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The importance of Islam is highlighted, including guidance and guidance to individuals, building houses, setting up buildings, finding the foundation, and shaping behavior. The power and authority of Islam is emphasized, including the belief that everything is in one's control and everything is small for everything. Consistent good conduct is essential for success in business, avoiding false assumptions, and achieving political structure. The "beauty of Islam" in the way people act and how it can be achieved through personal growth is also emphasized.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala Nabhi Avada and Emiliana V. Abadi who along with about the Almighty he was lucky to have about a Kitabi what actually at about a three artic Amma value for the villa he Mina shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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you heard leadin Hello facil Mika wallet wo Potawatomi shaytaan setup hola hola Azim My dear respected elders and brothers I have recited an ayat of the Holy Quran in front of you. In which Allah subhanho wa Taala says all believers enter into Islam wholeheartedly and completely enter into Islam wholeheartedly and completely. Sometimes you and I we have the tendency to pick and choose with regard to Islam for took maroon everybody will get up whatever Karuna we bad Allah Allah says do you accept part of the Kitab? And do you reject part of the holy Kuta Kitab This is not fair to the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala you have to enter into Islam wholeheartedly. Islam

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is a complete way of life. It gives us guidance and teachings in every aspect of our life. It gives us guidance with regard to our Ibadat it gives us guidance with regard to our beliefs. It gives us guidance with regard to our financial dealings. It gives us guidance with regard to our clock and our conduct and our character. And it gives us guidance with regard to our staying and interaction with one another. And all of that is part of Islam. Even things that you and I we sometimes take it lightly, or we don't regard it as important. Islam has given us guidance with regard to that also. Someone came to us at Salmaan FRC one does non Muslim and he said what type of religion you have,

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that your navy teaches you even how to relieve yourself and go to the bathroom. So, if it was as you and I we would have been perhaps overcome and overwhelmed by inferiority complex and we would have said no is not such an important part of our religion Salmaan FRC the ultra do not say so. He said yes. Our beloved Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us even how to go and relieve ourselves. And then he enumerated the etiquettes that we are supposed to bring about when you and I we go to the bathroom when we go and relieve ourselves. So this is Islam. Allah Tala fermata que Islam membuka molto production Hojo Islam eight mocha ml the studio hired Ibadat Kallithea Muhammad

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Allah hace scoperta Lim data Yatta Cajun cheese Aqua Amma Omni semistate, whose Kibera maybe, or maybe a cream sauce from Catalina keister as a bagel Halima Jana destra, second opinion, sub karamea Islam or Taleem, we have to give us an example of the comprehensiveness and the completeness of Islam. I normally give a small example. The example is brothers if you and I want to build up a beautiful house, or home or a building, or even let's take this masjid, for example. Where do you start off from? Where do you start off when you want to put up a beautiful structure or a beautiful masjid or home, the first thing that you do is you make the foundation strong, and you put up the

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pillars. Everyone who has seen or who has gone through a building will know that the first thing that you do is you put the foundation strong, the foundation must be strong. And many times you'll find that in a building, sometimes the ground is not stable, the ground is very wet, for example, you have to let do piling you have to do it. Because without the foundation, that particular building will not be able to stand up on that building. If you put up a building without the foundation being strong, the building is going to collapse. So the first thing that you do in any building is you see to it that the foundations are strong. There's a beginning stages of any

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building, right the beginning stages of any structure, the beginning stages of anything that you put the foundation is very strong. In our history, there was a very famous architect by the name of Sinan.

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Many of the many important buildings in Turkey, the Suleimani masjid, the Edina Masjid all of that was the architect behind it was sedang. On one occasion, the Sultan and the hula told him to put up a very important building. So he told the people to put up the foundation. Then after a while he went away. So then people were now surprised the ruler was very surprised and said

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He told us to put up a you know, foundation and he went away, who's going to complete the building because no one knows about the building but him. He is the architect. And he came after a while. And he said, I deliberately went away for some time, because I wanted the foundation to sit. This building is such that tell the foundation doesn't say you can put up the building.

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So this is now when we look at Islam, the structure of Islam, the first thing that we have to do is to see that your foundations are strong, without which you will never be able to put up the structure of Islam and what is our foundations Booney al Islam Allah comes via cream sauces, and if you and I we have already so many occasions, Islam rest upon five pillars. These are the foundations of Islam. If you want to start off in be serious about

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practicing Islam, the first thing that we have to do is to see that your foundations are strong, your starting point, Ghanaian Islam, what comes shahada to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, to give testimony on the oneness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala, the prophet of our beloved Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the establishment of Salah the giving us the car, the first thing in the month of Ramadan, end to end to perform pilgrimage and Hajj to MCI mocha Rama, if Allah gives people the means. These are the pillars of Islam. If you want to start off, this is where we have to start off with regard to the practicing of Islam, without which we cannot do anything greater. Or we

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cannot start off anywhere but besides this.

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The Prophet around which our entire Deen revolves around is belief in the greatness

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the power, the authority that Allah Tala wills over the entire universe and over us. Everything. Our whole deal revolves around the greatness of Almighty Allah. The hallmark is similar to one another in a woman.

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To Allah Allah belongs the power and authority in the in the, in the earth, and in the heavens, whatever is between the earth and the heavens, and what is in the crust of the earth. The Luma is somewhat warmer Lena Houma up to Allah belongs the power and authority of the heavens and earth, between the heavens and earth and what is in the crust of the earth. Everything belongs to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala the power authorities of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that knows everything to say Penedo teason

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Islam como como carnamah subset Pelican, boneyard Casa hirako or guna catches a punch boom era of the hottie soon in a vehicle himself some Nikka K Islam punches Oh Cooper on keep on Jada shadow, shahada salads the god or power Soma Ramadan subset para agar kisi Tamil kisi makan PATA America now to subset Bella Boone Jaco say he almost bought Coca Cola for you he is American Jada, who's covered Islam Cooper among Karna.

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So the first thing is, look at the greatness and the power of Almighty Allah, the knowledge of Allah so men come man or several old woman Jarabe it is equal to Allah subhanho wa Taala whether you do something in private, or whether you do something openly, whether you do something in broad daylight will most often believe it was terrible, or whether you do it in in broad daylight Allah is Aware of Yamaha in Atala Yan. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows the treachery of your eyes. Sometimes a person looks at you you don't know what what intention is looking at you. Allah knows what what intention you are looking at something. Amato fish pseudo. Allah knows what your heart conceals. Before you

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even can make mention of it your intention Allah knows why you are doing any particular action a lot. The first thing is for us to understand or who will Are you for anybody.

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He has full control over his bondsman.

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Well who will Hakeem will Kabir He is all knowing, in his full of wisdom, to show you a small example of his power and authority over you. Either Jah had a common mode, there were far too rasuna for whom law you for return. When the time of your death comes, Allah sends a messenger what is that messenger molecule mode? That messenger allow you for retune. Never go against the commands of Allah. Today we find the politician says something the bureaucrats do something else. They employer say something the employee does do something else. We all the time complaining about the people that don't follow commands. Allah says Leia Soon Allah Hama Amara whom ye follow nama maroon, the angels

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never go against the commands of Allah. They only do what Allah

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commands them. Molecule mode is told to take your life at a particular junction, either John or John whom dyestuff they don't Asakawa you're stuck the moon, when your time comes for death, it is not brought forward a moment, it is not delayed a moment.

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And if whether you are ready to go or not, whether you want to go or not, whether you want to leave this world or not, when your time of death comes, you have to leave. What does it show you? You don't have control over your life.

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The destiny of your life is not in your hands. It's in the hands of Allah, or who will call you hero he has full control over his bondsman over his creation. This is a small example. And therefore because of this, Islam has taught us turned towards Almighty Allah whose Corolla has the Quran Kathira remember Allah Tala in abundance, when Allah is such control over you, it does not behoove you that you can live a life in disobedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala you cannot be rebellious towards Almighty Allah. When Allah has such power and control over you and the entire universe, you have to obey Allah Tala, for your Naja for your salvation.

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So this is an turn towards Almighty Allah and everything in every matter. Maybe a Kareem saw Solomon said, even if your shoelaces break, ask Allah

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because if Allah Allah takes away the control, you won't be able to go down to even tie your laces.

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I'll give me an example. There was a very, you know, wealthy person in in America and I read somewhere about him it was most likely Henry Ford or something like that multi millionaire multi billionaire. Towards the end of his life, the muscles of his eyelids failed him.

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So he couldn't keep his eyes open.

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So to keep his eyes open you to put a small would like a matchstick here to keep his eyes open.

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You and I we blink every six seconds or every eight seconds to ever think about it. This happened because of Allah Tala. So even if a shoe lays brickton towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. Nothing is big for Allah, nothing is small for us. Ask Allah for everything. Nothing is small for us. Nothing is big for ALLAH ask Allah for even the greatest of things. And nothing is small for us. If I tell you what to take away, the

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the thing that you and I take for granted or even going to relieve ourselves what will happen to us?

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We all know what will happen to us the difficulty we will undergo to so a person one day, he couldn't pass during so he went to the neurologist, the neurologist, you know, put a catheter. So after the catheter, the doctor sent a bill and the bill was a very hefty bill. Normally we know that no, so when he saw the bill, he started crying. Nowadays you see the bulk of the doctor you might cry also. So he started crying. So the doctor said why are you crying? You are very old patient of mine spay whenever you want and if you can pay solos, okay? They said Doctor, I'm not crying because I can't pay the bill. Allah has given me well and crying it for so many years I went to relieve

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myself. Allah never sent me a book.

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One day I couldn't do it. You sent me such a big table.

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Has a woman Viola who is you know on his deathbed. Every now and then he said that we couldn't perform certain people said you are so you sick you are wounded. He said in Hama Ohmori. In the coma salah the most important thing in our deen is Salat for Monday yah, holy mercy wa wherever waste salad we ever does not perform a salad you will not be able to perform any other matters of the

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he can be serious.

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In our room or your house, it will be held up to your will to Matthias to let the first thing Allah will question you on the Day of camera will be your salad. If that is found to be successful, then it is hoped that other matters of following good will also be successful. But if that is far fail, you fail the first hurdle you are more likely to fail the other hurdles also because it's the first thing when we perform and we do any structure is receded. The foundation is strong. This is our foundation. Imagine Allah imagine our soul and love for nighties, Rasul and to see that our basic practices are done. But after that what happens after you have done your foundation? Have you ever

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seen a structure? Have you ever seen a building people only put the foundation in the living? What will you say about such a building? You will say it's incomplete. It's not nice. You need the foundation without the foundation this whole thing will come crumbling down. But after the founding

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See what do you do? You put up the building you put up the beautiful windows, you put up the beautiful muscles, you put up the beautiful painting. Look at the beautiful architecture. Look at the beautiful painting. Look at the names of Allah Tala, this has given beauty to this building. After you have put the foundation of Islam, then what do you do? You put the beauty of Islam. Then you put the beauty of Islam lies into things, our financial dealings and our conduct. Just as this is the beauty of the building. The beauty of Islam is in our financial dealings and in our good conduct that we display to one another. Without which there is no beauty of Islam. Brother your

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Ibaadat you need the foundation you need but people don't decide the beauty of a building by the Foundation. Ever so someone coming to a magician, what a beautiful budget you got. The foundations are very nice.

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They will say what a beautiful budget you got. Look at how nice the architecture is the muscles are so nice. Look at what a beautiful the 99 names of Allah Tala you have engraved, so beautiful. That makes the beauty of Oberlin. Your rebodied is between you and Allah you need without which your Eman will come crumbling down. The building will come crumbling down. The beauty my dear respected Brothers is how do you interact and how do you transact with people? The longest ayat in the Holy Quran

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is not about salad the card Rosa Hodge the longest verse in the Holy Quran is about financial dealings.

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In Africa young to be gay in in de la Julian was summoned to subset Bellagio I'm Catherine Islam calm Welcome. Welcome Nikki apne Bonilla Delta, they can boneyards Atlanta Whoa. McGann pura muta McConkey Xena kiss cheese man, McConkey Xena Johanna wood tiling, row row rockin mayhem painting Mohammed. He says Tara hamara didn't get your mechanic didn't get your mechanic was Kizuna kiss cheese man Wabanaki Drew's kudos to give him or o'clock it was to give in to America or in Chisholm is inserted into

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the longest ayat in the Quran I was saying

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is about financial dealings. When you give someone a loan,

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put a witness we put two witnesses right down the transaction right down to how much we're paying him how much we are given him alone. When will he pay that have two witnesses different types of scenarios in that one one is over one page to do with financial dealings. Allah destroyed edition in the past because they were not honest in their business dealings with Medina haha I'm sure Eva to Meridian essential. And Allah is still a Tolan to them what did he tell them? Allah Allah Allah Camilla Allah in first, the boneyard, the foundation, worship no one besides Allah, Walton posts will make you Allah will miss Zan and don't weigh less. And don't measure less by mischief. Don't be

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dishonest in your business dealings. You know what do they reply? They reply and sometimes it makes me worry that day reply.

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You and I we have a similar type of understanding and sometimes feeling he said, Yeah, sure. Eva salah. Takata Maru Karnataka Maya,

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our nephila Fear Molina, Manisha, all shaved as your deen teaches us what we must do with our wealth,

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our wealth, we will deal with it how we want you and I received my business, I will deal with it how I want, I must make business the way I want. Don't come tell me interest is around. Don't come tell me this is haram. I must look at profit no matter how I earn the profit.

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By that particular understanding. That view is the view of a nation Allah destroyed

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is not the nation of a believer. We believe wealth has been given to us by Allah and we are going to be accountable to Allah for him.

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To have the questions out of the five questions Allah will ask us on the Day of karma it will be to do with wealth. How did you earn your wealth? How did you spend your wealth? Allah will ask you about it. Did you earn it halal? Did you spend it halal? Where do we get this particular notion my wealth I can earn with it the way I want and I can spend about the way I work

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and the way we deal with that people will come to know the beauty of Islam by our honesty when we deal with them.

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That's one and the next particular portion with regard to the beauty of Islam is our conduct. Brothers una good conduct we take it for granted. We never ever be regarded as part of the

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Do you know what the value of it is? In NASCAR che in uniform famous and you want me to Yama Yama to Caloocan Hassan.

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The weightiest thing that Allah will wait on the day of Yama, in your scale of good deeds

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will be good conduct

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more than more than salads or anything else, the way to stick will be how you conduct yourself with one another. Abdullah we must have often was asked what is good conduct. So he gave three three answers, to meet people with a smiling face.

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Smiling costs nothing but people can smile.

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Saba said we never saw anyone more smiling than the miracle himself.

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We can smile to one another. Secondly, be a well wisher of every human being. wish him well. Her Waikato

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who Snia clarkia LucasArts Kanopy Shani ksrp Shana her Atelier, Claire Hawaii or do seracote That leaves a banana and the third thing is stay away from harming people. This is good conduct.

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And what didn't we saw some say the weight yes thing to be weighed on the scale of our good deeds. In the mineral youth record the hostname of the data data caught me lady was Salomon Nebia Kareem saw some said a movement through the means of good conduct. He learns the same reward of a person who makes the HUD to whole night

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and he earns the same reward as the one who keeps fast every day in which is permissible to keep fast. And someone reads 100 numbers every day we see very very pious person both Nick admin, but anyone has good conduct did we ever see he's good? Can we ever see is pious but in the words of Hadith he gets the same reward as someone who makes the heartwood all night.

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I'm coming to school but we ever never even regarded to be part of the Ya Allah, such important things. And without this o'clock,

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my dear respected brothers, there is a there is a warning. And there is a fear that even our Ibaadat

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will become wiped away if our clock is not good that we give an example that will conclude with this Sahaba came one day to nebbia cream sauce. And they say the other sort of Allah in our neighborhood is a woman

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who makes a lot of Nuffield, we've added

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that to it and everything. But her conduct with people is not good.

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She swears people she abuses people she fights with people,

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via Kareem saw Salam said if she remains like this, she will go to Johanna.

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Despite and offended by that

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Yara Sula in our neighborhood is a woman. She only reads for us. She don't read an awful lot.

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But there are similar she is good with everyone.

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Everyone in the neighborhood, you know with whom she's supposed to keep relationship, everyone is happy with her. She's all the time friendly. Oh my Sahaba if she remains the way she is, she will go to Jana.

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And understand this technical point. Just understand what I'm saying. We'll learn more from this I've written

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that the shortcomings in Ibaadat can be made

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with good conduct.

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The shortcomings in Aflac and good, good conduct cannot be made up by more evident if you don't treat people kindly, you can go and make more evidence and make up that

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but sometimes if you don't make it you can make it up with good o'clock. This this incident teaches us the reoccurring stoicism was known for his good conduct Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina, Muhammad Ali most of the Absolon o'clock

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salaam be one the one who had a greatest o'clock and that now completes the building good Hello Israel mica that will give the beautiful present presentation of Islam. The foundations are strong, that everything is beautiful. The painting is beautiful, the tiling is beautiful, the carpet is beautiful, and that gives a beautiful structure and of the entire building. And this will give us the political structure of Islam. Our foundations are correct our clock is correct, our Muhammad is correct. Then we will be amongst those who practice upon the ayat. enter into Islam in completion and wholeheartedly will be all my dear respect well as in conclusion, when we all take a take an

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oath and say Inshallah, we will all practice upon Islam in its entirety inshallah.

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