Principles Prior Prophethood

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam prior his prophethood was living amongst the most anarchist ruthless and most barbaric people in the whole world. People so reckless and hot headed. That feud would break out merely over who's going to tie the camel to the tree first.

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These people were so inhumane. They would bury the young girls alive. These people were so ignorant. They were nicknamed and miyun. Those were illiterate. These people were so tribalistic Tribal Wars would erupt over one line of poetry Subhanallah people so animalistic, they were considered the dogs of the desert by the Persians and the Romans. No one wanted anything to do with the areas back then no one for that no resources, what are they going to offer? sand, high, they're not going to offer anything. And if anyone has studied history, and if anyone knows anything about empires, what do empires wish to do? Then wish to expand their own backyards? Right? They wish to expand into other

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territories. But did the Romans and the Persians expand into Arabia?

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Did that? No, it didn't, why?

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There's nothing there, these were considered ungovernable lands. These people were considered the dogs of the desert, as we mentioned, they don't want they didn't want anything to do with them. And these people, as they saw, had nothing to offer for society, they will look upon as a bunch of other worshipping bad ones who loved warfare, want you to listen to the following. These are back then they used to kill and slaughter each other so much, that they decided to take out four months in the sacred months of the four of them. Why? So they can take it as a truce, not to fight not to kill should they can use that as an opportunity to go back to their wives and reproduce it they won't

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become extinct.

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How much they loved warfare, that's how much they love to kill a lot. But in fight, you can imagine living amongst such a society, it's either hunt or be hunted, exploiter be exploited, lie or tell the truth.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to these types of people. Now I want you to imagine the background here. These types of people we just explained this chaos. He lost his father before he was born. He was orphaned To make matters worse, his mother died when he was only six years old. Six years old. That's the age that today we send our kids to primary school kindergarten measure not measure the kindergarten child. No mother and my father sent among these tribalistic, inhumane barbaric animals.

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Yet, despite all that, exploitation, deception, lies and manipulation he was a man of principle and honor and he did not compromise his principles. He did not compromise you know, because we live in such a society. Okay, it can have an effect on you we are products of our environment when I went to Egypt okay. There's a lot of chaos Okay, it's culture shock when you get there those who have been to a very in a people driving on the opposite direction. Forget the word lane and queue that word doesn't even exist in Egypt. You get until mines what mines what's lions doesn't even exist? Forget it. Okay, people just pay. You know, when you're trying to buy something all of you that forget it

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almost done, and rubbish everywhere, you know, rubbish everywhere.

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Yet when there was one brother, he refused to contribute to the fifth. He refused. He wouldn't litter even if it was just a chewing gum rubber. Why? Had principal had honor his dignity. Now I'm not going to lower myself to that level. No. So the promise of alarm it was similar, was like that. He refused to compromise on his principles of nobility, and to everyone called him

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a sadhak. And I mean, the truth one, and I mean, the trustworthy one. And I mean also comes from an America I trust, it's secure. In other words, if you were to kick something with him, don't worry. He'll return it to you as it was.