‘O Messenger Of Allah I Seek Your Intercession’

Zahir Mahmood


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The time of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wealth, wealth came from Bahrain. Never ever in Islamic history, until that day had so much wealth come to the Muslim world, the warriors Allah said and put it out in the masjid. And he told us a harbor to take, take, take some took so much that they couldn't carry it.

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And there was a Sahabi next to the Messenger of Allah is sitting there and laborious Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Take isn't no to take? He said, No. He said, So what do you want?

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He said, asked me for whatever you want, and I will grant it inshallah.

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He said, obviously, you Allah. All I want from you is to have your companionship in Jannah.

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And another narration, he said, All I want is the untouchable. Illa Rebecca Lee, and surely in Arabic, that you intercede for me in front of your load on the day of

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the Messenger of Allah said, I will do that, but I want one thing from you.

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He said, Well, Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah said, I will intercede for you on one condition. And you have to do this,

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that you have to assist me. You have to assist me by doing many such tasks for the sake of Allah. The message of Allah didn't say tiga you want to be my companionship? That's it fine. Done dusted. So now, I will do my bit. You do your bit.

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Spend your life doing as many such does as many Salas and on the Day of Judgment. I give you my guarantee. My part of the deal is that I will intercede on your behalf.