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Imagine if I was selling you this drink okay? And I said to you if you drink this drink that actually you read the Quran every single day the Quran will be a staple part of your daily diet. How much would you pay for this drink? 500 pounds 1000 pounds. Tell me how much Well you know what? Forget the stream for a second The only app which I recommended to you in Ramadan, I recommend it to the brothers and sisters and they were using it and they said because of the gamified features because they visualize my beliefs with the Quran. There. In fact, I've never had so much Quran before my whole life as Pamela. Can you imagine now you can get this curently app on your phone for

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24 pounds 99 pence for the entire year. So Pamela, so where do I go, you go to court on Lido app in your browser to get this and you should get this