The Prophetic Advice For The Forgotten Uighurs

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And finally brothers and sisters request is pleased forward this message forward if nobody else forward this message as a matter of livestock goodness, you and I about other people alive gonna ask you at i O Muhammad Ali. Oh Fatima What did you do?

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What did you do? Forget about the rest of the world.

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In the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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There was a man called Abu jandal.

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Abu jandal was a prisoner which the people

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of Makkah had prison him for many years. And they are tied him up

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on Salalah a via his father so he's been amor comes to negotiate with the Muslims. So when they negotiate with a Muslim that you can come and do next year, but you can't do it this year, one of the altar conditions was that if any Muslim leaves muckrock to go to Medina, they will have to send them back. But if any Muslim returns to schilke, the people of Makkah don't have to send him back. So while say discussing these points, this side haven't signed the agreement. All of a sudden, they see so Haley me, I'm coming. And so Haley may Amr is now pulling his shackles, and the Muslims are so happy. So hey, they had seen and heard about the suffering of Sohail for a long time, and they

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are elated.

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And so a member who was the father of the jungle, he stood up and he began to slap Sohail

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and beat him up in front of the Muslims and the Muslims are in rage. And so he turned to the Messenger of Allah is hit or miss or he said Mohamed Abu Jamal goes back. And if Abu jandal doesn't go back, you see this contract, I will tear up here. And the problem is Allah Salam said to him.

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He said, Listen, we haven't signed it yet. We have fine like just let Abu jandal come with us. Only abou gentle. And so I remember said no, I will tear up the contract if he remains with you.

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So the verb is a la la voz de la tentative agenda and all the Sahaba watch this.

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Imagine these years of persecution

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and the prophets Allah Allah lives on turnto boo jungle and he said Yaba jungle. His beard was the same

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as the hobo jungle, for now do suffer. And your reward is by Allah. And the day will come, that Allah will make an opening for you and all the other week Muslims and you will be free. We make dua that that day comes quickly for our weaker brother sisters, that are last month a system that allows $1 elevate the status in every moment of difficulty, that Allah subhanaw taala give them Subhan Allah subhanaw taala give them great victory over their enemies. And finally brothers and sisters request is pleased forward this message forward if nobody else forward this message as a matter. Allah is not gonna ask you and other people Allah is gonna ask you at i O Muhammad Ali. Oh, Fatima.

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What did you do?

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What did you do? Forget about the rest of the world.