Zakir Naik – Why is it Compulsory for the Males to Circumcise in Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of circumcision, including preventing diseases like AIDS and other irritation. They also mention that people who are not circumcised have a lower chance of developing AIDS. The speaker suggests that people who are not historically identified as being heavy in Islam may be more likely to be cleared of the virus.
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Congratulations and best of luck for starting piece TV.

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I request all the audience to give him a big clap.

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My question is, why is it imperative to circumcise Islam? The brothers posed the question is it imperative is it compulsory to circumcise in Islam? Is it foreign? Whether it's not foreign in Islam it is as soon

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as soon as maka highly recommended so now we must stop. It is Muslim, and Islam circumcised. It's not a fun, but there are various reasons for that. I being a medical doctor, we're here to talk only on my symptoms you should be done but it's a question answer time I'll just give you a few points. Today science tells us that if a man is circumcised yes chances of having carcinoma of the penis of having cancer of the penis, less chances, negligible chances. If you're not circumcised, there are chances. There are various diseases, which can be prevented if a man is circumcised in circumcision, we can refuse the foreskin

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of the origin

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of the penis. And your we realize that when a normal person goes for the call of nature, many of the units that are droplets on the urine remaining in the produce and the phosphine. This causes various diseases that can cause itching, it can cause inflammation of the skin, it can cause back to side many things. So all the diseases are preventable circumcised. And beyond that, when we go for the order of nature, we will put water we provincial further. A person today science tells us he enjoys his sexual life more if he circumcised the non circumcised. Furthermore, the chances of various other irritation of the skin is not circumcised. Today latest research tells us that a man who's

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circumcised has less chance of having AIDS.

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The virus of AIDS can spread faster. If you're not circumcised. There are various list of diseases which are prevented. That is the reason today in America, more than 50% of the boys after they're born. They're circumcised non Muslim.

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Even the Christians in America, the doctor asked the parents, do you want your son to be circumcised and more than 50% of them are circumcised not because Islam says that because they know it is a benefit for the son. Hope that answers the question.

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