Zahir Mahmood – The Plight Of The Uighurs

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The Unitedighur Muslims are a group of people living in China and are forced to change their religion to remove Islam from their groups. The Chinese government is using surveillance and decommissioning groups, causing them to feel intimidated and fear of going to work or school. The operation is designed to suppress the Muslim population and eliminate Islam, and the "immigrationalist" movement is a movement that focuses on unity and peace in politics. The segment also touches on the negative impact of fasting on Muslims' health and mental health, and the "immigrationalist" movement, which is a movement that focuses on unity and peace in politics.
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Way Unfortunately,

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the vast majority, the great, great majority remain silent over this injustice. And this is the plight of the Uighur Muslims.

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Let me just give you a brief background to who the Uighur Muslims are

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the Uighur Muslims

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live in the west of China, a page called sin Jang.

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They are Turkic, in origin. So they have a great relationship with Central Asia. And they are far cousins of the people of Turkey.

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The vast majority of the people of China 90% Plus, Hans Chinese, the Turkic the weekers have a distinct culture which is very close to Central Asia. And they also have a different religion which is the religion of Islam.

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Now, in fought in 1949, after a five year civil war in China, Mau army, the communist army defeated the other army and then they went and they took over the disputed area of Xinjiang.

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So because they were communist, they didn't like religion. So what they did is that they maneuvered a large percentage of hands Chinese into that area. Now the Uighur Muslims make up 11 million. Initially, it was literally all them the others were only 10%. Now, because of this mass migration of force, mass migration to a degree or the vast majority now in that area are actually no longer weekers alone, no longer Muslims actually hands Chinese now in 1991, with the fall of the Soviet Union, now the Soviet Union so you had this is also known as East Turkistan sic Jang is known as East Turkistan. And then you had West Turkistan. West Turkistan was under the Soviets. So in 1991,

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with the fall of the Soviet Union, what happened with all of West Turkistan is that they got independence. So countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, they were under the Soviet Union under the communist, but they managed to get the independence, the Uyghurs unfortunately, because the Chinese regained the communist regain the power very quickly, were not afforded the same independence. And as a consequence, because the Communist Party want everybody to think in a particular way. Now, they are forcing, imprisoning the Uyghurs to change their culture, but more importantly, they want them to change their religion. Why? Because they know that if we can get them

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to change their religion, then they will naturally lose their culture. And this is why

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the endeavors of the Chinese Communist Party is to remove Islam from these group of people, the state, the Chinese state called Islam a mental illness.

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And they need to remove this mental illness. So now today as we speak ajeeb in the 21st century,

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according to Western human rights organizations, there is 1.1 minimum of 1.1

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Muslims Uighurs in concentration camps, which the Chinese called re educational camps, or they call them vocational training camps. According to the United States, there is 2 million weekers. According to the wiegers human rights organization, there is up to 3 million weekers in encampment, in concentration camps. This is the highest number of any group of people in concentration camps since the Holocaust. Imagine

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in the 21st century, how often we speak about the Holocaust. And we're not necessarily equating everything of this with the Holocaust, but concentration camps, 3 million people, you know what a statistics days. If it is 1 million, that's 10%

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of the entire population of the weekers if it is 20% if it is 2 million, then 20% if it is 3 billion, that is 30% of the entire population of the Uighur Muslims.

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Why for endeavour to remove the dean to change the Dean 5000 machines, we all love our machines and now we appreciate the machines after the lockdown. 5000 machines have been destroyed, and Kashgar. 70% Kashgar is the most western point of China, nearing Afghanistan 70% of the machines have been knocked closed. This droid

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and this is what the Uighur Muslims have to go through on a daily basis. You know when you go to the machine, this is how it works. When you go to the machine, outside the machine, often they take your iris you have to show them the ID when you enter the machine. There's often more police in the machine then they are muscle lease and they watch you pray.

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So they watch you pray they watch you go into stage. I read article that many people say we feel so intimidated that we are just waiting for the knock on our door one night because they always always take you awake at night. They said we are waiting for the knock on the door. We feel so intimidated that we no longer go to the masjid

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Allah says but a level min min min min min min and massage de la he said who is a greater value than that person who stopped from going to the house of a loss model. This was regarding the machinery key. Today we have Muslims who can't go to the machine. Not only not the machines, so Han holla if they go to the Muslim machine, they end up in internment camps concentration camps.

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It's a G what law is is a G polite

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you know how much they spent. The Chinese government in the 2017 spent on spying on the wiggers 8.5 billion your every eight 5.8 point $5 billion your every step is monitored.

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It is the most please state in the world they have everywhere you go they have cameras,

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which follow you with face recognition cameras. If you're under 18 You can't even go to the masjid

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achieve this is happening in the 20th century. And we all see this and nobody batted an island. Nobody sees a word.

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What What is their fault? What is the fault as Allah says in the Quran, that the only fault that they saw in these people that they believe in Allah

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that they believe in a creator that is the only fault so let me tell you about other things that they can't do.

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Ramadan no fasting imagine the month of Ramadan comes you're not allowed to fast. I saw a documentary The other day where a lady from the western UK she goes in a rubber bomb into the cities she says I can't hear what a woman now what a van from any of these places.

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In the Ramadan we're generally machines are full not what.

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So in the month of Ramadan basic thing, like fasting. So Pamela you can't fast as you fast you will end up in a concentration camp.

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If you fast your children may be taken away from you.

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Slavic women weddings, you can't have Islamic weddings. If you have Islamic weddings, you will be taken to concentration camps and they have spies who say pay 7.57 $7,500 to to spy on other Muslims to tell them even something small as having Islamic weddings.

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Muslim names La ilaha illAllah imagine this. You can't have a name like Muhammad.

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You can't name your children Muhammad. If you name your child Mohammed that means you are a radical Islamic literature to study the deen of Allah subhanaw taala impossible. You can't study the deen of Allah

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panatela you go to a halaqa forget about studying the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. If you go listen, if you if they come to your home and they see a picture of the Kaaba, that is enough for them to say that this guy is an extremist. They come to your house and they see some Arabic writing, that is enough for them to say that you are an extremist, and you will be placed in a concentration camp

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and matching

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things. So voila, the rest of the world take for granted.

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Nobody. And these Muslims are going through this on a daily basis language. We just can't speak their language and they start speaking their language. It means that they're not Chinese enough. They're not patriotic, they're to Islamic

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and basic things of asking for halaal imaginisce halaal.

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Asking for halaal is enough for them to put you in a concentration camp. When you ask him for halaal if you ask him for hella, you're too Islamic.

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suparna live this is nothing new. I gave the talks regarding West Turkistan. When I gave the three series when I went to Uzbekistan, they did exactly what they are doing today.

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And they eliminated Islam not only eliminated but they suppress the Muslim to a degree when in the entirety of the Soviet Union. You had 50 machines.

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That's it. And this is where they are going. But you know, last month Allah says, you redo the youth feed Oh, new law of war he was alone with him. Would

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they want to extinguish the lure of Allah with the mouse,

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but Allah will fulfill his *. Even if the disbelievers dislike it says Gee, you know the knower of Allah you know, you have a candle

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up blow and you blow out the candle.

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But imagine you got the sun

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and you blow at the sun because you want to extinguish the light of the sun you go

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you're not gonna have an impact. Imagine one night you see the light of the moon and you look at the moon and you want to extinguish the light of the moon. So you go with your mouse. They want to extinguish that neuron Allah Allah dude is greater than the sun and the moon will love what the Buddha he will know Korean capital. History has shown here she has shown what the Uzbek the Russian tried to do with West Turkmenistan and West Turkistan. What happened? Nothing. They revived they lived in the suppression but now today there is an Islamic revival. Look at Dagestan. Look at Chechnya. Look at Uzbekistan. Look at Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, the US are raising up one line. You

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know you go to his Becca Stan, you don't see any elders in the machine.

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The machine is full with only youngsters

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will learn Aloma Timo Nuri, he will look at how Cafiero Allah will fulfill his do the deen of Allah, even if all of humanity dislikes it, and the 1400 years of history has shown

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1400 years but brothers and sisters, we have an obligation, one lie, we have an obligation, we have an obligation to assist our brothers. Why? Because the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the love of the mme and he as long as you have a concern for other believers, Allah will have a concern for you.

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Allah will have a concern for you let one of the most disturbing thing they all disturbing is that they gave incentives to the hands. Chinese to move from east to xinchang. So they all move now there's so there's 1,000% increase 1,000%. So when they move there, they get incentives from the government. They give them money, they give them jobs, they give them additional money to set up businesses. So what happens is that they confiscate the lands of the weekers. They take their jobs, the entire economy, or the vast majority of the economy in that part of the world

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is in the hands of the hands. The weakest state in poverty as a consequence because their lands have been taken. their homes have been taken. their jobs are be taken.

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And somehow, the vegans must remain silent, like the Palestinians must remain silent. The weak is on my side. But really, one of the most disturbing thing is that what they do is that they move hands Chinese into your homes.

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So imagine

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there is 11 million weekers over a million hands Chinese are moved moved in your home.

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So imagine you're a Uighur, you have your own culture, you have your own custom, let's bring it to ourselves. Imagine you're from

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Indian subcontinent.

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And then you have a person of an entire different culture moved into your home. So you have maybe an indigenous white person who moves into your home. You have no say over it. Because if you say anything, you're gonna end up in a concentration camp.

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And sometimes when this happens is the men are already in the concentration camp. So they move them into your homes.

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And your wife is there. Your sister is there, your daughter is there, your children is there. This individual sees every single moment of your family. He sees your wife, when she doesn't have a job what he sees your daughter when she comes out of the bathroom.

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1.2 million hands have been moved into Muslim homes.

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They say that some women found it so difficult that they committed suicide.

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These hands when they move into this xinchang some of them don't want to stay there. So they want to move back. They're not allowed to move back.

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Some of them had flourishing businesses, they the business have gone flop, you know and why they say they business have gone flop. They said because there is no move we are meant to employ. They're all in concentration camps.

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And they're not allowed to move back to mainland because of the fact that they want to keep this area populated.

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So Pamela, who is the Muslim world? The question is, where is the Muslim world? The Muslim world is totally, utterly silent from the guys, the leaders we regard as spineless to those we regard as heroes. Nobody ever criticizes China.

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Why? Because of economic incentives, because of geopolitical influence. Nobody. So when a bloc of countries wrote a letter to the Chinese, about the suffering of the weakest, let me read which countries they were.

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Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan,

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Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Austria, Ireland, Spain.

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Not one, not one Muslim country, put their name to this suffering of the week, not one Muslim majority country. You believe that?

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said gee, one layer is a Jeep that in the 21st century, we have the Messenger of Allah we have how he cared about other believers.

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How when a woman whose job was pulled off the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam expelled individuals from that place.

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And today we have possibly up to 3 million Muslims incarcerated. What do you think happens if you have 3 million Muslims incarcerated 3 million adults to the children? Where do they go? They either live in poverty, or they got what they call the China called kindergartens. They're not kindergartens, what they are, are orphanages, in essence, to so these children, can you imagine the trauma that this generation will grow and grow up with that they don't have no parents?

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They have no parents. They have to grow up without any parents. And then they go into communist schools, which stripped them of the any religious identity, the Uighur identity.

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And no one majority Muslim country is ready to speak about this. Even look even supine a lot you know, you get

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See, even I have many orlimar that don't speak about this issue. Why don't they speak about this issue? Because for many of them, it will dam their following on Facebook, or their Instagram

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or their Twitter. They may lose followers or they may be criticized. So Pamela, do you speak to Rama Rao? God is a we a political? You know, we don't deal in politics. This is a political issue. How? How did incarceration of 3 million Muslims become a political and not Islam?

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What kind of Sharia Did you in December study? even listen, even the greatest enemies really major enemies of Islam have jumped onto this bandwagon? So many of you will know people like Richard Dawkins, who disliked Islam. maajid Nawaz, I'm sure many of you know Majid Nawaz, the founder of the Quilliam organization, the first counterterrorism organization in the UK or the West.

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Much of the policies which have been formulated against the Muslims is because of the advice of the Quilliam foundation.

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Even maajid Nawaz jumped on the bandwagon of the wiggers. He went on a hunger strike. He asked the candidate, the Archbishop of Canterbury, I beseech you to speak about this, he asked the pope to speak about this. But it's easy for these people to jump on a bandwagon. I tell you why?

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Because see, China is hated by the West.

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So you don't lose any traction or any ground with your foot people who fund you or people who follow you. My question to the likes of Majid Nawaz is that's fine. I'll take your word for it. You concern and for the week as you're concerned about the Muslim cause he apologized to the Muslims as well. My question to you is, then Firstly, dissolve your Quilliam foundation. Secondly, speak on the Palestinians. And the Kashmiris with the same fervor that you speak regarding the weekers

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if you ask and say that is what you will do, otherwise, you're jumping on a famous bandwagon.

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A bandwagon which is easy to jump upon. You know, like listen, like many Muslims would like to jump on bandwagons you will like the names which really shine when it comes to the Uighur situation are not really necessarily movies, but there are many who have spoken about it

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are actually the celebrities.

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The sports characters, they've been at the forefront, not one Muslim leader has spoken about it. But ozel the arsenal football player spoke about a spoke about the burning of the Quran, the closing of the masjid, the persecution of the Muslims. Imagine this man has what to lose. He's a celebrity he could have remained quiet.

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The week that he spoke

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China cancel the Premiership match Arsenal I think was against Man City.

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Ask them to distance themselves from ozone and say wait a political you're a political there. But when it suits you. Things like black lives matter. You become very political.

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Conservation of over a million people. You're a political because the biggest, biggest TV revenue for the Premiership is The China

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Study Williams.

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Muslim celebrity these people have things to lose oza lost his contract, you know, added a stop their contract with him after this. They didn't renew the contract.

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They lose millions of pounds. But as Sony Williams said, he said the world has given preference

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to economy over humanity La ilaha illAllah imagine one life just imagine if the Messenger of Allah was here today.

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Imagine if aboubaker Omar were here today. You think they would have given a damn about the economy.

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And I'm not asking Muslim countries to be idealistic and said all ties but you must have some principles. You must have some regular some shape.

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Then Baba this last week.

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Is that a beautiful I think he summed it up. He said the black line movement movement is stronger. When it has non blacks with it. The black life movement is stronger

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When it has non blacks with it says similarly the Muslim cause why are not people who are non Muslim speaking about this court, I tell you why they're not speaking by because the Muslim guy speaking about it. And that's the reality. Muslims were very comfortable and it's good. But let me tell you Muslim felt very comfortable on jumping on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon. Why? Because it was an easy bandwagon to jump on, because the entire world was speaking about it. But when it comes to your own matters, you don't have enough backbone, you don't have enough dignity. You don't have enough self confidence to defend your own self.

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Because you bought into the philosophy and the ideology that your fifth column is, and therefore you won't even defend your own. So why do you expect others to defend you?

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In the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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There was a man called Abu jandal.

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Abu jandal was a prisoner, which the people

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of Makkah had prison him for many years. And they had tied him up

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on Salalah a via his father so he's been amor comes to negotiate with the Muslims. So when they negotiate with a Muslim that you can come and do next year, but you can't do it this year, one of the altar conditions was that if any Muslim leaves muckrock to go to Medina, they will have to send him back. But if any Muslim returns to schilke, the people of Makkah don't have to send them back. So while it's a discussing these points, this side haven't signed the agreement. All of a sudden, they see so Haley me, I'm coming. And so Haley, my armor is now pulling these shackles, and the Muslims are so happy. So hey, they had seen and heard about the suffering of Sohail for a long time,

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and they are elated.

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And so any member who was the father of the jungle, he stood up and he began to slap Sohail

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and beat him up in front of the Muslims and the Muslims are enraged. And so he turned to the Messenger of Allah He said don't miss what he said Mohammed, Abu take them back. And if abou general doesn't go back, you see this contract. I will tarry up here at the bottom is Allah Sallam said to him.

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He said they said we haven't signed it yet we am fine like this. Let Abu jandal come with us. Only abou gentle and sorry, let me know. I will tear up the contract. If he remains with you.

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So the verb is Allah Allah Allah wa salam, tintable gender and all the Sahaba watch this.

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Imagine his years of persecution.

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And the purpose of the law lives on Toronto jungle and he said yarrabah Jungle. His beard was the same.

00:28:09 --> 00:29:01

his elbow gender, for now do suffer. And your reward is by Allah and the day will come that Allah will make an opening for you and all the other week Muslims and you will be free. We make dua that that day comes quickly for our weaker brother sisters that are last month a system that allows $1 elevate the status in every moment of difficulty that Allah subhanaw taala give them suffer that Allah subhanaw taala give them great victory over their enemies. And finally brothers and sisters request is pleased forward this message forward if nobody else forward this message as a matter of livestock goodness, you and I about other people. Ally's gonna ask you at i O Muhammad Ali. Oh

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Fatima Ahmed, what did you do?

00:29:05 --> 00:29:08

What did you do? Forget about the rest of the world.

00:29:10 --> 00:29:22

May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the tofik to do that which is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah May Allah keepers unite in dunya and Allah united agenda for those barakallahu eucom salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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