The Emotions of Hajj

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So that was

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a long one he was sitting, what

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am I projecting far enough? Can you hear me at the end over there, give me a wave. Well done.

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So we have about 20 minutes together.

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And I wanted to speak about the emotions of hate

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coming here,

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each and every time

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I experienced different levels of emotions. And they don't always happen in the same order. And they don't always happen for the same reason.

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And some of the emotions, you might have already experienced them. Some are on the way, some You don't even know that.

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Some You don't even know that they're

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that they're there yet.

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One of the first emotions that I had,

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I can do that in shot but

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one of the first emotions that I had

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One of the first emotions that I had was guilt.

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And a part of it was I'm here without my family.

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And so come along, I've been to many men.

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And this is a blessing from Allah subhana wa Tada. But my wife, the mother of my children, has not.

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And it's not because we can't afford it. And it's not because she doesn't want to. It's because we made a conscious decision, she made a conscious decision that our kids come first. And I want you to understand this is something important. That means being here, each and every footstep each and every octave of my voice, each and every drop that I make, it does not belong to me alone.

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It is her record in her books. In fact, she will probably be rewarded not just for what I do, but for what

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one of the reasons I record this is to earn brownie tenants when

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I say that have

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humor, but entirely in reality, there are those who love you, who you are separate from. And there are those who love you

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who may not have made this dream.

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There are those who raise few who may not have been fortunate enough to come to these placements, there may be those who made decisions, to give you the best in life, and delay their own personal gratification. So that's today to stand on the shoulder of their efforts.

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So I come here at first, many times, one of the first feelings I get as I sit in a plane is

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amazing, some Commonwealth metal, some kind of data, give everything that I do, to my wife, to my mother, to my father, to my grandfather, to my grandmother's

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala put me in the scales. Now that's the kind of guy that puts you in the scales of those who begin to think about a little bit more deeply.

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prophets all along when he was serving says that there are those who we left behind in Medina, there was this moment in our history where there was poverty. And there were people in the city who wept at the fact that we could not accompany the prophets a lot what he was saying during

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an interview, they could not find the means to accompany that when

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they turn with their eyes full of tears at the thought that they would park with the prophets lie Selim, the prophet turned to the companions and he said that no battling we ascended and descended in executors that were with us, there was no reward we attained except that they received it. And I want you to carry your loved ones with you into the magic of the prophets of Allah.

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I want your heart to be awake. I look past yourself.

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The second emotion

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is anger.

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You know that

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time where someone cuts in front of you.

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Or someone moves your slippers and you can't find them. You get that panic for about 30 seconds. You have that happening. Oh, it's coming.

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Have you met the little Indonesian ninjas? You haven't met them yet? Mashallah you meet them and

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sneaks up on you. And you

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Blackstone, you were just there. I oh well I kissed the back of the lady's head.

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I'm in

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fabric I was like a stone is a fabric and I opened my eyes. And she looks back.

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And the reason I call them ninjas is you'll you'll notice this they got these socks with a little slip you know the ninja shell

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anger at times sneaks up on you. And you're going to have anger

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one of the requirements of hatch

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a lot of those insane to in had,

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you know these major things you shouldn't do. He says Now watch out for when he died. I

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don't enjoy each other in an intimate way. You know, unless you're lying. No, you brought your wife and Soloman together and cut.

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And you want to hold hands into love. And I'm going to come walk right between as a mother.

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It's not wrong, but it's wrong brother.

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You're gonna come in and tense Amina

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and your wife is so tiny, they'll just come back. No, no,

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I'm gonna come I'm gonna give you that principle look.

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There's gonna be moments where anger will come suddenly.

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And someone's gonna say or do something with logging just now. Just now.

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We I have a surprise coming for you. You don't know that yet. But it's coming. Sharla hopefully arrives.

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It's a blessing. But myself and a few others, we were invited for a close role.

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And, you know, they took us up and you know that thing. And there was a few American brothers who have come up to Islam. And there were a couple of them standing in the front.

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And they begin to argue with each other

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about who's to wear first For how long? And who's going to step inside before the other.

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And I stood between them and I kissed the head of the

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camera, and I started kissing him.

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I said, Love and come back. How about we changed spots. Because you're not here for this. Now offer weather for Super weather.

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There's none of that intimate stuff. And there is no full suit to suit with anything that is said that is dishonouring to yourself for somebody else. It could even be a look. And it's even a movement of your heart. You want to hear a funny story. My first one that

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I get on air. That was the first mistake but that's okay.

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All right, we'll pass

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it on. I made sure I'm a seasoned traveler young man. 18 years old. I used to backpack and all that stuff.

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And I get that too. And I wanted to order that chair. I you know, exits. He paid extra for it. You know, I'm gonna be the first one out of the plane mashapaug this elderly Egyptian man. I don't think he could read. You know, he's an elder Mashallah. So he's on the steps. He gets out onto the plane, the first seat he sees, he says,

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who sees

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your brother? So I'm like, cool. This is how you got to relax. So I stand in the galley and I wait for a stewardess. He's looking at me. Because I looked at him and I looked at his chair, you know, so he sees me. I'm the troublemaker. He sees me talking to the stewardess.

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And because it's hard to grasp the Patriots, you come to have it. So Scott, give me your ticket.

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He doesn't look at her. He looks at me.

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And he puts his hands up

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you give me a ticket, I will say where you say,

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he doesn't want to understand anything.

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We can settle this dispute ourselves.

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Anger, there will be moments where inconvenience will arise.

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It's my job to mentor. If you ever hear me what by you,

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sort of,

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I just say that.

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I'm just going to come up, I'm not going to say to you, because I don't want to argue. And I'm not going to talk to you. I'm just

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going to say that

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what's gonna happen? I

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think, once you start saying my byculla is fine.

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Because you need to remember that

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third emotion and no, I don't have a lot of trauma videos. Alright?

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you know, he touched that soul, and was insensitive.

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And you guys asked us, you know, you know, many times have been asked about that. So question, what kind of

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what is what if I'm washing my hair and some of the hair falls?

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Where Why are you so afraid? The beautiful thing? Why are you so afraid, because you've come all this way to do this one thing. And you want to do it right. And all of you martial law are accomplished in whatever you do back home, like all of you, especially in our group, you're accomplished. So you're not gonna I don't want to see in height who wants to go home with a seat. You've never gotten to senior line, you don't want to be I want an A plus, I want had my blue I don't want just had

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I don't want TypeScript Ha ha, I need the second J.

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How do you gain that you get really self centered.

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And you begin to worry about everything you're doing. And usually it means that you're not worried about what other people are doing. And what I told you the first time I met you that my heart isn't about that. And I don't want your house to be just about yourself.

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How are you going to maximize your heart is that your heart is going to involve other people, you're going to carry someone's bags, you're going to get someone water before you dream, you're going to get up for somebody else to sit, you're going to see someone who's being pushed in a chair and someone's struggling with them. And he and two of you are going to push in their place you're going to alternate,

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you're going to lose your bag, and somebody's going to offer you something and you're going to be happy with it and content with it just you know those are things that are going to have that edge. And those will be the sweetest memories you have. You're going to remember an old Egyptian man sitting in your plane. And it's going to be a story you will tell them over and over. There's going to be those incidents that will occur. Some of them for some of you have already occurred.

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Don't be afraid that Allah will not accept or

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will not accept what you do. You being here

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means you're accepting.

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Because you may you you're here and you're on the cusp, you're on the way.

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I want you to make draft for one sister who came from Toronto.

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One of the brothers who was supposed to be helping serve you have a penis to Venus this year. He's in his fifth year of his studies in Medina. He's got a year and a half left.

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I gave her two ago, three days ago, his mother was coming into a cottage. She was taken off the plane straight to hospital. She's still in hospital.

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And we found a replacement that can be done, which isn't what's important

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to tell I hope to visit this month

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you been here as a blessing from US economy. Rhonda and you making it to our fat is an even more important lesson. You've come and seen but you haven't reached it yet. Our job is to get you there and shot left with a blessing to realize that we can which requires certain levels of cooperation from young child lines our job to give you the safest, most less, most accessible help. There's going to be questions you're going to come to me and say Chuck Yeah, I want to go

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error, I read in the

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Because you need to, you need to trust our scholarship, not fine. But our scholarship goes to our mountains,

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combined in your group, in terms of those who have studied Islam is over 100 years of living.

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Between la

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smiley all of us together, it's 100 years of learning.

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And I know you'll read a book and you're scared, you're scared, you don't want to do that one thing is in the eighth string lady there.

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But because there are other considerations that maybe that book has not discussed, that we're aware of. There are other reasons and rationale that have made us think effective decisions to protect you from heatstroke. To make sure you're not trapped, or tribal.

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You I know you want to go out and throw but we say no, no, hold on, you gotta wait a little bit.

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So kind of like in the last five years each and every time that I've been to college, there have been tragic. I was in a while when the crane fell. I was one street away when the stampede occurred. Dr. Sophy told me a good personal friend of mine, who I actually helped him over the fence to go provide CPR.

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Those of us and I don't mean it to be songbird. But there are other things to fear than how much so kind of touch and whether a piece of your hair fell out. And I know you'll have questions. And I'm here to answer them as with everybody else, but you must trust the sculpture. You must trust the process. Those who have been doing headstone many times and have made had to assume that many 1000s of people before reliably incompetent, I ask you for your patience in fight one more emotion. Do we have time for one more emotion? Yes, we do.

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All right.

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One more, we have a good emotion, because I'm going to talk to you about

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like when you are there.

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How many have not been up close to the company? And I see like, oh, man, I want you to like

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I want you there. I'm just gonna walk you

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through it.

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For some, the first thought is it's not as big as I thought.

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I thought it was.

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For others, it's numb numbness. You know, when you hear people you know, they give you these kind of funny stories of Holy God. As soon as I saw the cab, I couldn't stop crying It was so I can tell you 99% of people who the first time they see the cab and they don't just start crying.

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Because it is for some, but it's not for all. For some it's like the sense of sickness and all at the majesty of it.

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And you just go quiet.

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And you're like, I don't know what to do and everything I read out for about it. And then you're going to have in your earpiece that

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it's like overwhelming.

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And then there's this euphoria. Once you do your first

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like once you come up with me with one of the Imams and I say to you okay, well I think remind you put your hand towards the Blackstone say Allahu Akbar.

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And you start walking, and you start making your TextView there.

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there either.

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And Allah subhana wa were behind it. So kind of a large lobby open, it

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And you start saying in English, except me or not forgive me. Or elevate. And yes, you can use English around an account.

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And you begin to connect, you begin to feel this. Before I'm doing this. It's working. I'm actually doing college. The things that they said in the hedge prep class, I'm doing it I can visualize myself in it. It's, it's something that I'm able to do. And you're going to finish the seven prologue. And I'm going to give you a little bit of seven, seven and it's gonna make you feel amazing because after that exertion and that tiredness, Zamzam gives you strength, and prophets, I seldom said this, and I'm going to

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Safety. Assume that these that you face the problem now and make draft.

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And you're going to hold that cop, and you're going to whisper themes that nobody else will hear, but alone.

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And you're going to ask for things about your past and what you want for your future and the worries are present. And you're going to ask for unborn children who have not yet come into this world. And that Prince Charming, who was on a horse on his way, but hasn't arrived for something

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for you,

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you're going to pray. And you're going to take that sip of water. And you're going to remember that it's not the water that answers it's a law, because you have demonstrated the same need as the one who first received that water hydrant that you've run, and sacrifice and spent and exerting energy and effort and wealth and time and distance from family. And you've come to this point and said a lot as you gave hotjar water and you had no one but you are like give me my need. And you think

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and you feel amazing. And I'm gonna see if you come back for me. And let's pray behind where people he prayed.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam. And that's the stone that is etched with his footprint that he stood and built this kind of the first time rebuilt it and you're going to rock it out and you already capital room and full of Allah had in a second. And I'm going to say to you don't get up until you make your arm

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you're going to get up and I'm going to say right behind us is the amount of software and that's where the profit made is most. And I want you to repeat after me I'm going to use the Arabic and you'll make your own drum after and then I'll use the Arabic and you'll make your own go after no use the Arabic Can you make your own draw after. And we're going to do that 21 times. And you better be prepared for what you want to ask a lot. Because don't stand in front of the King of kings and ask for pennies.

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Don't stand in front of the owner of the heavens of the earth. And all you can say is, Oh ALLAH forgive me, which is important. But you have needs and that's the time for you. That's why you're here.

00:22:20--> 00:22:34

And you're going to complete it. And you're going to feel exhilaration, and euphoria and you're going to hug your sisters, you're going to hug your brothers, you're going to feel this sense of accomplishment. And I'm going to say to you, this is just the beginning.

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We're heading to alpha in the morning.

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That's the day

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of hatch.

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It's an incredible journey.

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I mean Shawn love each and every one of us who were committed amongst the daughter Salaam staff are here to provide you the best experience to lead you to the end where you sit on the plane on the way home. And the only thing that comes to mind is

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in accounting

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or law I did everything. It's now all along except from us. You are the one who saw and knows everything we do the terracotta Raheem, when he built the authentic up Amina in the mail like so, what we've done, what we're about to do and what we will do will do into the future. May Allah bless you and your family and your children, your children's children with regular presentations to the house of Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala and that you're raised our missteps of the past and keep our hearts and feet firm upon the path of the Prophet Mohammed.

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Thank you for taking time with me. I know you're getting ready for your walking tours in schulung. Hopefully I've left enough time for them to get ready.

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I've recorded it. I'll send it out on the broadcast and

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send it back to your famous they'll love it.