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Learn a bit alameen salatu salam O Allah,

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Allah subhanaw taala reminded us to make sincere Toba when he said I will live in harmony to eat a light over them.

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So Toba is the first step towards the last round Well,

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it is the first step that we need to take. If we want to get close to Allah subhanaw taala.

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In a manner of speaking, Toba is a bigger number than you might

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imagine is the biggest number. But in a way, Nova is a bigger name as any man because if you get out of demand, for some reason, then the way to get back into Islam is through power. For somebody who's not a Muslim, for him to enter Islam, the door is open. If there was no power, there would be no human. So hamdulillah those of us who are born in Muslim homes, we get the man but those who are not born Muslims, or even those of us who are born in Muslim homes, as well as I thought it was my maybe someday we do something, which where we get exit from, you know, finally, you come out of Islam,

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how to get back your data by Toba? So the issue of Toba is something to be very, very careful about and very important for us as a step towards Allah the number one tip

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now for Dawa, and those around Salah showed us in the Koran several instances. For example, when Adam alayhis salam, the very first instance alamuddin salaam was told, do not go near the tree while I'm in a salon but here's the dream and delight Allah. What is the first thing that animal is elaborated upon as a lamb danfoss and our lambs of woodland.

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And this is the difference when you make Toba. You as soon as you are aware of the sin immediately become

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fatherless elements of Allah, Allah forgive and you were sent into the world as an AVI for the people who were to come after

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your Salah when he was when he committed made a mistake when he was in the

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the belly of the whale

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What is it

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in a

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hammock in the condominium so we also rely on the answers of hands in Laguna

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there's no doubt about this fact we are all valuable. And if Allah has done it does not forgive us and we are a helper, but inshallah we have hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah Allah, Allah will forgive us inshallah, but we have to live our lives according to the way in which forgiveness will come. So, you

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know, when the people came to him, and they asked him, Do you have the zebra, zebra is because of their action will bury you.

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So the problem is because of our action is that what should we do is that was the role of bubble in the ogre alpha. He says go back to step one is defined is the way of making tobacco. How do you make How do you turn towards

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your pet? You ask Allah to forgive, negative one final point of Dawa. It is not necessary to commit a sin in order to make Toba.

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Let me tell you that

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we know he did not commit any sin we know Allah subhanaw taala forgive his sins, even if even when for the forever, but who has allowed us to commit to make Toba between 70 times 200 times two. He said I made over 70 times a day and how I used to count and they said we used to count until hundreds. So here's the what is our without committing says that Nova is to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala because Toba is the action of Odia. doba is where the slave is a job, you are the one to forgive, and I am your slave, therefore, forgiveness. So Toba is the expression of a Buddha. And that is the reason why even if you have not committed any sin, we still make Noble. Finally we also

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make Toba even after doing his good deeds, after doing something good, we still don't know why.

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And what is it for that? Then it is this is the dryer that is Allah Allah. Allah, Allah. Where is it? Is it in the salon tuneups, a woman Kaziranga family by now?

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When is this what we decided in Salah after completing sala de vos Allah.

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what was the quality of Salah Ababa, Allah, the quality of Salah consider Allah Who was that that people have already said this is a stretch. His Salah is a threat correct? So there's that too. Is that true? Then the man give him

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protection. They said to him, only condition is he has to pray inside his house. Nobody should see pray.

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Let me imagine the quality of people used to just watch him break. This is a theme praying and

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so they will pray inside the house. It will not play outside now because we played outside. Somebody recently become Muslim.

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For that quality of Salah What is his chef?

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Who is the who's the chef?

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What is the chef teaching him? He says Nick Nova.

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And what adamawa what kind of an update in a salam to nutsy, Solomon casilla

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Allah, whatever a lot of this alone is to assume that Allah subhanaw taala has to accept a good deed from

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a loved one manual Hamid, Allah does not need us he does not need our good deeds. We do the deed for ourselves, and therefore we do the deed. Then we go back go to Allah, Allah with the deed in our hand, and we are on the line are Harkins the Arabic. This is not you don't have to accept this, but please trust me if I make Toba. Maybe this thing is not good enough for you. And unfortunately, it is not good enough, but it is what is the level of Allah? Or what is the hug of Allah subhanaw taala? can we can we fulfill that flow?

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I did the best that I could do. Now we asked for forgiveness. And please accept Islam. So therefore we remind ourselves when we remind I remind myself that Toba is a very, very critical need of ours. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to always give us the opportunity to make our and we ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to ask him to give us

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to give us the opportunity

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to give us the opportunity to make a couple of votes, and to give us the most and to give us to forgive us

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by the votes. So the

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proper color mode was the most were

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the most benevolent.

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Then a golden

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Swan or a bigger village at MIT who was