The Spiritual Ladder – The Scourge Of Drugs

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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. in the initial stages of Islam alcohol was permissible, though the Quran had released a hint towards its repugnant nature at that time as well. So there is a verse in the 14th Jews in the 16th chapter surah tunnel, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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Mr Ratan

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Tata, Dona minako Sakura.

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Hasina, that from dates and grapes, you choose to make sekaran intoxicants Where is Santa and wholesome sustenance, the Quran made a distinction that that intoxicants is not a wholesome sustenance subsequently it was made forbidden. A villager was once asked limiters horrible hombre Why don't you consume alcohol or take any intoxicants? He said k for ashram, omega broccoli, how can I consume something that consumes my intellect and hence in Arabic you refer to alcohol as Hummer, my Johan muliple something that veils your sanity. In the seven Jews Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Nam, el hombre Wellman, Cyril and Sabah well as Lambo rages on minimalist shape on verily alcohol

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and gambling, etc, are impurities of the devil. And the aim of the devil is by you popping that drug my brother, by you taking that poll, my brother by you taking that thought of alcohol, what's the aim of the devil, a UK avena kumala Dawa to create feuds, arguments, altercations, discord, and, and skirmishes amongst you. And that's what happens. Families break up empires crumble, marriages break up, children are left without parents. And that is that is the motive of the devil in Messiah was to look under this ayah it is written fee and mercy we learn from this, that by disobeying Allah, it does not only destroy the latter life, it equally destroys this world. With the grace of Allah, I

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have been doing counseling for 22 odd years. And through these years, I have been through some very painful stories, tales and narratives. But nothing has made me cry more than dealing with cases in which drugs are involved, to see those old aged parents cry, and to see that woman with tears in her eyes carrying the child of that man. And yet unfortunately, he's out of it. He's just Hi. And to see those innocent children that you know what they've been forsaken by a father who has succumbed to an evil practice. And I'm not attacking the individual per se, but I'm saying the crime is genius. I beg you, my brother, I beseech you desist from the crime. Someone came to me. He said, But But why

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is intoxicants so bad? You know, it's no I take it in moderation, and I'm on control. I'm on top of it. I can drop it when I want to. That's the deception right? We every time you come to the vise, you get a temporary relief, but the vise gets a tighter grip around you. So listen to this, my brother and he has a logical answer to it. He asked he has been more aware that when you separate the ingredients of alcohol, it's fine. Water is fine. Grape is fine. Vinegar is fine. Dates are fine. Sugar is fine. And then when you put it through and then it goes through a fermenting process, then suddenly you say it's forbidden. It says here's a logical analogy. Now I have to confirm Mima

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if I sprinkle water on you, would it hurt you know I'll just be a bit moist. If I take some sand and dust and I heard it towards you know I'll get a bit soiled that's about it. If I heard some some, you know straw or glass on you know that's about it, just I'll just dust it off. Okay, now I put it through a process I put it through a process low to throw up I took this and

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then I put some straw on it.

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And then I bought water over it. So my message to him as john then I mixtape going through the fermenting process so much is to recruit letter physicians, and then I put it in the sun and I baked the break until it became hard. And then I heard the brick towards you now I'm Dr. Looney. Yes, it will hurt me now it will claim my life. I beg you my brother, drugs is is evil. It's wicked. It's destroyed people. It has crumbled empires for the pleasure of Allah. I implore you I beseech you desist. And if you cannot abandon that, the first thing you can do is stop lying.