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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not dying in rush to achieve greatness and the disturbing incident of a woman dying while on a flight. They also talk about a woman named Hope who talks about feeling sad and sad at the end of a long time. Jesus mentions a woman named Hope who talks about feeling sad and sad at the end of a long time. The importance of faith in one's ability to draw from the spiritual resources of the gods and in finding the best of luck is emphasized.
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After praising Allah azza wa jal for recognizing we can never fully praise Him as He deserves, and praying that he sent his finest, most continuous Peace and blessings upon His Messenger Mohammed so bla bla bla to send them and reminding myself and you to live by the temple of Allah and do not die except while observing the tough love Allah. And as much of it as we can

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allow me to begin by saying that the believer shines the brightest in the times when the world becomes darkness.

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And that is why the strongest and brightest stars among the believers of Sahaba in their most difficult moments, they inscribed in the history books and in our memories, their greatness and the greatness of their faith, and what we should aspire to, by then by ninth and never lose sight of it. So I mentioned to you just one incident,

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not because we are under the plague, but because many people feel like it is inevitable that this will become something like the plague

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in the fullest respect in to the furthest extent.

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And that is more I love the love on and the Sahaba when they entered a sham, and I'm a liberated Sham on their hands borrowed unless it happened, a plague did take place, and 30,000 between those Sahaba and the 10 million, they fell in such a short period of time to the plague even ever awaited for Gerard himself, who is the trustee of the province of Ontario, send them the keeper of the profit secrets, and the leader of the Muslims there when he died more I don't do a lot more. And he said in the house tobiko your leader false. He says this is the mercy from your Lord. It is manifesting all around us. He says with our tuna vehicle and this is yet another manifestation of

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the door of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for us this beautiful mother our love purifies it in this world in so many different ways. So it will see nothing in the hereafter of punishment, inshallah to Allah. He said, What woke up to solid Hina publikum. And so many people that were righteous before you were taking this way as well. Meaning This doesn't mean that Allah hates us. This does not mean that this is an absolute disaster. This could be the beginning of the greatest chapter, the unending chapter in our existence, the chapter of the hereafter.

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And so then he said, Oh, Allah grant for me and my family, the biggest share of this mercy, and somebody can misunderstand the thing that they're wishing for death, this is not wishing for that wishing for that is not allowed, right. But this was from rather the low tide on who, what the scholars say, being hopeful that alone would raise them to the rank of a martyr. And that is only allowed when you feel like that would be inevitable. So I'm saying they felt this way that is inescapable. So in that case, I hope I reached the highest ranks through it then.

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And his entire family was struck by it. They all died one by one. And then he saw marks of it on his thumb. And then he said something very strange. He said, in the hustle era, well, I can not be you berekum for severe, he saw marks of the plague in contracting it on his fingers, and it's very small. But my Lord does have the ability to bless things that are small meaning to make it big. To make it something that can grant me what I hope for the highest ranks in his eyes, martyrdom, Shahada,

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and then his final might get asking, Is it morning? Is it morning? Is it morning, morning time. And when they finally told him now, he's actually morning, he said, I seek refuge in a night, that leads off to a day that a person will be taken to the fire. He says, Oh Allah, you know, that I used to fear you. And today I fixed all my hopes on you, you know that I did not wish to remain in this world for its flowing rivers or to plant more and more trees in it, but rather to fast the hot summer days and to pray the night prayers and to crowd the scholars to collect more and more of the sacred knowledge you bless this world with.

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And then when he became choked up in the end, but only a long time ago, he said when he was being choked up by death, imagine this nothing broken, nothing blurred their good assumptions they're hosting the vulnerable must have died no matter how severe it got. And I just use that as an extreme example, because people are imagining a certain degree of more bigness in this that is utterly inescapable. Even if it's worth looking at my eyes. When he got choked up when it was their death was at his door.

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He said, Oh, no, can punk go ahead and choke or let the choking happen? It's inevitable. So are exempted in your HIPAA. I swear by your mind, you know that. I love you.

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And this is the greatest thing that a person can prepare meeting a lot with is hoping the best of him and accentuating as best as they can their love for him soprano hola Darla, and then died of a low tide on a hold of all the other stuff.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Viva. Finally as more I was dying, one of his lifelong friends and greatest students who he mentored his name was medical Muhammad, Allah medic began to weep. When he saw him live dying in front of him. He said, Why are you Why are you crying? What makes you so sad? He says so like look at you. I'm not crying because you suspend on me apparently use the financing as well. I'm not crying because of any money I used to gain from you. But I'm crying because of the faith that he man that I used to draw from you, and the knowledge that I used to draw from you. And so more I'd said to him, I wanted to close with that as an action item. More either

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the love onset and or any more Emmanuel McKenna, Houma men palava whomever said that, this sacred knowledge and this faith that you see me reflecting,

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they remain where they are, they are allows religion, a level preserve his religion, they remain always available these resources, that's certainty, that indestructible certainty, that sacred knowledge and have an understanding about the love, he said, they will remain whoever seeks them will find them. And so our job now is to seek them with as many archives and as many subjects, as many as we had as many acts of service to his creation, every single thing that happens to you even your moments of assuming the best of our luck, you read something and say, I was in charge and he knows better than them. A lot knows what's better for me. Oh Allah grant me life so long as you know

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life is better for me and put me to death. The Prophet Allah Sato said, I will say this whenever you know that death is better for me. So May Allah help us have that fortify the theme that is built day in and day out through our seeking through our pursuing it with our worship of Allah azza wa jal, and to read this world of this element, and purify us through it and grant us the highest levels in his eyes. After it's all said and done. Love enough for Lenovo.

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Lenovo. Of Love married now we can imagine. Matthew and children my father, love Manero became an albatross to Jr. When he went to them you will say he loves Manero to become that Hamlet has no idea what guess it will Jubilee will be available today in your region was a lot more about economy and Mohammed earlier. He was

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