Why are there Sects in Islam

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This is a question for non Muslim brother. My name is Yan and his name is Ankit snarl I come here have one question which is divided into two parts. He was about to become a Muslim. He took a step back. He told that as a Hindu, Muslim also have a cast like you are divided into Shia burry Sunni, Giamatti, ladies, and have a second question that he can go to the graves Kurdistan, and he can ask from them as they are the mediator between him and Allah. With the question that one of his Hindu friend was about to accept Islam it took a step back, thinking that even Islam that sets like how they have in Hinduism, and Islam, they have got sect, Shia Sunni. The mother Islami, Elia these

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whether you read the Quran, there is no Shia Sunni in the Quran. There's no Shia Sunni. There's no other mother Islami there's no Elia didn't know Quran

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what does the Quran say? Quran says in Surah Al Imran Chapter number three was the 103 What the theme will be Abdullah Jamia well out of Heroku hold to the rope of Allah strongly and we not divided the rope of Allah is the root of Quran, we have to hold to the Glorious Quran and the authentic hadith of mama Salah Salem and be not divided. And it's clearly mentioned the Quran in surah anom chapter number six was number 159. where Allah says, he says the Prophet, that oh Prophet, if anyone makes division six in the arena of Islam, you have nothing to do with him. Allah will look after the faith on the Day of Judgment. So making sects in Islam is haram. It is

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what was a beloved prophet, or the Shia, or the Sunni. What was he a beloved prophet, a masala Salam, you are the Muslim. That the reason when I spoke about the masterkey of Surah Al Imran Chapter three verse 64. He says Tala Willa Kalimantan, Sava and Biona Alana Illallah well under sugar beets a yo while I yet have either bad Winneba than Alibaba Munna, Nila find our low for collusion to be a non Muslim woman that failed eBay witness that we are muslims barring a will to Allah. So Muslim is a person who submits his will to Allah subhanaw taala to tell your friend in Islam, there is no caste system. There is no sec. We have to be Muslim. Muslim means someone who

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submits his will to Almighty God.

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And anyone who submits the will to Almighty God, he is called as a Muslim. And if we have to ask Allah, Allah says in surah fateha chapter number one was number five ear canal do a Jana Stein, the alone we worship the alone we ask for help. Allah says in surah Rafi chapter number 40 Verse number 60. You asked me and I will answer your prayer. So if you want to ask Allah, Allah directly, that is the right way. And that is the best way hope that answers the question.