Our Islamic Duty_ Enjoining Good & Forbidding Evil

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AI: Summary © The responsibility of the umroom to prevent evil behavior is emphasized, along with the importance of treating others with words of truth and being mindful of their words. The message of Islam is to not regard evil behavior and not speak up in front of a trident. The importance of saving others from evil behavior and avoiding harming society is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's words and not to say things that make one feel the same way. The speaker encourages action to save lives and bring light to their communities.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa salatu salam ala see diversity Maulana Muhammad. While early he was hired to human Sylvia Humbert signing Illa yo Mateen robot, respective brothers. eldest sister salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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I thought today we will speak about something which

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was once upon a time primarily the duty of the MBR lm Surah Surah.

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But because after the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is no other Nabhi to come. So we, to a degree, or to a great degree, have the responsibility

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and this is also very intrinsic to this ummah being great.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Quran regarding this oma

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quantum Hara Metin

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leanness, you are the best of nations

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you have a responsibility and law says that awkward rigid leanness that humanity must see your good

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not just the Muslims, but Nath humanity must do good.

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And to for humanity, to see your good. You must do two things that morona Bill maroof Worthen, Hoda and Ivanka, you must enjoin, good and forbid evil.

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And this is the responsibility which has been placed on the shoulders of this ummah, for this oma for ever, if this ever wants to be regarded as a hero drama in the eyes, and in the scale of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You have to do these two good. Two things, enjoin, good and forbid evil.

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When you see an evil,

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it is incumbent according to your capacity, to endeavour to remove that

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it is an obligation upon this ummah, to enjoin, good to tell people to do good things. The Bible is a law, it was seldom spoken about buddies that are in the Israelite, the bunnies are in the West, you will last a little longer, and he was seldom said that the bunny is in their alarma.

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And they people would see somebody doing something wrong. And what they would say to that person who was doing the wrong thing, is that stop doing this thing, Fear Allah.

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The next day,

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they would go past the very same individual. And the very same individual was doing exactly what he was doing yesterday.

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And the next day, they wouldn't bother enjoining good and forbidding evil, and they would sit with that person. They would drink with that person

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until a last sentence landed upon them.

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That they saw it first day they saw the evil and they thought okay, let's say something. But come the next day come the third day couldn't be bothered.

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And this is why there are a number of take from this duration. That is not your obligation to give a person dow once it is not your obligation just to say one time stop this, but it is your obligation to enjoin the good again and again, to forbid the evil again and again. The simple reason for this is that if you don't enjoy and good and you don't forbid evil,

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then sooner or later that evil will seep into your homes. This evil will affect all those around you. And this is why we see in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was always joining good. Look how many times he went to Abuja to give it down towards Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Look how many times he went to the machine. Look how much hardship that he went through. And, and the concept of enjoying the good forbidding evil is not an easy one.

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When you tell people to do the right thing, you will get a group of people who will be

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Your detractors

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you know, they will have many things to say about you. So Who does he think he is?

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Why is he telling us to do this,

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but because it is an obligation from Allah subhanaw taala that we enjoy and good and we forbid evil, and we start really with ourselves at that morona NASA will bear with them soon. And first the common law says,

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you command other people with good but you forget yourself.

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So we start with ourselves

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that we pray Our Salah, we do good things, we give sadaqa in the path of the last panel data, but then secondly, we move on to our families who and foster qualicum now, Allah says save yourself and then your families. Why does Allah say save your families second, because by naturally naturally we love our families

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and the people that you love the most you care about the most.

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Therefore, if you are praying Salah, but you are never telling your children to pray Salah there is a serious problem.

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If you are never telling your wife, your husband to pray Salah is a problem.

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Now you might do it with a comma. You do it with love.

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You do it

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but you do it.

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You do it.

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If you are going to for the Salah, and your children are sitting there and you never tell your children come on, let's go for Salah Come on, go go with me pray with me or at least pray at home. Then you are failing in your responsibility to your children.

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Because it is an obligation you you can look over our work could look homeschooling at each one of you is a shepherd

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and each one of you will be asked regarding his flock, you are failing in your responsibility because Allah gave you that responsibility. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mandara I mean c'mon Quran rubia de. If any of you sees an evil, then you should change that evil with your hands.

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Who is this wall? So you see a guy on the street having a spliff or having a cigarette and you walk up to the guy and say, Man, the law I'm in Goodman, California, you rubia D and you take this cigarette out your hands, you know what's going to happen?

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No, this is for people of authority. This is of people who have other people underneath them. This is for the ruler, this is for the parents. This is for the elder, brother, elder sister, that when she sees something within the family,

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that they change it with their hands. And if the mercy of Allah said for ilam, the city if you are not able to, if you are able to do with your hands, then with your tongues.

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And if you are not able to do it with your tongues, you're weak.

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You don't have the power, then at least you should regard the evil within your heart. And if you don't regard it as evil in your heart, the message of Allah danika of holy man, this is the lowest form of Eman. There is nothing underneath this, that you see an evil.

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You see an evil and you don't regard it as evil you don't regard it as bad It looks upon Allah. How many of us in our homes, we see evils

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we see our grown children never praying Salah.

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We see our grown children never ever reading Quran. Never don't know the basics of the deen. We see our own wives, our husbands, people that we love.

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But we never enjoy and say Come on, pray your Salah. It's all our time. Give sadaqa we see in justices

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we see in justices in our homes, clay in justices. We see these in justices for decades. But we never say this is an injustice.

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You see your brother, you see your sister abusing a spouse.

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You see your mother your father abusing the daughter law, the son in law and never never did you ever say it with respect with love.

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Mum how you treat things

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This girl your daughter in law, would you like somebody to treat your daughter in the same way?

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The best is your last set of jihad, Kalamata Huck in the satanic Jaya,

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the greatest form of jihad. The greatest form of jihad is to speak words of truth in front of a tyrannical ruler. You know why? Because in the old days when you spoke in front of a tyrannical ruler, it would be game over.

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You wouldn't see tomorrow.

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But the mess you will have to find it is not Jihad of Guru jihad. No Jihad greater than this. That you have a tyrannical ruler and you will speak the truth.

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Nobody's telling you to speak about tyrannical ruler, but what about your own homes?

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Whatever injustices in your own homes, in the time of the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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There was a camel which bolted away.

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So they came in informed the message of Allah Allah Allah Allah is only the camel which belonged to this young man from the Tsar, and his runaway. So the rest of you will have said, Where is the camel? They said, I miss you a lot. It's in this garden, but be careful

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because it will attack you. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to the garden. The generations mentioned that the camel saw the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. And they walked up to the province of Muslim and the mercy of Allah didn't move.

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And they place his head on the shoulder of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam at a tear came out of the camels eye.

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And the barber is on the line, Eva Simpson, who will this camel belong to? And the young man sent me a message of Allah, the mercy of Allah said he complained

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that you overwork it.

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You overwork it and you undefeated.

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He said, take care of the camel, the mercy of Allah spoke amahl Bill maruf enjoying good when the he Anil Moncure for the right of animals.

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And you and I see in justices in our homes, in front of our eyes, every single day.

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And we never say a word. Can't say anything. It's blood.

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Blood is thicker than water.

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Allah says in the Quran, oh you believe? Stand firm for justice. One Oh ALLAH and forsaken, forget about blood. Allah says speak the truth, even if it's against your own self.

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That's what Allah requires.

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And this is why we are an oma that we enjoy good. You look at the problems honestly, within our community. Nobody ever speaks up.

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Your your areas are run down.

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And bichara your children

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have to face the consequences because you never enjoin, good. You never forbid evil. You don't care a damn about your community. Anybody can say anything about you. You won't ever speak up, look at your areas.

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Look at your areas. You know, when the COVID was happening,

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I went to be in queue.

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And it was really an eye opener for me. So I'm standing in the queue in b&q.

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And there is a English man standing behind me.

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And another two agents standing behind him. So what happens is that this guy who's walking with a walking stick, he comes in and is an Asian guy who's actually later on not even a Muslim. He says to him, you can go through.

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So the Asiago let him go through went away. He worked at b&q. So there's a white lady standing there. So this guy behind me says, He goes, Oh, he wouldn't let him in if he was white.

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Now, there's me standing in front of him.

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There's two agents, the guy standing behind him.

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So I turned around to him, and I said, How do you know that?

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I said, How do you know that? He goes, Well, you know, that's my opinion in it.

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It was but you have no basis for that opinion. I said that you said that based on the color of his skin. So that's textbook racism because well, it's my opinion. And then we had a couple of you know, nice exchanges.

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Now but what really what like what

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dawned upon me then. And I knew this was that this guy had the gall to think that this guy had the gall to say what he said, although he knew that there was an Asian guy standing in front of him, two Asian guys standing in behind him, because he knew that there was no repercussions.

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He knew that these guys ain't gonna say that.

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Literally, I can guarantee you if I was Afro Caribbean, VOD, black if standing in front of him and two behind, he wouldn't have said it.

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And a second thing really struck me was that this guy was brave enough to say what he said. And he actually had no defense of what he said, I thought, Okay, did have some response, the best he could say, voice my opinion in it. It's a free country, I can give my opinion. But see, this is the general mentality, unfortunately, that we will never ever speak up. And I'm not saying that words, go get into a ruckus or rumble with everybody who say something. But yeah, you have no self.

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You have no self respect.

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And if you have no self respect, then nobody out there was gonna have any self respect for you.

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And this is the this is the thing. Look at your look at our areas.

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Why is it the fact that people, people throw rubbish in our areas, people lose men, and nobody says the word because you are only concerned about what is in front of your personal home. It is a matter that every single day your children have to go pass rubbish tips on the corner of your street. That's what your children grew up with.

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And our Dean, I don't know what law he any other texts out there where the Prophet said, I went into Jenna. I went into dinner last night.

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And I saw a man rejoicing agenda.

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And I asked why is this man in general, they said this man is in Ghana,

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because there was a branch in the middle of the street, and he picked up the branch and he moved it away. A lot of this concern for his community so much love granted the gentleman, I know no other text. But we are so far away from this.

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You have people smoking spliff in our areas.

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Nobody cares.

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Nobody cares. It's not your baby. His father should look after him. It's the council problem is the police's problem.

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And tomorrow, then they start dealing in your corner street corners is still not your problem. It's the police's problem.

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It's the council problem.

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But the day that spliff comes into your head into your house, the day that your children become crackheads, then it will become your problem. Why? Because simply, you didn't know.

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You never enjoyed good.

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You never, you know, you never look Why is this happening in our areas?

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And then then, then this is the beautiful thing about it. Then you'll turn around and say, yup, these bolts these are the problems.

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Every gathering of movies, movies, movies, the movies are the ones are speaking about it. Your counselors, your employees do jack.

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And then you're define yourself as we are the educated elite.

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We are the cool ones. We are the refined ones.

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And these take place in our communities and nothing ever is done.

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And if you don't deal with the evil, it will enter your home sooner or later.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave the example about a group of people who were on the top of the ship and another group were at the bottom of the ship.

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So the people at the bottom had to go upstairs to the deck then go and fetch the water.

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So they got a bit tired of this and they thought you know get to go upstairs to the deck. And also we have to inconvenience those who are on the top deck easier.

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That what we do is that we make holes in the bottom.

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We make holes in the bottom so we can take water directly. The Messenger of Allah said if those on the top, do not stop those at the bottom, then both groups will drown.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was asked once,

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he said O Messenger of Allah, Buddha asked Allah, what is the best action?

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What is the best action I can do?

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The message of Allah said believe in Allah.

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He said, then what after that?

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He said, spend from the wealth that you have on others help assist others.

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Listen to this very carefully,

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assist others.

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He said, then what if I'm poor from Tokyo and I don't have a net? What? He said, enjoin, good and forbid evil,

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enjoin, good and forbid evil. He said, Mercy of Allah, if I'm the lowest in society, I can nobody listens to me, then what the Messenger of Allah said, help a person who cannot help himself.

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help a person who can't help himself. He said, O Messenger of Allah, if I'm at that stage, Lewis Lewis in society, yeah, I don't have any profession craftsman. And I can't help anybody other than what the what was the lesson said help a mullaloo. Help him with loom help an oppressed person. He said, obviously have a lot, even if I can't help a Muslim person, because I am the weakest in society, then what? I can't even help anybody. Is that what

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the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Then do one final thing.

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Save your other brothers from your harm.

00:21:51--> 00:21:59

save others from your harm is so beautiful. If you can't contribute to society,

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then at least don't harm society.

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If you can't be productive for society, if you can't put anything back into community, if you can't put anything back into the oma, if you can't put anything back into your family, that at least save others from your own evil.

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message of Allah said, save other people from your evil and you just do that.

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And maybe Allah will grant you.

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Brothers, sisters, if you can't give to society,

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and you can't give to community, you can't help, at least for a loss sake. If you can't be positive contributor, don't be a negative one.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make this oma and this nation from the halal Ummah, may Allah subhanaw taala give us the trophy to contribute to our communities. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us united in this dunya and reunited in general for those Baraka Luffy commsec will have him salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.