Zahir Mahmood – The Miscarried Child Will Drag The Parents Into Jannah!

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a narration of the story of the Messenger of Allah's Day of the Ass SG. The narrator describes a woman who has a miscarriage and is stuck between her and her child. The narrator describes the message of Islam to her mother and her child, and how the message of Islam to her child is resonated with her.
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And another narration the Messenger of Allah said on the Day of Judgment, a woman who has a miscarriage,

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the child miscarriage, the child will come with an umbilical cord.

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And it will tie the embedded biblical cord around the mother and the father. And it will plead.

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And it will debate the commentators mentioned the whole debate and plead with Allah until it will have his umbilical cord rather, may go in that they go left they're going right.

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And they were meant to go left. But he will tie said no, and it will pull, pull, pull until it takes his parents into

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into Jana.

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One day the message of Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting and there was a man sitting with him with his child, at the mercy of Allah could see how much this father loved the child. And he said to the Father, He said, Do you love this child?

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said yes.

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Do you know how much I love him a message of Allah? May Allah love you like the way I love this child.

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May Allah love you, like us current showing over to Allah loved missing Allah mother, we're trying to show how much you love this child. And then the man disappeared to the Mercy of Allah said, where is that man who used to come with a child who said O Messenger of Allah, you don't know. His son passed away. He's gone. It's gone in depression. He doesn't really come out it just at home because he loved his child so much to the Messenger of Allah wants met him. And the messenger of Allah said to him,

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he said, Oh my brother, Are you not happy with the fact that when you go to Jannah your child will be waiting at the doors of

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another generation. The prophets Allah sallam said that that child will open the doors of Jennifer G.

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