Nadim Bashir – Khatira – The LAST Expedition of the Prophet Muhammad

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The history of the Prophet's surah or surah is discussed, including the attempt to overcome the attack on the United States and the importance of testing loyalty among Muslims. The expedition of taboo was designed to test loyalty among the Sahaba, but the scope of the fight is small compared to the mission of the expedition. The importance of remaining committed to one's deen and not giving up on one's love for Islam is emphasized, along with the difficulty of traveling to the Battle of butter due to seasonality and the importance of remaining committed to one's deen and not giving up on one's love for Islam.
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Last night in our Satara, we were able to finish the 11. Judges and the 11 judges. It consists of some of Surah Toba or Sudha baraka and primarily the whole Surah units and the beginning portion, the very beginning portion of Surah Hood.

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In surah Toba Allah subhanho wa taala, by the way, so Toba, which begins in the 10th Jers, and officials off in the 11th, Jos. Some people read they refer to it as even Surah Bara In fact, there are some Sahaba, who will refer to it and knew with many other names. And the one thing that you will find interesting, which is very unique with sua Toba is that there is no Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in the beginning of this surah and some of the they stayed that the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu they never got a clear indication from Rasulullah sallallahu it was something that perhaps this is another sutra because if you study SUTA unfurl, which is a pseudo right before Surah Toba Allah

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subhanho wa Taala talks about the Battle of budder. And the battle of Bada was a very first expedition, the very first battle of Islamic history. And then you study Surah Toba or surah. Bara and I'm going to refer to as Surah Toba ALLAH SubhanA wa that talks about the end of the expeditions so the Sahaba they say that it's almost as if it is actually one surah but Rasulullah sallallahu some did give an indication that perhaps it is a different surah but it was not very clear from us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then you have the opinion of such such as audio the hola Juan he says that the reason why Allah subhana wa Tala or there is no Bismillah in the beginning of the

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surah is that Bismillah R Rahman Rahim gives a sense of confidence, a sense of Aman that you are reading in the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala who is the Most Merciful, the one who is consistently Merciful, the one who is the most gracious, and if you study Surah Toba? There is no grace of Allah subhana wa Taala in the Surah rather Are they fair but uh yeah man or the Allah Juan. He says that people refer to this as Surah Toba or Surah Bara but if it was up to me, I would refer to this sutra as Sula Tula either the surah of punishment why? Because you see the harsh rhetoric of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the sutra against the kuffaar and especially against them on African and you

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see in the same sutra Subhanallah the story of Magento the raw, the the masjid that was constructed in order to cause corruption amongst the Muslims and chaos amongst the Muslims. This is by the way a masjid if you go to measure the Kuba nowadays current day marches Oba you go down the road a little more, that is where much of the road was Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam order that this measure to be leveled to the ground and destroyed why because they they created with the intention of causing fitna within the Muslim community and they told us was a salaam that we want you to come and bless this masjid and so forth. Rasulullah saw some did not know about their intention and he was informed

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about this later on. It is in the same sutra that Allah subhanho wa Taala he talked about Abdullah bin obey the leader of the manavi Quran and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that these are people that Allah will never forgive is still filled love them. Oh, let the selfie level International Film Sabrina Mara Fulani, Allahu Allah hum if you even seek forgiveness for them 70 times and by the way, when you when you see the word 70 or 100 in the Hadith or in the Quranic, especially in Quranic terms, it doesn't mean necessarily 71 More than 69 and one less than 71 it is usually an expression that Allah so even if you seek the stepfather of Allah or

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the forgiveness of Allah or butterly for this munafo community, Allah will not forgive them. Allah subhanho wa Taala also instructed us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Wallah to suddenly had the men who matter other than Walter Comala company, you should never pray subtle Janaza on these people, and you will never stand on their graves and so forth. So there's a lot that we see within this surah Now, within the surah Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned two important expeditions one is the battle of Pronin ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he says that do not become like the mafia on what did they do when they see adversity, they always retreat in the Battle of Conan the Muslims actually

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thought that in the past, we were always outnumbered but we've always been able to defeat our opponents. Here in the Battle of Cronyn. We are outnumbering our opponents. This should be a very simple, easy task in sha Allah, no problem. They never realized and they never put their trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala initially, and by the way, there were many people who retreated because the Muslims were facing defeat initially in the battle, and that is when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gathered the Sahaba and he gave his very

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A famous quote, and then bu laccadive I never know Abdulmutallab that I am a prophet and I don't lie wrong and and lies do not come from my mouth. And I'm from the children of Abdulmutallab, and he was able to gather and then they were able to push forward and defeat their opponents. And then after that, you have the, the expedition of five, and so forth. And then the next major battle or, or expedition that took place was the expedition of taboo, which is also highlighted in the sutra. And I want to quickly just mentioned few important points that we can learn from this story. By the way, there was what taboo happen, perhaps in the eighth or ninth year of the Hijra of Rasulullah,

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this was the last of aswell. This was the last verse in the Syrah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I mean, this was the last expedition that he himself personally participated in. Now, of course, many people, they speculate that what was the cause of this expedition? Some say that there was a threat from the Romans and Rasulullah sallallahu. Some wants to go out and surprise them and so forth. But majority of the, the those who are the experts of Syrah, they say that this was more of a litmus test. This was more of a test from Allah subhanho wa Taala to gauge the loyalty of the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu. See, so far, we're talking about you

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know, right what a year before the Prophet SAW he passed away, because after this, you have the hedge and then after hedge we know, Ross was some he got sick and he passed away. So we know that this is the time where the Quran has already been revealed. So Mani cam had been revealed. Now Allah subhanho wa taala. He wants to test their loyalty. How loyal of these are these people, and the very first thing that we learned from this is that when Allah will test us or in our loyalty, when I say I believe in Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, Allah says in the Quran, Allah has given us a huge rock who

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were homeless that you've known, you cannot believe that you say that you believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. And you will not be tested. Each one of us sitting over here, or eemaan is at a different level. Allah will test us in different capacities. But the reality is that no one will escape a test from Allah subhanho wa taala. And when that test comes, and that test of loyalty comes, the very first thing that we learned from the battle of the book, or this expedition of the book was and there was no battle by the way, there was no there was not a single fight that happened. They went and they came back. But what we learned from this is the amount of difficulty that it will take

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sometimes when Allah will test us, we will go through difficulty we learned from this expedition, that the Sahaba they will say that we were so thirsty the reason why this is even called the Hustla after book is because there were so thirsty, that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the night before they arrived at the book, the Prophet alayhi salam told them that tomorrow we're going to arrive at a certain place you will come across water and do not drink of that water till I get there. And why they're gonna Jabba the Allah Allah he says that when we were getting close, we saw in a distance, few of our companions, they had they had preceded us, they had reached there. And

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when Rasul Allah Allah you Salam, when he reached there, he asked that have you drink the water yet? Or have you touched the water? And they said, Yeah, so what we did, and by the way, was given a job at that time, he only gives an indication that the Prophet SAW Selim, he said, some very harsh words that time he doesn't necessarily narrate what exactly did the Prophet say, he simply says that the Prophet of Islam was really upset. And then the property some he told all the Sahaba go around and try to gather all the water that we have. And at that time, the land began to produce water. And that's why many of the Sahaba they refer to this expedition as the buzzword taboo, because it was

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the place of the book that saved their lives if they did not have water. Another thing that we learned from this expedition is that this was the prime harvest season. And it was also very hot when he was hot. The Sahaba were complaining about the heat. Allah reminded the Sahaba the Allah who I know, you're complaining about this heat cooler to Johanna, a Shahara. That fire of jahannam. The heat of the fire Jahannam is far more intense than this. Remember that? Yes, this is very hot. And by the way, if you said he's the CEO or the Prophet, this happened, prime July time, and we know that July time is the hottest time of the year. So you're talking about this was also the expedition

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where the Sahaba had to travel the most for this journey. This was a 400 to be exact 403 miles. We're talking about 403 miles northwest of Medina, where they went

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And the battle of butter, the Battle of the will not that far out the battle but that you have to nowadays take a two hour bus drive to go to the Battle of butter, but have heard is close to Medina. But the battle or the the place of the book is 403 Miles that's like from here way from here to Houston. That's how it is. So you have to understand how hot it was how you know how much less water they had. And then on top of that, why it was difficult because this was prime harvest season. See you and I we work sometimes two weeks, we get a paycheck, we work a month we get a paycheck, the Sahaba they never had that same system, they would plant throughout the entire year. And they had

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one month where they would harvest and that was the one month where they would make money. And that was that time and here on one end, this is the time to make money. But on one end they have to go in the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this was of course very difficult. So the very first thing that we learned is when Allah will test us we will go through difficulties, but we have to always remain firm. The second thing that we learned from this is the story of cabin Malika Viola on a very well known story, I'll quickly go through this, that what we learned is that in order when Allah does test our loyalty to him, and our commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala we will be sometimes

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told to compromise our deen see cabin Malik was told go in light. Rasulullah saw Salam you were not able to join the expedition of taboo go and lie to us wa salam compromise our deen but he never compromise his deen and whenever that kind of situation comes we have to remain committed to our deen. And so these kinds of situations will appear in our life, but we cannot ever compromise in our deen. The third thing that we learned from this from this expedition, and the story of cabin medical EULA one is that always be with those who are the acidic goon or be with those who are the Assad the own be with those who are the believers in Allah subhanho wa taala. See God in America, the Allah

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wine while he was going through his 40 Day boycott, or 50 Day boycott. At that time, he received a letter from a a Christian king. And he was saying that we sympathize with you. We know how the Prophet has treated you. It's wrong. We know how the Sahaba have treated you it's wrong. Come to us. We will honor you. We will take care of you. We will show you what honor dignity is. And think about that so many times when we're looking for sympathy when we're looking for support and so forth. We don't realize the support could be coming from anywhere. Coggan Malik was smart about this, he saw that the support is coming from the wrong place. At that time. He had the letter in his hand and he

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threw in the fire. So we have to always remember that when this kind of situation comes we always stick with the believers. The fourth thing that we learned from this story is do not ever procrastinate. Gaby medical Yolanda kept on saying I will go tomorrow I will go tomorrow I will go tomorrow. That's what he said. And eventually the time came that also was Salam is on his way back to Medina. So always in our life. Even when it comes to Ramadan. We don't ever procrastinate. If I want to change myself, I changed myself today in sha Allah. And the fifth and last point that we learned from the story is that your past or one incident in your life does not dictate your entire

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life. God will medical you Allah on he had this situation. And he went through the process of cleanliness or this cleanse, of 50 days this boycott that took place he went through this process, but the same time what we also learn is that you know one incident does not dictate your entire life. Many times we feel oh one incident I'm doomed. I don't know what my situation is like no. Yes, we are all human beings. We have hiccups in our life. We always have setbacks in our life, but a believer keeps on moving forward in sha Allah. So this is why these are just few things that we learned from this expedition which is also mentioned in surah. A Toba I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to

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make us amongst those who learn lessons who are take lessons from the seal of the prophets of Salaam and apply in our life and mirabile al Amin is that Kamala Hi, Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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NASCI what Bellina Meenal Houda wonderful on

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femora Shahidan Gomez Shahar fellow as

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well woman again and Maddie one elewana sefirat

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you read on libido more you saw wanna you read to be cool. Last one. Serravalle took me last night that I wanted to go beyond long.

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