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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah he will be here woman over to Hammerberg. Today short hotter is going to be about a topic that is not very common to hear about but it is very important. And that is just some brief remarks about how the Quran and Sunnah how the seer of the Prophet SAW Selim is teaching us to deal with those who are emotionally or physically challenged in our societies. You know, Allah test some people that they don't have what other people have Allah test some people physically they don't have what other people have, emotionally they don't have what other people have mentally they don't have what other people have. So what can we

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talk about from the Quran and Sunnah from the syrup about this reality or this phenomenon? Let us begin by pointing out that those people that are tested, there is no question that it is a very difficult test. And it is a part of the Sunnah, to give them glad tidings of genuine if they are patient. So we have the incident of the blind man coming to the Prophet sallallahu it he was send them and saying that, you know, Messenger of Allah, you know, ask Allah to cure me. In fact, even before this, there's another Hadith that links with this, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever Allah takes away his two beloved things, the eyes and he is patient, Allah shall give

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him Jana. So he told us beforehand, that whomever Allah takes away his eyesight, and he demonstrates patience, there is nothing less than Jenna. And then the Hadith also, we learned that on the Day of Judgment, when Allah shall reward those who have been tested and tried, those who are not tested and tried the Afia, people will look at that reward. And they will wish that in this dunya, their skin were peeled from their live bodies, so that they could get the reward of those people who were tested. So in this world, we don't want to be people who are tested. But in the next world, the people who are not tested will feel jealous of the people who were tested. And they will wish to go

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back and be tested. Of course, they're going to wish but it's not going to happen. Because when you see the results is different than those here. So we don't want to be tested but we give glad tidings to those who are tested. And it is human nature when you are tested. You don't want to be tested and that's Helen and that's permissible. And you ask Allah to lift up the test. Back to the Hadith I began with that the blind man came to the Prophet sallallahu it was said to them, he said Yasuda Allah make dua to Allah to cure my blindness. So okay is halal. You don't want to be blind, nobody wants to be in capacity. Nobody wants to be sick. So the Prophet system said to him, if you wish,

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I'll make dua and if you wish, be patient and I guarantee you agenda. Me Subhanallah What a beautiful thing. If you want to make dua okay. But I'm telling you that if you maintain this and your patient, you will get Jana and the man he's a human being even his hobby he said, Yeah, Rasul Allah make dua panela make dua inshallah get Jana, otherwise I will end this dunya I want to see so it's a long hadith is called the Hadith of the blind man, you can look this up, the president said say this, do go home, pray to the car, you know, do will do say this, and Allah will kill you. And indeed, that's exactly what happened. Another lady came to the Prophet system. And she said, Yabba

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suta, Allah, I suffer from Yanni we now know it's epilepsy. She describes it and it fits and whatnot. I suffer from epilepsy, make dua that Allah cures me. He's holder the same thing. If you wish, I'll make dua and if you wish, be patient and you shall get Jana. Now, why do you think our process is telling the blind man and the lady who's suffering fits? Why is he telling them this? Not for them for me and you? Because he is not going to? We cannot go to him and say, I'd also like to make dua for my son, that's going to be the door shut now. Right? So he's giving Glad Tidings to every disabled person, every person till the Day of Judgment, who does not have access to come and

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say, Oh, Allah make dua for me. That's why he made the rule. If you wish, I'll make dua no problem, but let me tell you, if you are patient, you shall get Jana SubhanAllah. So in this case, the lady said, I will one gender by the way.

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Both are Sahaba nothing wrong for not wanting to be tested is human nature. Don't feel guilty do your brother or sister that you're constantly making dua you have every right to make dua and make dua. Nobody's saying don't make dua but in this case the Prophet systems is a bit higher and he has the opportunity to say if you want I'll make dua and if you want you shall get Jenna Okay, nothing wrong with us making two out so in both of these cases, the processing gave both options. And in both of these cases, each one took a different option. So the lady says, Okay, I want Jenna. But then she had one request, but I have one request Yasuda Allah and that is when I am having these

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fits sometimes my clothes reveal my outer at least make sure that my outer is covered Subhan Allah Subhan Allah so the process of made dua that our outer always be covered when she's suffering these fits, right. So the point being, you have both of these examples and, you know, role models for us to follow. We learn from the Sunnah as well, that we should be sympathetic and kind to those that are suffering. It's a part of our sunnah our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would visit those who are sick, he would visit those who are disabled, it is authentically narrated that a blind man came to the Prophet system. He said, Yeah rasool Allah sometimes the rivers come or the when the

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rain falls, I should say, my I cannot walk to the masjid so I pray at home. So I'm asking you a favor. Can you come to my house across the valley so different mini city outside of Medina? Can you come to my house, so that your prayer spot I will feel comfortable praying there that you pray that this is the bedrock it's allowed for the Prophet SAW Salem? Now the man's houses a large walk away. He is Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he goes now in Nephi I shall do it. Tomorrow. I'll come to your house. He called a walker and Omar Bilal, they walked to the man's house. He's a blind man. And he entered the house. He goes where do you want me to pray? The blind man pointed in that corner.

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That's what I liked you to pray and the process and pray to God just to make him feel good about himself just to to give that extra time extra encouragement. This is our sunnah in the Hadith. And so I Bahati we learned there was a lady who was mentally not there, you know, she was a normal, and she walked into the processes gathering walk straight up to him and said, Yeah, rasool Allah, I need to discuss something with you. It's awkward, and you don't, but everybody knows she's not normal. So the prophets are some said, Yeah, I'm a to Allah, Oh servant, the female servant of Allah, tell me what time and what place to meet you. And I shall meet you and we will discuss. So she indeed she

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pointed a time and place the process and went in a public place and he spoke with her. It was some whatever we don't know what it was, but to give time for somebody who's mentally unbalanced, right, just to make them feel good. This is our Syrah or soon of the Prophet salallahu it who was selling them also we are taught to very clearly to arugula never make fun of somebody or to make somebody feel awkward because of this hadith isn't Bahati that you know, even Massoud, he suffered from a dis form a deformity of the legs, his legs, they would curve and that's why he would wear long garments. And so one time he climbed up to get something from the top of a tree and so his legs could be seen

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and somebody laughed in public. Our professor said are you laughing at even lawsuits legs? Well law here they are heavier in the skills of on the day of judgment than the mountain of art. Who are you to laugh at even Mr. Rude, but he made the point are you laughing at this you don't make fun of people because they are of this nature something a little bit about what type of humanity is left in you. So we go out of our way in fact, there's an authentic hadith our Prophet says on even forbade staring at those who are disabled led to the moon Navarro, Elon Musk Doom is a Hadith and in that culture, it was okay to stare in that culture. You know, in our Western culture, it's very rude to

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stare right? In that culture is okay you just stare stare stare are profitsystem forbade Don't stare at those who are disabled is going to make them feel bad. Subhanallah so even this notion of you know, making conscious being conscious of how they are feeling being conscious that you don't put them in an awkward, you know, Spot even this is coming down in our Shediac In fact, there is a verse in the Quran that is revealed because of this awkwardness. Allah says no Quran, lay Salah Mahajan whether Allah outers, you halogen Wallah Allen Murray the hydrogen water and food circum and coolamon beautiful diverse goes on, there is no sin on the one who is limp or the one who is blind

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or the one who is sick or the one you know anybody who to eat in your houses or the houses of your father's or, or anybody the list goes on. When I first memorize the Quran, I was like, why is Allah mentioning there is no sin on the one who's limping and the one who's blind and the one who's sick, you know, to eat together? Why would Allah say the limping and the blind? What is this got to do with it? Then when time comes and you're reading the books of seed, that seed authority tells us why. In Jai Heelys,

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society there was a stigma attached to people who are disabled. And that stigma was if you're around them, you will also be affected. So Allah from above the seven heaven revealed laser, hydrogen, while an allergy hydrogen, one other remedy the Holige if you're blind if you're limping, if you're sick if you're no problem eat together or eat singly or eat with your parents or eat any it's okay to eat together. Allah revealed in the Quran so that people don't feel an awkwardness to intermingle with those in jiotv it was they thought it was wrong to intermingle with and so our Shetty has come to lift up the spirits of those who they have been tested in ways we have not been tested with. And

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ASHA has come to remind us of their book. In fact, in an authentic hadith, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and this is a very very scary Hadith, Allah's lie now is on the one who misguides a blind man Subhanallah that's not practical joke. There's no such thing as a blind man comes he wants help and then you out have fun you tease him Allah's Lana is on the one who misguides a blind man Why do you think this hadith is coming? Because these are the most vulnerable people those that are intellectually not like us, those that are physically disabled, those that are emotionally you know, going through a difficult what not anybody takes advantage of them. They're

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the worst of the worst Allah's Lana is on such person, can you imagine just there is no such thing as taking advantage of such people. And that's by the way also the the issue of orphans property even the orphans is a temporary but still, why is it so harsh orphans property because they're vulnerable, and when you take their property, then you have no humanity left and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah's help shall come to you, when you help do your due alpha and you're weak. Allah's help comes to you when you help the weakest amongst you. So these are the weakest amongst us. And when we help them go out of our way for them, take care of them. That is one

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Allah's blessings are gonna come to us. Final point is that for those of us that are not being tested in those ways, by the way, realize we're being tested in other ways, right? Each one of them was being tested for those that are not being tested in those ways. There is a dua that we say to ourselves, not to others, not in public, we say to ourselves, Alhamdulillah Hello, the founding member of taka, we asked, we thank Allah azza wa jal that he has protected me from what he has tested you with and that He has blessed me and that he has preferred me over others. This is a prophetic do app and the purpose is not are with a biller to gloat, the purpose is to appreciate

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your blessings. There's a big difference between the two, when you see somebody underprivileged, struggling, when you see somebody who is a lesbian, I mean, Allah is testing him in a way that you are not being tested with, then you should thank Allah, not that you're better than him, but that Allah has given you a blessing and you should not take it for granted. And Hamdulillah he led the funny meme of tilaka This is not said to the person, this is between you and Allah that you appreciate, and you thank Allah for a blessing he has given you so this in a nutshell is some and of course much more can be said the bottom line, those that are being tested should welcome gender

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insha Allah to Allah and that is the only reward for those that are being tested for their whole lives. Those that are not being tested, a lot of obligations are on us towards those people, their fur coat and their kindness and taking care of them making dua for them, making life easy for them and that we do not take advantage of them. May Allah subhana wa Tada make sure that we are more alpha and all of these things. May Allah azza wa jal continue to bless us and protect us from all harm and evil, which is akmola head said I'm Monica Morocco to Leobardo. Katrin.

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