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Like Koran, Louisiana, Koran, Louisiana, right, this is this is God. And they put the picture of the white God right next to their face. missionaries came, we had the land, and they had the Bible. But when they left, we had the Bible and they had the land, Arabic writings, verses from the Quran, some Hadees written on parchment and wolves and mounds, and so forth. In states in this country in this country in Oklahoma, New Mexico, this document here the blond haired blue eyed God, then over here you go to the nation and then you got this Pakistani frog Mohammed as a god

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Allah Assalamu alaikum Welcome to the D show, my dear host, and I have a special guest. Now when I say his name, don't jump out of his seat, alright, for those that are not acquainted with the meanings you had, so I will a cool Rockman to the better car are you doing Ah,

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now, so your first name jihad, jihad, so people jumping out of their seats, they shouldn't be jumping for joy. And just simply put your hand mean struggle, we will all want to do good things, whether we Christian, Jewish or otherwise. And that Jihad begins with yourself that you had, if I want to do good charity, I want to improve my neighborhood. It is a struggle. And we want to please and if you have faith, you want to please your your Lord, and that you had started yourself, and so as different forms so that your hair is what your intentions, your tongue and your hand. And if they're as men and responsible citizens, if something comes to the fore, you might have to raise up

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to your hand. And a lot of people confuse the word your head with the word harp. HARP is that disruptive, destructive for what you had is always good, and just been misappropriated. So those of us that know better, has to do a better job rather than cowering and letting the MIS representation of you had Premier. So no, geohash Everybody should you had you get up in the morning said you had. I thought you had to make a good grade on my paper. You were doing some Jihad even before you are Muslim as a Chicago cop, you know, against criminals. Now, you're a Chicago cop for how long? Not too long, it was just a fleeting experience with the

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Chicago Police Department. So work for the city of Chicago in the research department.

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Doing some statistical I was a statistician. Yeah, I don't know how he's getting the number and running jobs. And now you now we're in Miami, how your developed what you do developing here for developer addressing the socio economic inequities, work working hard to put for sustainable housing projects. You have to do housing. If I was, if you go into medical professions, you got surgeons, you got practitioners and therapists. And in economic development, I think housing is important because housing buttresses educational attainment, jobs, sustainability, and attempts now social dysfunctions in the family. So there has always been elusive to African Americans and others that

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have been shut out. Do you have any life stories? Let's go back to your name. Before we push forward tell me like this seems like a really good opportunity to share like, you know, when have you ever have someone you meet someone's Christian or somebody who's not yet Muslim, and you introduce yourself? And everything smiles, right, and then you say, What's your name? Jihad? Have you ever had someone get taken aback? And then it's an honor? Great opening to go ahead? And yeah, like you just did? Well, not so much surprisingly, with all the hullabaloo about jihad, I can't hold on to a lot of

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bad experiences. People probably monitor it behind my back, but it's out of ignorance. And recently, somebody say, oh, jihad, holy war, they think they know something. But if you say that you're gonna get education. So I want to tell you about your head. And I want to tell you about you didn't want to know, because I want to hold on all these distortions about Muslims and Islam. And now you came and showed me that I was wrong. I wish I had kept my mouth shut. So I shouldn't say anything about jihad. Because now you know better. Yes. So always a good teaching opportunity. That's really important. So let's go for moments, teachable moments. Let's go back to your early beginnings. Now,

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you grew up in a Christian Baptist household? Yes, yes. Yeah. Tell us about that. How was your early years? It's mostly about the orders really more akin to the more moral order that permeate

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In this country in the society, we were moral in general, we wasn't buck wild and loosey goosey and extreme in those days. So whether you are Baptists or whatever denomination, what was in the household is respect for elders, seeking education, being a good neighbor of being a good citizen. And the theological part of it was a smorgasbord of different things. So some people were in the Holiness Church or the sanctified church, or the Methodist or Presbyterian or the African methods, Methodist Episcopalian. But in general, when you walked out of your house, you didn't always know what brand of Christianity folks were. But what we had was that

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proper upbringing, about that, even though it was Christian.

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And early days, I used to see this picture. My father was a commercial artists. And

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I used to see this picture of all white an image of Jesus, and he was praying.

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And then later I found out where did you see this image? Now? It was somewhere in one of the churches and was in the in the,

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in a, in a church? He was up against a rock and he was praying like he was the white white Jesus white Jesus. Yeah, yeah. Now was this in an African American church or? Yeah, all the African American church had white Jesus? Yeah, every one of I heard some of them you go to he had

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African American Jesus, I've seen that that income until after the nation is law is has to be attributed with from vanquishing the image of white Jesus in a good number of churches. So they were responsible for that they were responsible for that I bear witness they were okay. So let's go back. So you see the white Jesus. Now blue eyes. Of course, of course.

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You know, just like, somebody used to tell me a story, they, they would go to different countries or the undeveloped native country, they come with a picture, this is this is this is God. And they put the picture of the white God right next to their face. So the folks they want, it must be God's cousin, a son or grandson. So I better do what he said.

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It was, it was a tool of colonialism, a tool of colonialism, your I want to I want your minerals, and I want you to labor. And I want to, I want to put you to work that benefits me. And so one of the ways you could do that is like another little amusing thing that we always say is that when when the

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missionaries came, we had the land, and they had the Bible. But when they left, we had the Bible and they had the land.

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So that was Foundation, foundational to the subjugation in a world today.

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That's not the problem of all Christians, because their questions are sincere. They just don't have all the information that some of the rest of us have. When did you find out in history, we were talking earlier, and you use talk about how 600 years, how the Muslims before Columbus were here, and then they came alongside with Columbus, right? And having such a big stake in America. So when people start, you know, some of these Islamophobes and very uneducated people who don't know history, but then they come out and say go back to Africa go back home. Yeah, right. Well, you know, you have the nerve and the goal, were it not for those Muslims.

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It's places that you know, like Koran, Louisiana,

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Louisiana, right?

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Mecca, California. Muslims was there. They left their imprint, that you have writings or if you were talking about Egyptology or Greek hieroglyphics, but you will see

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Arabic writings, verses from the Koran, some Hadees written on parchment and walls and amounts and so forth. In states in this country in this country in Oklahoma, New Mexico. This is documented this is this document is it's not fiction, people can look this up. Yeah, it's part of the three part tragedy that's been beset upon this country. Genocide

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a form of slavery and omission. The omission continues that mission omitting the history we just one day out of Black History Month. It shouldn't be such thing as black history. The only reason as a Black History Month is because they leave after history. And now we are successful. We won't need to have a Black History Month history is history, no matter who do

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And so I think what you were asking me about Muslims is, you know, there's a great explosion of emigration from people from Muslim countries in the last 20 years. And they come, sometimes bending backwards, and sometimes I think overdoing it, I think those Muslims that come here should be very presumptive that you don't have to keep pologize we are used to criticize us in the black struggle, stop apologizing for something that you're not responsible for, slap pologize and stuff for something that you don't do take that time, and acquaint people about Islam and be matter of fact about In fact, you have a stake in this country, because Muslims were here, not because they were

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black, because they were Muslims. So Muslims have been here foundationally. America is industrial, technological, military giant proportion to the contributions that those Africans brought to this country. They happen to be Muslims. And I say the Muslims, because the Muslims that they did they, the Africans, they brought over this country were two types. They were either Muslim, or they were enemies or ancestor worship. The Muslims were literate, they were educated, they could read. So when they got here, they became the quartermaster of the supplies. And sometimes they was paired with a very ignorant straw Boss, why guy who beat and whipped but he couldn't count, he couldn't read. So

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he would have his first assistant would be this African. And the African would be a Muslim, because the Muslims can count and read their agriculture. They knew crop rotations. They knew the stars, they knew everything there was part of the Moors, but even more over archaeologically and anthropologically, there's a personality and a Muslim history called Mansa Musa. And they say, as he went from the west demography to the east, he has so much gold, the price of gold fail had more gold, and his predecessor, set sail to the west with 200 ships that were never seen again. And they came to the Americas. And so some accounts suggest that

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that Muslims, Africans were here 800 years before Columbus. And that's why Queen Isabella and Ferdinand got a notion or got a sense something was happening. And then they end conscripted some navigators and people who can chart the stars, and they were Muslims, because they built the Astra law and the telescopes and knew the stars and had to match so they brought them here so no Muslim has to apologize we did they had representation Muslims here. And because this Deen tells us not to set ourselves in what ratio, this distinction, the last sermon that Prophet Muhammad got me pleased with him said there, the black is not better than the white or the air, the non Arab better than not

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am and back and forth. So we were representatives of Islam, more than we were representative of just many Africans. And that's how we brought here and we brought those things that are foundational that made America the economic, industrial, military technological giant, that it is today. That steep Wow. Now, if you go from this part of your life, you had a short journey also to the nation, correct? Right. Yeah. Can you talk about that before we get into what led you to actually coming to true orthodox Islam?

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What I later found upon us that it was the struggle, we read two books, one was getting identity when I was in grammar school.

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If you call black, and you see how people have Caucasian race, they get a blush and get rid of you call a black person. Black. They were, they were bullish, out of shame and shame. That's how we felt

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about ourselves worthlessness. And through the agency of the nation. They gave a pill. Black is beautiful. Black is good. On Saturday, you're more than a color. You're not just a black man. You're an African man. They're responsible for we refer to ourselves as African Americans that is attributed to the leadership of WD Muhammad. In terms of that we've got a negro color even black black was too even too limiting for us. So the nation Islam and then when I just go a little bit for it, and I'll come back real quick is that I

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Ah, god Allah in the Quran says, I bring the living from the dead. And today for the living, we were dead to the knowledge of our true selves. We were did, and to the knowledge of

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our history and our contributions. And with the agency of the nation, Islam, we want got a sense of pride in ourselves, and understanding that it was good. And we had good spokesman, unwittingly like Muhammad Ali and Malik.

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El Shabazz, the commonly referred to as Malcolm X, who were both who were both there are some Muslims here, they might have been from Turkey and other Albania, other places, it was pockets of those Muslims here, but they practice their Islam in secret. But the nation, practice Islam in your face. And we learned that God was Allah, and that Koran was the book revealed by Allah to his last Mr. Muhammad, may God be pleased for him. That was the jumping off point. So if you look at the nation, Muslims who are strictly adhering to the faith as they should, we'll see that it wasn't perfect. But then I go back to I bring the living from the dead and the dead from the living. So you

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can use some waste matter and grow some good crops. So this was way, way more better than that. So this was where we got to the point we are with your Muslim and you came here in the last 30 years, then thank Allah for the nation, Islam, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and YrB, Muhammad and others in his it's more others than I can speak to now.

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I should quickly give some attribution to Dr.

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King quick, He's quick.

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He could give you he can do this much better than me. But that is a great resource in terms of the history history of Africans in America. Now, what you talk about as you flip over the one of the biggest newspapers right in Chicago or in America,

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that was the nation new sports was a call. Oh, well, it started out as the Well, early early days was a final call then. And then became Muhammad speak. Yeah. Then Muhammad speaks became what is known now as the Bulgarian news and then the Muslim journal. Are those the evolutionary part. Then, Farrakhan changed his name to Abdul Halim Farrakhan went to Mecca and all that stuff, and was with Marty Muhammad, but then he broke away, and revived the final call. Yeah. So you have in Christianity, where there was the worship of Jesus, and then turning him into a godson of God, into a Triune God, and then you come over to the nation, and you flip that newspaper and there in the

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articles of faith, now you have one of the beliefs is believing for our Muhammad is God. So we're these things, you know, we have the fitrah, the innate disposition, you know what I mean? And now, attributing divinity to the creation is something that usually it just kind of your fitrah innate disposition kind of rejects. So were you feeling how was your feeling towards going from here, the blond hair blue eyed God, then over here, you go to to the nation, and then you got this Pakistani frog Muhammad as a god?

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Well, it was kind of dicey. But in practical sense, they were insincere and he was God. Personally, I just never grasp on that. They said, he appeared in the person of God not making any excuses for him. But it's just little tiny nuances. And he said, For rod is God. But that was problematic. That was problematic. And all of us young folks, we were in the black movement in the civil rights struggle. We were just learning to love and appreciate our identity in ourselves and learning our history. So you had all this, and then you had this theology and flawed as it was, it was somewhat acceptable because they also insisted that God was somehow

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more resembling the black experience in a black persona. But what we did we just got into staging area to get to true Islam. We would not have gotten it otherwise, had we not went through that movement. And coming through that and looking back on it. We're praying very hard.

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There's a loss upon what the Allah guides, brother Farrakhan. I mean, he could be one of the most powerful men on earth if he embraced the full sunnah. And we pray that he gets this and Allah subhanaw taala forgives him for his sins shortcomings and his his misguides on this area, because that is

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what is on the black back of that newspapers and identical to Islam as the opposite to Islam, isn't it there is just, it's just me, you can't criticize Christianity, and embrace that, because that would be the same. But

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usually people outside of Islam, they focus on these exceptions. Now, like in Christianity, you have countless minutes, denominations, denominations and stuff. And the overwhelming majority of Muslims are on what we refer to as the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And in a practical, everyday life, the most impactful part of Islam is the people that followed a right. But generally we get more inquiry from outside Islam about those things, they do the same thing about Shia versus Sunni, you know, and we spend more time that is worth talking about those differences. And so I always like to bring the conversation back to Islam, because the proof is in the pudding. So if you

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present Islam as it is, if somebody will sit down and listen to what Allah subhanaw taala has got be highly praised and glorify what he said, compared to what somebody else said, they don't have any basis, we wouldn't have to have as much conversation about it. So personally, I try to not take up the oxygen and air and the time to put too much discussion on it. As I could be saying something that is true and relevant to the true Islam, they suffered, because he's not that impactful, except that very organized, and otherwise progressive. But I will say one thing, it's just like, people will say, Well, I'm a good person, I do charity, I do work, I'm clean, nice, I'm not racist. But

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I only created mankind, and the jinn to worship me. So if you all that nice, and you good, and you clean, and you don't love and respect Allah, God, then the desert is not going to benefit you that much you, but God's gonna give you some measure, but that might not get you where you want to go. Yeah, it might not keep you out of the Hellfire. So those who focus on Islam is exception. And wherever the mistakes they are, maybe they're in a staging ground, and maybe they will get out of it. But the overwhelming bulk majority of Muslim that's worth talking about is the ones that are practicing, right. And those who call themselves Muslims, the majority of them are

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practicing right Muslim, so we keep continuing to be a good example, and not spend so much time because if we turn around to criticize them, that's what the powers that don't mean either side any good because Farrakhan is doing a lot of great things. He's just not, some of us think that he can do a whale of a better job of representing Islam, if he's gonna say so. Yeah, it's like, it reminded me It's like somebody who's has all these qualities, but they're not showing up to class, and not showing up to work. You know what I mean, at the end of the day, you know, you're not going to pass that test if you don't go ahead and

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show up to class and do what your professor told you to do. But in this greater context, what our creator wants us to do now you end up doing that you end up in the last few minutes or we have talked about the difference now when when you got exposed to the pure monotheism to Tawheed of Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation.

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Well, hamdulillah all praise to God that He says, I now have created you set for the worship for me. I remember taking philosophy courses at DePaul University. I don't know why a good Catholic University was not spend more time on their theology and without this John Paul slot things. What's the purpose of life? What's the meaning of man? Well, Islam answered that question. Your purpose, your life purpose of worship Me, you come from me and you're gonna come back to me, and I've given you, your your human manual, and I give you a person who's that man you walk in that was this prophet who provided for us a perfect example of human conduct as a husband, a father

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As a businessman, and as a general, so that we can conduct ourselves how we can do cosmopolitan things, interacting with people to intimate things like going to the toilet, eating with our right hand, and cleansing ourselves when we come in from the privity, with our left hand, those of the important things about this lab so that we can conduct our lives, and it is short. And in short, and we and this is a portal is a portal. And we're taught that we are created on two natures. And we are going to mirror and pinch ourselves and say, Yes, that's me. But actually, we ride this physical body, like you will drive a car,

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the car is going to wear out with the superior part of yourself going to keep going on, that's going to take the responsibility starting in the grave. And we will get punished in the grave. If we didn't follow that manual. And we don't follow that manual.

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We were lost. But the best of those who show mercy is God on money. And he's going to give you your justice, even if it's just the weight of a mustard seed. So you have to be where and when you get in this stage of life. Like this clock is ticking down. Now. You get more consciousness. And what we call Muslims called Taqwa consciousness about it is not a distraction. And that book tells us it's not about the big Bogey, the big party, the fancy clothes and all that stuff. It's about that eventual meeting, by which there's no doubt, no doubt that you can meet your Lord, you're going to come out of it and go through this portal called death, integrate and you're going to be brought out

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of it. So we live this life. So that being get that

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permanent, eternal life, pleasing Him, who gave us whatever we get. The next breath that I breathe is given to me. And whatever we get comes from Almighty God. I want to thank you thank you for spending some time with us and sharing some of your story. Appreciate inshallah could be an inspiration, motivation for many more out there, my life and my depth as for Allah, how many Lord of the world thank you.

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