Zahir Mahmood – Those Who Have The Least Will Have The Most On That Day

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people reacting to the Day of Judgment and the fact that they will be rewarded with wealth and a path to happiness. The participants believe that they are deserved because they have trust in Allah and are not deserved to be in the Day of Judgment. They also discuss the potential profit and loss of the situation and how it affects people's behavior.
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Why shouldn't it be subrata Misaki Yo, Malcolm, look at this, the mercy of Allah said, Allah, you know the day of judgment. I'm not asking you to resurrect me with a more * rune, or the answer when you take my account

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or the Gambia,

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Allah I asked you to resurrect me and take my account with one group of people, the mess you Allah said, Take my account with the mystique, the Misaki

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say, look at the honor, the mess you Allah gave to the Misaki he didn't say Allah

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take the account of the Misaki with me is to take my account with the Misaki

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You know why? Because the Masaki will not be giving much account,

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the bank balance will light the netmeds and a free was that they had in Indonesia one light compared to the likes of you and I.

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And this is why the Messenger of Allah said, well on the Day of Judgment, these are the people I want to start with, because they're gonna go General, quicker.

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And Allah gives us all this wealth.

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May Allah safeguard this because we don't want to be on the Day of Judgment. You know, like when we refer to the poor people that disadvantaged when the poor people look at us on the Day of Judgment, and it has the Hema mood. Allah gave him so much why he never gave you the path of Allah. He had no time for last panel dollar. What a poor, disadvantaged individual.

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What a loser.

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Allah gave him and the more Allah gave us, the more we drifted away from Allah Spano, tala,

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you are honestly, you go into the poor countries.

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And you look at the state the poverty, and you look at their Alhamdulillah and their masalas.

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And a mess, make you feel embarrassed

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that they have literally nothing but they have trust in Allah. They have no SQL with Allah. They have to secure it with Allah. The more we have, the more we give our children. The more they complain, the more disobedient they become.

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Somehow the formula is, you know some other I might, I don't know why is but it's a major issue here.

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So on the Day of Judgment brothers and sisters,

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those who would have the greatest nightmares, those will have the greatest names in this dunya will have the least Luna Yeoman

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will have the least on the definition.

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Unless the profit and loss unless then he went on unless the good dialogue gave them when they did this with it. And they did this with it. And they did this with it.

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mean they spent in the possible blah

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