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Surat Al An’am describes the unique demonstration of our Father to his people


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are over below him in a sherry Parnell regime.

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And imagine Allah you can hill a low carbon color head, rugby

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FLR color.

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Bull feely. Rubbish actually something where silly me rattle off the Tamila Sanjeev Kohli Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Ali was happy here Jemaine about

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Somali Kurata Lightoller Ricardo Ibrahim Ali Salam is one of the most intelligent human beings that ever lived. And we have to understand that before we read the rest of this incident, you're going to see in this incident, and he's gonna say that he looked at the star. And then he looked at the moon. And then he looked at the sun, and declared that they must be his God.

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And maybe the Sunday School version of the story that you may have heard is that he was, in fact, seriously considering the star as his God. And then he considered the moon as his God, and then the sun is his God. And as the story goes, when this the moon disappears, or the stars disappeared, meaning in the morning, then he realized he cannot be worshiping something that disappears. The same thing happens with the moon, and he realizes by morning, it's not something he can worship. And then he does the same thing with the Sun as the sun sets that he cannot love. He cannot be worshiping something that sets the problem with all of that is he already knew the moon, and the sun, and the

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stars were going to disappear before they disappeared, because human beings experienced night and day, since the moment they can have memories, children, small children. So this is not some discovery he had By that evening. Oh, no, the sun disappeared. What am I going to do now? That's the farthest thing from genius, isn't it? So what he's doing here is actually demonstrating, he's demonstrating the ridiculousness of believing in creation, as having divine power. That's what he's actually doing his demo, he's not actually believing it, he's showing it. And this is again, one of the unique ways of presenting an argument that was given to Ibrahim Ali so you can consider it even

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a high form of sarcasm. And this is not the only time you're gonna see sarcasm from Ibrahim Ali Salaam. He's gonna break all the idols eventually. And he's gonna, then when they come in, question him, the only one he spirits is the big one. Right? And they say, did you do this? And he says, Ask the big one. Right? And he's not serious about ask the big one. He's demonstrating the ridiculousness of what they believe Gods that you come to for protection can't even protect themselves. And the big one saw all of it happened. You can't even ask him a question and know what he doesn't even know what happened. The big one he's demonstrating. And again, this kind of

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demonstration was never done by people before by prophets before this was uniquely given to Ibrahim alayhis salam, unlike any other prophet. So he's doing this actually a very aggressive form of that way, if you will, but in in that aggressive form of Dallas some profound wisdom also. So that's what we're going to pay attention to, for the medina la Hillel When night fell upon him, or coco, but he saw the night star which is referring to Jupiter or the north star that shines extra and in the horizon. A lot of be alojado Robbie, he said, This is my Rob, this is my master. Now it's interesting that the words how the rugby are made up of a Moqtada and a Hubbard hada. As it is

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militia means this. And what is the hover Arabic students here will know that. But he didn't say, I'll call cup rugby. Alko Kabu rugby the star is my God is my master. That's not what he says. He says, This is my master. The thing about the word this is that it can refer to anyone or anything. And this is a kind of DoDEA who means in Arabic. When you say something that can have multiple meanings, somebody might listen to you and think that you mean one thing, but you actually mean something else. Right? So for example, you know, there's

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there, you know, there's a person hiding underneath the table, and the police come Have you seen this man?

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You know, have you seen this man running by here? No, I haven't. Officer and that's actually true because you didn't see him running by you saw him hiding under the table. So technically, you spoke the truth. Right? So you can play DoDEA meaning you can play word games. What I'm arguing is that Ibraheem Alehissalaam when he says, Hi, Robbie, the people who are listening to him thinks think that he's pointing at the star and saying, This is my master. But actually, even in those words, he doesn't actually say a statement of Schick. How about a bee is not a statement of * because it could still be referring to Allah

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himself, it could also be referring to Alamo Subdiv. Meaning, I tell you this, like, for example, if fire happened, right, and people brought different kinds of food, and there's one kind of food that your mom made, and you know, your mom's cooking, you know, your mom's plate. So you see said this, this my mom, that's not your mom, that's a plate. But what do you mean by that? You mean this is the work of my mom. So we actually do this all the time. You know, that, you know, people look at a designer, right? They look at a designer or they like a scientist like Elon Musk, for example. They see a Tesla go by that's Elon Musk. That's not Elon Musk, that's a car but you're saying this is a

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product of Elon Musk, you understand. So, we associate things with their their manufacturer, their maker their origin, their source all the time, this is a natural part of language. So in fact, looking at the moon with all and saying this is my master as in this is my masters work is actually completely understandable. But obviously the machine who can see behind that cannot see those cannot see the depth of those words. So they just see he's saying, Oh, he must be exploring that this is in fact his his god is Rob. Fella fella. By the way also, interestingly enough, he didn't say how that Eli he this is my God. He said this is my rub. This is my master. My nurturing master Rob is a very

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powerful relationship where whenever you declare someone rob you become you become the slave so he's not just saying I want to believe in some supernatural being he's actually saying I know whatever that supernatural being or that that that all powerful entity is I have to have a relationship with Him. And that relationship will be he will be master and I will be slave. So Harambee fell afoul when it disappears when it when it you know, vanishes into the into the the morning sky, Allah or Hubble I fill in. He said, I do not love those that settle that those who disappear. Now he didn't say I don't worship he said I don't love love or hippo. Right. So what he's saying now is, whoever

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he is in search of the worship he's going to do with him is not based on fear. It's not based on authority. The first thing that that worship is based on is actually love, love or Hibbeler feeling. I was just telling the kids before this halacha after maghrib that, after Allah azza wa jal mentioned Rob in Fatiha right after rob the first thing he wanted us to know about the word Rob, or how we should think about Rob is a rock man Rahim. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen or rochman right immediately after that there's a direct correlation between him being a Rob and him being a rock man Rahim. Now why is that important? Because on rock Mandela he means he showers an enormous,

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unimaginable constant amount of love on us, which means the one who gives you the most love, you fall back in love with them. The friends that are there for you in your toughest times are the friends you love most dearly. The parents, the siblings, the friend, the spouse, the children, when they give you love, the love for you have for them increases. It's a reciprocal thing. When you recognize Allah Azzawajal Rahim the reaction to that is that I have an increased an insatiable amount of love for my robe. That's the driving force. So it's really remarkable that that's actually the first key ingredient in my relationship with Allah and he's seeking that already when he says

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loughhead will actually follow Mara I'll camara Ghazi Khan when he saw the the moon out in full display on a huddle Robbie, he said this is my Rob. This must be it again. Haha, ambiguous so it could refer to Allah directly, which is what he's doing for the muffin when it also vanishes, called LM LM. Allah Ilam. Yeah, Dini, Robbie. And if my actual love does not guide me, Akuna nominal coma ball Lin, then I will absolutely be from the nation that is utterly lost. He's saying this out loud. And he's hoping people who hear this say, he'll be from the last people. If he just thinks that this is the robin, that's the rub. Or that means I'm from the last people. And he's indirectly trying to

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motivate them to develop the same thought process that he's demonstrating. Why haven't you thought about this? Are you so busy in your daily life that you didn't ever stop and think about this? You know, and this is the other thing are the rest of the people stupid? You think they just worship the sun in the moon because they're not intelligent. Human beings are intelligent. All human beings are intelligent. It doesn't matter if they're missionary or atheist. You know, some of the smartest scientists you'll meet are going to be Hindus and atheists and Buddhists and have strong conviction in those religions. So it's not like people who do * are not intelligent. You know what it is?

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They never think about these things. They're thinking about other things. Instead, they're thinking about other things and said, there are some things what happens you could be really smart in some part of your life, and really mindless in other parts of your life and you can coexist. Those two things real quick.

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Just inside the same person, you can have the best, you know, lung surgeon, who's also a chain smoker. When he's stressed out, he separated the two parts of it. Like it doesn't connect for him that those two things don't go together. Right? You can have people that are super intelligent lawyers. They can win a case they can humiliate the opposition. They can they can wreck somebody in court. Right. But they can they are completely, utterly silenced in front of their mother who comes from a village who doesn't know and she knows how to manipulate them. And she can't say a word because part of his brain works here. When he's when he puts that suit on. He goes into the

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courtroom. He's a beast, but then he's a he's a, what do they call it a piggy belly? Like it's a, it's a soaked cat. Like, that's, that's what he becomes, in another situation, can't even articulate himself. Right. So you can have this, this dichotomy inside of a person, this contradiction inside of a person, Ibrahim alayhis salam Cesar people that may be smart in business, they're running, they're running a village, they're running a town, they're smart people. But when it comes to their faith, when it comes to their worship, they just never thought about it. It's just what was passed down. They just do it. That's one part of their life, where they turn their brain off, where they

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turn their brain off. And that's what he's trying to activate. You know, so he's Why don't you think about this also, you give so much thought to how you're going to farm, you give so much thought to how you're going to raise your family, you get so much out, where are you going to live? What schooling you're going to get all these things required so much thought and energy and planning from you. And yet, your entire so your purpose for the next year, the next five years, the next 10 years you thought about it, but your purpose entirely you leave behind? You know, and we all know the smarter people smarter people have longer term planning. They think ahead, right. So Ibrahim alayhi

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salam is thinking even beyond this life, that's what he's teaching them to think. So he says, If I don't if I don't find my robe, then I'm just going to be from people that are utterly lost. Follow Mara Shem Saba Xena time. This is the final straw when he saw the sun the sun out in its full glory. Allah Dobby has Akbar. This must be my Rob This is even bigger. It's also interesting in illustration that the word has not literally referring to these items, that he's using them as stoia. Why? Because in the Arabic language, the Shams is unnecessary. It's, it's considered feminine. So if you wanted to talk about the sun, you would say heavy Robbie. Actually, you wouldn't

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say hi, darabi. So he uses this word to actually talk about Allah himself. But he's pointing at us, everybody else thinks he's talking about the sun. It just has to be had that Akbar, we always say Allahu Akbar, don't we? We say that already. So he says, this is this must be my law. This is bigger. Follow my pilot, when it's settled, when the sunset, he said, Are they call me? Anybody, Moto Shikun Look at that. Now we get to the real point, other demonstrations over now we get to real talk directly communicating with those people. And he says, My people, I have nothing to do with the associations the schicke that you people keep committing to connect the the equality you make

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between these crazy creations and actual God, these things that you do, I have nothing to do with it. On a side note, I should tell you that in the last few decades, there were some some digging after the Iraq war. There were some diggings in Iraq. And they discovered what they argued to be the the ancient city of Wuhan, which is the Bible says that's the city of Ibrahim alayhis salam, where he was born and raised. And the Bible doesn't tell us that they used to worship the sun, and the moon and the star. The Quran tells us that the Bible doesn't say anything about that. The only thing that Bible says is they worshiped many gods. So they had lots of idols. That's all we learned from

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the Bible, right? But the Quran is telling us kind of pointing out that there are three main gods and that society, they worshiped a star. They worshipped the the sun and they worshiped the moon. So anyway, this dig happens a couple of decades ago, and they discover what they believe to be the city of ood which is filled of idols like throughout this town, there are idols of all sizes, people had small, tiny action figure size, idols in their homes have size, you know, half person size, person size, but they only found three giant, gigantic idols, like person sized or even bigger than a person. There were only three there were three men like idols, men and women like idols, and one had

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the crown of a son, and the other had the crown of a moon, and the other had the crown of a star. Right. And it's remarkable that the Bible never talked about any of this. The Quran alludes to it, that they had these beliefs and perhaps that's why Allahu Akbar them. Ibrahim Ali Salam was making this demonstration of all of the idols they worshiped. He picked the three big ones, and went after them in this one simple demonstration and says anybody who may moto Shikun in newer Jetta wedgie, Alella, the Fatah Sumati will, Hanif and Wilma and Amina Mushrikeen is incredible words please pay attention to them. He says I

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The one for I alone am the one that have directed my face entirely to the one who fought who molded and fashioned and created the skies in the earth from nothing. hannifin exclusively. I have done so exclusively. It's interesting. He didn't say he knew what Jihu that I'm doing it now, now that I've concluded, he says, I've already done it. It's in the MALDI. Meaning even before this demonstration, it was already done. He was already exclusively someone who worshipped Allah alone. And he says, I'm going to turn my face towards the One who created the skies and and the earth alone. By the way, this is in the early days of Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, there is no Kaaba yet yeah. But look at the

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words that are coming out of his mouth, I turned my face towards the one who makes who made the skies in the earth. So what does Allah do with those words, he gives him a gift, he gives him the gift to make, to make a building on this earth that can help human beings around the world turn their face towards the Arab. So how Allah like he said those words about turning our face, you know, turning his face towards his love. And Allah gave him the model to do that, to be able to worship Allah and Allah alone. Well, Na and nominal Mushrikeen and no, I am not from those who commit shirk at all. This mine is called the rough. What that means is no I am not a mystic at all. In other

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words, if you ever thought for one day that I was like you I've never been like that. I've never been like that Quran will other places talk about him and say maca nominal machinery key. He wasn't from those who committed shift ever. This is my as a very strong form of negation. He was never like that. So we shouldn't read anything about Ibrahim alayhis salam and think that at some point, he was on Shark and eventually he came to Islam. It was never like that he was on the heat from the beginning. Just like we say about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam he is born and raised in a Muslim society shake is all around him and he's never ever inclined towards it. He's a Morehead from

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the beginning. He's He's dedicated to one god from the beginning. And this is actually very similar to what's happening with Ibrahim alayhis salam. From here. We're going to learn what that is nation is going to fight back against what he's saying they're offended by what he's saying. And in our next healthcare inshallah tomorrow, I'm going to share with you some of the most amazing wisdom that Allah gave to Ibrahim Ali salaam that is still alive and well today like it's it beats in the heart of every human being, not even every Muslim, every human being. And we're going to explore that as we continue these ions from Switzerland and BarakAllahu li Walakum Philco Anil Hakeem, when a family

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when he couldn't be it was the cracking