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Sins and the Point of No Return

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Saad Tasleem

Channel: Saad Tasleem

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Do you ever feel like you've done way too much for a lot to forgive you? You're watching hashtag asleep.

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So a common problem that many people have is that they feel like Allah's mercy is limited or that the more sinful a person gets, the less likely they are to be forgiven. The reality of Allah's mercy is that Allah's mercy doesn't change. Just because we have committed more sins, it doesn't mean that we are less likely to be forgiven. So it's important to always have hope to always remember that no matter how far I think I've gone, that allows Mercy is always there for us to return to, we can always have hope in the mercy of Allah, yada, and Allah knows best until next time, inshallah tada what a comb. What happened to lie about a cat