Pray For Barakah In Your Wealth and Children

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A person can have plenty of wealth, there's nothing wrong with it.

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You can have plenty of dunya there's nothing wrong with it, but it should have Baraka. The poor is Allah alayhi wa salam was asked by andasibe nomadic cattle the alarm who was the heart in the sermon of the prophets, Allah Allah Allah isn't. She said O Messenger of Allah make dua for this Hardiman feuilles. Make dua for this hadith. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah Houma.

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Amala, who were one of the who will robotically, O Allah, increase his wealth,

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increase his children, but make sure when you increase his wealth, and you increase the children, you put Baraka in it.

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And every molecule of the Amana says the impact of the DUA the prophets, Allah Salam was such that when others would harvest their land once, I would have it twice in a year.

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He had dozens of children, dozens of children.

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But so to have, well, the Messenger of Allah didn't say give him one child is an act film Allahu Allah who give him plenty of children.

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Give him plenty of wealth. But

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what does that mean? Look, you can have 10 children, but those children can be a source of you know, go to sleep at night. They can be a headache, and you can have one child which you have Baraka in.

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And that child is the coolest of your eyes.

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You can have millions of pounds, millions of pounds. But those millions of pounds are a source of you not going to sleep at night, no baraka

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and you could have 200 pounds in your bank account, but you sleep at night, and it's enough and it's sufficient and you're content.

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So this is what we have Baraka