Mufti Menk – Ramadan and the Last 10 Nights

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The Friday, the busy weekend of Islamist worship, is highlighted as the most blessed day of the year, with a message to remind believers of peace and their relationship with Allah. The importance of sacrificing a camel for Allah's sake is emphasized, along with the need to be present early in one's life and avoid repeating skip. The importance of fasting and planning ahead for events is also emphasized, along with the importance of not denying worship and not giving things to god. The Nausea and Easter celebrations are also discussed, along with the importance of being aware of upcoming events and preparing for them.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah he will hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah who are surely Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germaine

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my beloved brothers and sisters, this is a Friday. The prayer that we're about to fulfill is known as salatu. Juma

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the day that we entered this morning, or to be more precise last night at salatu Maghreb as the sunset is known as Laila to Juma and the day is Juma.

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The Friday is the most blessed day created by Allah subhanho wa taala.

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It is important for us to realize that Adam May peace be upon him, the first of our species was created on a Friday

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and it is important to realize that Allah Almighty has asked us as Muslims as believers

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at a certain time on a Friday to leave whatever we're doing and to go and listen to what is being said.

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The Quran uses the term Vic.

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Vic is normally translated as the remembrance of Allah.

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Yeah, are you loving mano a mano de la sala teamie Juma

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festival, Isla de Karela he without buying. Allah says Oh you who believe when the caller calls for the prayer on a Friday, then make haste towards the Dhikr of Allah and leave your dealings.

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From this we learned it is compulsory for us as believers to make an effort to attend the Friday prayers.

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Primarily the object or the objective is for us to get a dose of a reminder

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to turn to Allah. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not use to give long, long home or lectures on a Friday. In fact, he used to encourage short hotbar

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and a slightly lengthened prayer in napoo la salatu Rajamouli wa Pisarra hotel Betty he met in Neto min fakie. According to a narration, he says when the Imam lengthens the salah a little bit

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and shortens the remainder which is the hotbar the lecture a little bit.

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It's a sign of his level of understanding Subhanallah because people don't need a long drawn reminder you're going to be here Inshallah, every week, we remind each other of what, what's the most important thing I could remind you of Taqwa Allah He the remembrance, the consciousness of Allah, the fear of Allah, according to some translations, or the development of the correct relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. Knowing where you came from, knowing where you are, knowing where you are heading, increasing in your Ibadah in your acts of worship, in a way that every day as you grow older, you are becoming a better person, you're not sliding into becoming a

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worse person.

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Your connection with Allah needs to be better.

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Your EBA needs to improve and increase any one material living which is your business, your shops, your money, your wages, your salaries, your income. Anyone on Earth would want an increase in that but life is temporary.

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A man is about to die. He doesn't know he's at work fighting for an increment. He wants a new job that pays better. Is it wrong? No. It's not wrong. It's okay. May Allah grant us goodness in our sustenance, I mean,

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but my brothers and sisters

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for the business that will get you to the eternal life and its success. Do we love the increment? are we applying for a new job? I'm going to now fulfill my salah a little bit better. I'm going to do Subhanallah Bella two more times in sujood from three I'll increase it to five that's called an increment. Mashallah, do we think that that's going to help us many of us are not conscious of that.

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This is what we mean when we say an improvement in an improvement in our relationship with Allah. Salah to Juma Did you know mashallah, today this Masjid Masjid Tawheed in East Ham

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is relatively

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Full so early. I was expecting it to fill up a little bit later. But I want to tell you something very beautiful.

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Did you know Every Friday there is a competition.

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What is the competition?

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Did you know

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The angels come to the door of the masjid

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and they write down who entered first with the intention of Juma and who entered second and who entered third and who entered fourth and who entered fifth and the list goes on.

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Either can a Yo Yo Ma Te Waka Fatima la ICA to Allah barbil Miss GD X to bonal a wall of wall for either halogen imamo power also who for whom? Yes, Tommy una Dickey

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Subhanallah on a Friday, the angels are at the doors of the houses of Allah writing who came first who came second. When the Imam begins his hotbar they close the book and they also want to listen to what is being said. Imagine So, you come after the Imam starts his hotbar

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Your joy is done in sha Allah.

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But you didn't make it to the book of those who want.

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We're not saying your Juma is not done. It's done in sha Allah. May Allah make it easy. But is this not an encouragement?

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Is this not an encouragement to say? Make it even a little bit early one time in my life I can be here first class one time at least in my life class. I'm here first as you enter law Metalia barbarac Matic you look inside and see I'm the only guy here Allahu Akbar you want today.

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Another narration of Juma

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Murrah haffi sa 18 Oola. A person who makes it in the first timing. The first time means as early as possible the first hour is used but it's referred to the time the earliest is as though fucka anima Cara Baba Donna, it is as though he has sacrificed a camel for the sake of Allah.

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You came early for Juma? This is not first. It's a whole group of people who came in that particular hour. So this is the second category of the of the gift of Allah. So he says, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, it says though, you have sacrificed a camel for the sake of Allah, can't you sacrifice a camel every Juma by coming in the first hour way before the other and you you came inside. And you set in you did your till hour, your recitation of the Quran, your vicar, your Ibadah and you increase your knowledge to read some beneficial Kitab or book you might have participated in some beneficial lesson if there was

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can we not do that? Well, some people might be busy because honestly, they would be busy due to work due to various other commitments. It's okay. But once in your life twice in your life a few times in your life or even if you are conscious of what I've just said, Now, you will make it at some point. Then the one who makes it a little bit later is as though he has sacrificed a smaller animal

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and the smaller animal and the smaller animal until the Juma starts and there's no more sacrifices.

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My brother's

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My beloved, beautiful brethren in faith.

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A person who is connected to the houses of Allah has good news.

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How much importance do you give the house of Allah?

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Your heart does it feel happy? When it sees a masjid? You driving in an area and you see a beautiful Masjid? How happy do you become?

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If you do you're connected to Allah because it's his house. It's the house of Allah.

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You pass in the area. I see one Masjid a mile later I see another one another my later I see a third one. Half of my later I see a fourth one I'm excited Masha, Allah Subhana Allah I'm so happy and so excited. Now stop just seeing it going one of them Subhanallah go in, sit down. Do some salah. Ask Allah goodness, it's a Friday.

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I want to tell you something else about this beautiful Friday.

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Do you know on a Friday the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says there is a certain time within which any supplication that is made is responded to by Allah, any dua you want to make is accepted.

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It's called Sir to listen to Jehovah,

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the time of answering a DUA.

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Can I tell you what works?

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Every little while from the morning you keep

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repeating the DUA I think you will get to by the evening some moments that was the moment of acceptance But there's a condition, you must ask halaal things. You must ask good things, you must ask pure things, you must ask beneficial things. You can't ask God, to rhyme to break relation. You don't ask that from Allah.

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You don't ask that which is in the displeasure of Allah. When you ask ALLAH and you have conviction that Allah will give me when the time is right, it's done.

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So it's called sa trulicity. Java. Some of the scholars say it is between acid and Maghrib. Just before the sun sets, its one opinion, to good opinion. You find a lot of people sitting after salatu Lhasa on a Friday supplicating calling out to Allah remembering Allah Subhana Allah, Allah gave us a beautiful day.

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Korea woman Tala fi shampoo.

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Yo mo Giamatti, the best day in which the sun has ever risen is a Friday.

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Now, imagine if that Friday happens to have some other virtue with it?

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What would be its value?

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What do I mean? We just said Friday is the best day of the week.

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What if that Friday is in the best month of the year, which is the best month of the year? Ramadan, it's around the corner.

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So if you have a Friday and it is in Ramadan, you are having a double dose of brilliance and goodness. Allah is giving you a bigger opportunity. What do I want from a Friday? I tell you what I want. I want forgiveness from Allah. I want acceptance and the mercy of Allah.

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That's what I want. If you leave Salah

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on a Friday,

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you leave almost sin free. Your minor sins are forgiven without you even asking for it because of the good deed in Al Hasan. RTU Hibino say

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your good deeds automatically wipe out the minor sins that you've done the major sins require Toba.

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And that's why a Juma to ill geomatica Farah to Lima in Houma.

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One Friday to another Friday

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will automatically wipe out the sins that were committed before between the two. For as long as we're talking of minuses.

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Things you may not have realized, your eyes wandered a little bit, you might have said a word or two this way that way. These are minor sins, Allah will forgive them because you follow them up with a lot of good deeds.

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And then there is a month of forgiveness in which you are going to get

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a multiplied reward and greater Mercy of Allah. It's a day of mercy and it's a month of mercy that day is in it Subhan Allah.

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On top of that, you are fasting. How many pillars of Islam are being fulfilled at the time listen to this, your Kalama your shahada, you repeat it and you shouldn't be repeating it on a daily basis. Morning, afternoon, evening and night. Please get into the habit to repeat your shahada every day, as an ibadah. And as a remembrance of Allah.

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When you make will do it is similar to say a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, wa shadow under Mohammed and Abu rasuluh Oh, wash Hello, Anna Muhammad and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So get into the habit of repeating your Shahada. If you die today, and you've said your shahada three, four times during the day, even if it wasn't the last words before you died? May Allah make that happened. But if it wasn't that, at least you said it in the day the angels have written this man died today. Early in the morning. He said this five times that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, do you think that you are going to really not achieve the Mercy of Allah and you said

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the shahada, you read Quran in the morning, I tell people start off with one verse.

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You cannot deny that we're sitting here today. I challenge you. I challenge all of you. No matter how busy you are, no matter what jobs you have, in the morning, when you get up, open the Quran, read one verse, put a mark there and close it again and carry on. What did you start your day with? The words of Allah?

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Is it impossible? It's not even difficult. Many of us start the day with a mobile phone.

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No problem. Go to the right app. What's the app? Open the Quran? In your phone? Put a mark at least one thing. people's phones take them to jahannam at least ours will take us to Jannah

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Allah grant us goodness. It's not difficult. It's a challenge and why I say it's a challenge I've known

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have so many people who came back to me and told me share, you know what? We started it and now I read about five pages in the morning. They started with one one verse. The Quran is the word of Allah. Allah Almighty says whoever walks to me I will rush to them. Man attorney me she a day two Hawala, Hadith, pudsey. You make an effort with the word of Allah, Allah will make sure that he magnetizes you beyond your imagination with the same word, but you didn't make the first effort. Forget about the connection with the Quran. Make an effort, one verse, it won't take you one minute

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for Allah.

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We're ready to do it for everything else. So we say our shahada that's a pillar of Islam.

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We are fasting because of Ramadan I'm talking of when it is in Ramadan. It is a Friday and on top of that, we are fulfilling Salah to Juma which is part of Salah, which is also a pillar of Islam and guess what? Then Allah says Hang on, I want to give you something even more.

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What is it?

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I want to add greater value to the last 10 nights of Ramadan,

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Lucha Kabara

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I am in the last 10 nights I'm in Ramadan, it is a Friday and on top of that I am fortunate enough to be fasting and now I'm giving zakat as well because my day is up look at the pillars of Islam all four of them in one day

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will you not ask Allah to forgive you to give you Jana to help you to improve you Will you not make promises to Allah has given you a gift guess what he has already given you this gift every year that passed but sometimes we don't think of it we're not reminded about it. So what happens we become oblivious start planning from now.

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If you had a fair

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business Fair, where they were selling or displaying products connected to your line of business, you will travel all the way to China to attend the fair. Why? Because you know I'm going to find some products gonna be beneficial. We will do business we will load the container maybe we'll send it Subhanallah we'll clear it we'll sell it you worked out your profits before you even went to the fair. And you know how many pounds you're gonna make and everything. I promise you Ramadan is way beyond that man. My brothers my sisters Ramadan is amazing. Ramadan is such a blessed month at Walla he thermowell life as soon as the moon is sited the Roanoke and the spirituality is immediately felt

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instantly felt. You see the moon people say mashallah we Allahumma Hilah who Elena Billu muon Imani the DUA Oh Allah grant us the baraka and the blessings you've kept in this beautiful month.

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Let the moon

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the crescent be cited with

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a man with faith conviction with surrendering to you as soon as you cite the moon of Ramadan Wallah he I promise you the whole ambience has been instantly changed by Allah within one second.

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You come to the masjid already your tearaway full swing, first night full swing first night.

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May Allah Almighty grant us Baraka, what a gift of Allah what a gift. He keeps the goodness in something and he makes you feel it. On top of that. He gives you the last 10 Nights powerful like I said,

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and like that was not enough. He says I'm going to keep an even greater power in the night known as The Night of Decree to * Rollei little cadre filled with three mineralogical our Karima Ravana.

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He says, search for the Night of Decree in the odd nights from among the last 10 nights of Ramadan, most likely towards the latter ones, perhaps 20 520-729-2729 More likely, but not necessarily the ones. What's the idea? The idea is to help you

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to worship Allah better.

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If Allah told you your date and time of death, you know people would be sinning until two days before death and then say stowford Allah Allah Veeam La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah Allah forgive us. Allah says We kept your death hidden so that you can worship us correctly. Simple. Imagine if you knew your date of death, brother, you're dying in 2050 on the fifth of RBL for example, at 230 in the morning. Oh wow. 2050 Guys, I know what I'll do. So that was good Allah Sahaba the Allahu Anhu

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We're told you are from Jana, you are from Jana, you are from Jana, you are from Jana. There is a group known as Al Ashura, Lumumba, Sherry nubbin, Jana 10. People who are given glad tidings of Jana, just as well we were not given such because if we were given in our generation that people would say, I'm going to gender anyway, let me start having a little bit of agenda here quickly.

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But the Sahaba of the Allahu unknown did the opposite. I'm going to generate anyway, let me do so much of good to be thankful to Allah Almighty and to earn an even higher status Nebby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to spend the nights in worship until his feet were swollen his blessing wife, the mother of the believers, I shall have the Allahu Ana. She says, Oh messenger, Allah has elevated your status. You are perfect. You have so much of goodness. And how is it that you're still standing in prayer until your feet are swollen? He says yeah, ish. Oh, my beloved wife. Aisha a fella. Akuna Abdon. Shakira.

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Should I not be thankful to Allah for what he gave me in status? I'm going to do more of this. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah has given us a little

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value it get up. Not every day at least in Ramadan. The last 10 nights have in them, Leila to other look for it, search for it. Imagine if you find it and imagine if one of those days happen to be the Friday play little drama. And then you have the Friday, what blessing

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but I want to tell you, you will only be able to figure the blessings.

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If you yourself are concerned about turning to Allah, those who are not bothered about turning to Allah they won't even feel the blessing of a Friday. On a Friday let it be a different day. Get up, have a bath put a little bit of perfume dress in a beautiful way. Give it importance you must be conscious of the masjid be conscious of the Juma try and get there early have a special type of a feeling for that Friday because of your connection with Allah when loving Agia Duveen Alana, the Nomzamo Lana, a beautiful verse of the Quran Allah Almighty says to us, those who strive and make an effort to come towards us, those are the ones we will guide towards our paths. Did you make an

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effort? Yes, you did. Are you making an effort? Yes, Allah will open your doors. Allah will give you the feeling. Ramadan is a beautiful month. We are not supposed to be swearing any way throughout the year, but in Ramadan, you are more conscious of it you're supposed to be now you have I think the fasts here are becoming shorter now. MashAllah Hamdulillah.

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Now, towards the last portion of the fast people are hungry, the belly rumbles, you hear the sound in the stomach. Right? A lot of the times when that happens, people start losing their cool. They get irked for small things someone looked at you what you're looking at relax it's only Ramadan it's your belly making you say things calm down.

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You need to be careful because your reward for the fast towards the end of the fast you don't want to spoil it

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and you know moments ago I said if Allah kept your death known prescribed to you there would be no joy there would be no joy in worship because you know as it is I'm gonna die after so long or I'm gonna die before you die your system for Allah eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allah eyeshadow, no Muhammad was long gone. It's not as easy as that no way. In the same way Allah did not give us the information of literal other. The hadith says the information was initially given an immediately taken away. Why? According to one of the narrations, because of the arguments of the people of the OMA, some two people were arguing about something and that was not loved by Allah. Anyway, that's a

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lesson on its own. But the primary information is we don't know the exact date of Laylatul Qadr. Just as well. Imagine if you knew it, people would not come to the masjid throughout Ramadan. One night they will come and they will carry on. They're still doing it 27th night everyone comes after that. They're gone. Subhanallah you see the graph. And I'm going to end on this note.

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The graph of attendance in the house of Allah in Ramadan is as follows first day is packed. Second day is semi packed. Third day is

00:24:42 --> 00:24:59

not so bad. First day, it starts coming down, less people. One week passes. There's hardly many in the mesh. This is a fact. I'm telling you so that we can change it. That's why I'm telling. Then people say no I go to go to this. I go to that.

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My brother if there was a football match, you can go to work 10 times you're still going to stand in front of the TV and cheer your team like you don't even have a fast

00:25:10 --> 00:25:12

Subhanallah especially when this World Cup

00:25:13 --> 00:25:16

Ramadan is more important and then what happens?

00:25:17 --> 00:26:03

You find 15th of Ramadan after that it starts picking up a little bit 28 It picks up a bit more 2423 It's Yes, it's starting to get there 24 Not much 25 A little bit more 26 Not that much 27 packed out, totally packed 27 If your Masjid finished the Quran on 27 forget about the rest of the days. We tell the Imams nowadays finish on the 29th at least people will actually what they'll keep on coming to the masjid you finish 27 Everything is gone. People are gone. They like holiday. You see the guy sleeping at home. What's happening but Quran. Quran is finished. Ramadan is not go they are still doing tarawih they are reading other IR they might have started the game. So don't lose. This is

00:26:03 --> 00:26:34

Ramadan. We're talking about preparation for the month. I've presented to you the value of Ramadan, the value of a Friday, the value of that Friday in Ramadan, the value of the Friday in Ramadan in the last 10 Nights. My brothers my sisters we are gifted by Allah use it, appreciate it, understand it, feel it change your lives for the sake of Allah because life is very, very, very short. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness and mercy Apolo Kali hada wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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