allah subhanaw taala will give him death.

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A Allah will give him death. So now he is gone, only living thing will be left will be Allah subhanaw taala

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and then Allah will ask,

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who is kingdom for today today?

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He will say

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where are the job paths we will know who thought they were?

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Where are the kings? All the kings will be gone

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and he will say where are those arrogant ones? And Allah will say leave it as Bulkeley yo

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who is the day who is kingdom for today. Baba Kampala nobody to respond

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nobody to answer

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because everything will be God

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and although the narration mentioned Allah say a notable nuke

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al Jabbar Veera

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the call is also for you and I

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the call is for you and I as well that a day will come

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that everybody will be good

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to lumen la have fun Hola Hola. Hola save to lumen la have fun. Every single beam has a limit has a beginning and has an end has a time everything on this earth. The trees, the stones, the seas, the birds and the bees of the human being. Everything has a beginning a limit a measure and it has an end. besides Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah has no beginning and Allah has no end.

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Allah will always be there

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to lumen Allah.

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Allah, everybody who comes goes, this is the nature of life.

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We sometimes the way we live our lives is that there is no death.

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We have these high high aspirations and the long, long aspirations and these aspirations are Subhanallah so far