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Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the differences between Islam's two camps, with the exception of the sinner being the one who sees everything as a mountain. They share practical examples of actions taken by believers that can be taken action upon, such as apologizing for mistakes, giving thanks to others, reciting a statement about good deeds, and protecting oneself from regret. They emphasize the importance of strong message of Islam to eliminate sin and avoid harm, and provide advice on how to avoid sin and avoid harm. They also share experiences of sin and encourage others to take action to avoid it.
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Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He asked me human who Allah, such a blessing to be in front of these pure and kind, generous faces of little, these faces of Tawheed We ask Allah subhanaw taala to illuminate them in this world and to honor them on the Day of Judgment. What a beautiful set of people who are the brothers and sisters, and a venue that I personally have become so accustomed to being part of, at least on a yearly basis and what makes it happen after our loads of Hannah Rotella is the likes of the blesses people like yourselves.

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Pious, in pious, righteous, unrighteous, practicing Muslim, not so practicing Muslim, what is the key difference between these two camps?

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And before that, maybe we should ask the question Which of the two camps? Would you put yourself under? there practicing or the not so practicing?

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What separates them?

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What is the hallmark of this group against this group? Is it that one of them is always in a state of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and the others are always sinning. And the answer is a resounding no.

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sins and good deeds is perhaps one difference.

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But is it that one group is exempt from sins and the other is always in obedience? No.

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Because Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kulu Benny Adam, aka every son of man, is by his nature a sinner?

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Well, you don't have that in a toe boon. And the best of those sinners are the ones who repent.

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So in terms of sins, we're all related like that. That's a common denominator between all of us righteous or otherwise. One of the differences that separates a sinner from a truly practicing Muslims is not the genre of sins per se, but it's the experience during and post him.

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The practicing believer even with with his or her sins, experiences huge regret and pain and fear because they know that there are repercussions that come with sins that are not repented for.

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And that is why Abdullah heaped on my soul, the companion he said in Minaya, Rasulullah who can now what are you doing their job, yada yada I lay him.

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He said a true believer is a person who sees his or her sins as though they were a mountain hovering above his or her head. They fear that it may collapse at any moment. That's how they see their sins. That's a believer.

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He said we're in the 5g era era, don't worry about who can do bobbin work either and fee for color be he Hakka?

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He said as for the true sinner, the true rebellious one, he is an individual who sees all of his sins as mere as a fly that sits on his on his nose, which he casually swats away.

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So notice the difference according to him, no matter what between the righteous believer and the sinner is not sins, we all commit those. It's what you feel during that sin. And after that sin. The believer sees it as a mountain it may collapse upon him or her I need to repent and change. Whereas the sinner, the truly rebellious one, he sees his sin as a fly that sits on his nose which he casually swats away, which of the two fits you and that is why he might have been known to you and he has mentioned no less than 40 Different repercussions for sins, read about it in his book, a job with Kathy 40 repercussions that terrorize a believer in the life of this world and will harass him

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or her in the grave and will accompany accompany them on the Day of Judgment as well.

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So what do we do to remedy this difficult situation if you feel much like I feel that there are certain things in our lives that we are still struggling to rid of? That's you and I? What do we do? I share with you a passage I want you to take out your phone first of all, if you don't mind please and try to take note of all 10 points that I'm going to share with you this afternoon.

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Even with Amy Rahima who lives and who does not mean he's much more on Fidel or he says the following take note.

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He said we're in MENA either of Allah say you identify in your heart and Daffy or I'm who we are Ashati as well.

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When a believer commits a sin,

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he is able to protect himself herself from the repercussions of that sin in 10 different ways

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You may struggle to memorize them.

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From the outset, I mean to say, so at least take note of their headings. I'm going to read them out to you. And then we will rewind and unpack them one after the other in what short time we have together this afternoon.

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Number one, for those who fear at debt that they have accrued with respect to sins that they fear may catch up with them one day or another in this world or in the next what do you do to erase the consequence of that sin? Doesn't have to be that way. Take note of the 10. He said number one, and yesterday, Fiat

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Fiat Fiat Allahu Allah, who is Elijah. The first is to engage in so far to say a Stubblefield. Allah, Allah forgive me, Allah forgive me. That's method number one.

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Method number two, he said, Elvia to that failure to biller who I lay here for in the IBA Mina. Thembi. Come in Gambella. Or number two, he said you engage in Toba repentance, he said, Because the one who repents from a sin is just like the one who never committed the sin. Are you law?

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Number three, Eliana laminal has an ultimatum who has in Al Hassan RT you'd hate to say or you follow up that sin with good deeds because good deeds by their nature they erasings that's number one.

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Number three

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number four. Oh yeah, do Oh Allah who is one who knew me know now on your stuff you don't Allahu Haiyang Alma Yatta or when your righteous brothers and sisters from the believers make dua that Allah Almighty forgives your sins whether you are dead or alive, Allah will save you from your sins that way.

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It's number four number five, oh yeah, dune Allah hoomin fella, we are nearly him. You can protect yourself from the aftermath of sins. When a righteous believer gifts you the reward of some of their good deeds. What does that mean? I will share with you some information on this in a moment.

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Number six, oh yes, if you whenever you are when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam intercedes for you on the Day of Judgment.

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Number seven, oh we epithelia hula hoop the Messiah if it dunya or when Allah test you with difficulties in the life of this world. That also erases sins.

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Number eight, Oh, yep, Eliyahu billbergia was Sati now you can feel Allahu Anhu he when Allah makes things difficult for a person in the grave. That also erases a person's deeds. Say you add since

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number nine. We have Delia Hula, hula Vihara Sati, Yeoman piano or when a person is tested by Allah. During the horrors and the difficulties of the Day of Judgment, sins are erased that way as well. That's number one.

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Number nine, number 10. Oh, you're humble who are humble Rahimi or your sins can be raised when Allah the Most Merciful chooses to have mercy upon you.

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He then concludes by saying Listen to the sentence, thumb and fat head to head the head honcho Rafa Lumina in the NFC. Therefore, whoever misses out on every one of these 10 has no one to blame, but himself.

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Rewind, let's unpack them one after the other. I want to share with you something not theoretical, this is practical, something to take home with. And these are 10 jewels I want to share with you.

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What was number one who remembers and is still far for you to say a stamp of Allah when you make a mistake. When you commit a cent you move your mouth and you move your heart simultaneously, and you make an apology to your lord, my lord I made a mistake. I stepped foot Allah Allah forgive me and Allah who raises sins. I share with you one beautiful Hadith before we move on to the next a Buddha would narrate on your authority of highly that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, This is a beautiful narration he said ma'am in Orajel in any human being using the Buddha who commits a sin and you know your sins for Yakumo, then he stands up for Yato Baba and he carries out

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whoodle For you see no nwodo And he makes it a good word

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for your Salah Catania, and then you pray to her account of Salah for Maya Stubblefield Allah azza wa jal then you do is still far in Darfur, Allahu Allah will erase that so

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that's number one. Number one to get engaged in is still fought.

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Number two, and YouTube he said when a person engages in tilbyr repentance, that also arises since you will now say to me what is the difference between these two far on Tober?

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What is the difference between me saying a stockfeed Allah Allah forgive me and repenting to Allah are these

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not the same thing. I say to you there is a similarity and overlap but there's also a divergence a difference.

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A difference is that is too far to say Allah forgive me deals with the sins of your past,

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told by repentance deals with your past, deals with your present and corrects your future as well.

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And that is why Toba has conditions. Unlike its default, Toba has conditions because tilde is way more comprehensive, way more transformational.

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Tell the what are the conditions you know them and let them want to feel regret for the sin that you committed. That deals with your past.

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What's condition number two, to stop the sin the moment Stop it that deals with your present.

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Then number three to promise Allah that you will never return to it again. That deals with your future.

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So we can say that it begins with is too far. And it ends with Toba.

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We can say that tilde is the outcome. And the entry to it is still far the same way you can only fill a vessel when you first emptied it empty then you fill it and that's why Allah said when he started filling up the consumer to do so far, apologize to your Lord, then to him in repentance. That's number two.

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Are you taking note are you going to apply this?

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Number three, what was number three?

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To do good deeds. So what we perhaps didn't know is that the doing of good deeds not only establishes your place in Jannah it also removes your sins simultaneously. Allah said in Al Hasan, to you the happiness

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sins are good deeds by their nature they erase a person's sins. So you coming to this event, you tying on your hijab this morning, my sister and being observant of your appearance before coming to an event like this. When you are reciting your Quran when you are giving out in charity when you are returning salaam to another individual or you're carrying out your Salah in Jannah you're not just accruing a good deeds you are automatically eliminating sins as well. In Al Hasan it you would have been a saint Yet Allah said good deeds by their nature they eliminate sins how kindness Allah, that's number three. Number four, he said when righteous believers make dua for you, Allah forgive

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him, Allah pardon her, Oh Allah have mercy, Allah allow that addiction to leave them that benefits you and it helps you and I emerge from our sins. So ask yourself, look into your circle of friends, the five closest associates you may have, how many of them would you believe would make dua for you, if you committed a sin? How many would encourage you for your circle of friends there do it saves people and that is why the behavior of a responsible Muslim man and woman is to make dua for other Muslims. Oh Allah allow them to overcome that sin because it benefits them.

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And that is why Allah said to Allah prophets of Allah, Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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was still fairly them they ask Allah to forgive your own sins, when meaning and what didn't want me net and ask Allah to forgive the sins of the believers as well. Like to have for them.

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When the Prophet of Allah knew, he said, rob your family, my ALLAH my lord, forgive me. What do you want the day and forgive my mum and dad? What do you mean that holla at me now well, maybe not and forgive any righteous believer who came who comes into my house?

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And the dua of Ibrahim some the Allahu alayhi wa sallam who said Robina Finley while you are leader? Yeah, well, me and

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my Lord, forgive me, forgive my parents, and forgive all of the believers on the day when the resurrection is established, make dua for the righteous believers, who are your circle of friends. restructure it if you think that they will not make dua for you if you commit a sin.

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That's number one, number four. Number five, we said, if no Tamia said, when another believer chooses to gift, the reward of some of his good deeds to you,

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and looking at your faces, I feel that some of you if not the majority are hearing this for the first time that this is actually a possibility to hand over the reward of some of your has entered your good deeds to someone whom you love, as though it was a gift.

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According to the majority of the Scholars, this is possible. In fact, even though Tamia himself he said that the scholars of Andhra sunnah are unanimously agreed that their financial acts of worship benefit people whom they are gifted for.

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There's no disagreement there so I can give charity on your behalf may benefits you

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I can free a slave on your behalf and the reward can be gifted to you from me. So there's no difference of opinion in the financial acts of worship.

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Then you have aspects of dua, he said the scholars of Allah sunnah are also agreed that the DUA you make for someone else will benefit them. The Janaza Salah will benefit them making dua, their grave will benefit them.

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He said There is, however a difference of opinion in the man owned by Danny the physical acts of worship. Can I carry out a physical act of worship and then hand over the reward of the good deeds to you, for example, ie to recite Quran with the intention of the reward being for you

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or to pray to raka or to do a Almora with the intention of that going to you

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or to fast with the intention have that reward going to you or vice versa. Even though Tamia said was a woman Zelicah Anna Jamia Aha.

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The correct opinion is that the reward of all of these actions benefit other people, all of them. And he said this is the map of Abu Hanifa and Ahmed and many of the scholars of the Maliki's in the sharp rise. That's number one.

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Number five, how else can I protect myself from the aftermath of sin number six, when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam intercedes for us on the Day of Judgment, we mentioned that Do you remember?

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He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will have several intercessions on the day of judgment.

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And other prophets will also have intercessions for their people on the Day of Judgment. However, he will be given the ultimate shofar the ultimate intercession

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when all of humanity will look at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when Allah who will give him a position and a status that does not belong to anyone but him

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and the Day of Judgment, the reckoning will begin because of his intercession and humanity will be put out of their misery because of his intercession.

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So you need it, and I need it.

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And that is why Buhari generates on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked the question, men as I do Nursey Misha Attica yo Malkia Madeira Suba Allah, O Messenger of Allah, who will enjoy the greatest share of your intercession on the Day of Judgment.

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What did he say? My family, my friends, my companions, those who have memorized the most Quran know, he said as I do nursing Misha it Oman piano Nantai La Ilaha illa Allah Carly's Lendman Kaldi. He said the ones who will enjoy the most of my intercession on the Day of Judgment.

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They are those who say, No, you know, Allah, purely from their heart, purely from their heart. When was the last time you uttered the statement of Tawheed as you felt imbued, be dazzled, and consumed with the oneness and might and sovereignty of Allah, as you say,

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in Allah, they will be the most happy with the shefa of our prophets, Allah, Allah Allah who said, that's number one.

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Number six, number seven, we said, a person sins may be erased when Allah tests you with the difficulties of life. What is it you're going through a toothache? Is it a migraine you have is an injury that hasn't healed? Is it a relationship that has recently fallen to pieces? Or is it money that you've lost an investment that has flopped friends who have let you down people who have backstabbed you bills that you can't pay? What is it?

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All of these things are causes for a person sins to be erased? Or merciful is Allah He wants us to go to Jannah but we are the ones who refuse.

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And that is why even the Mossad he wants came to visit the prophets of Allah, Allah will send him when he was fevery. And he said to messenger of Allah, you're favoring so badly, he said, Yes. Oh, how come you didn't come? The fevers I experienced are twice in severity than the average human being able to muster what he said is that because Allah will give you twice a reward,

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he said, Yes.

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And then he spoke about you and I, he said, Momin, Rajul in Muslim imam in Muslim.

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You see boohoo other show cartoon from Africa in Africa for Allah who has a yet well hope not anha, who came out to Shara to what he said and likewise, any believer who experiences any type of harm, be it the picking of a thorn or something worse than that, Allah who will eliminate some of his sins because of it, and will cause him to shed his sins the same way that a tree sheds its leaves

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So the hardship you are going through now and the grief that you are covering in your heart that only Allah knows about it and you your sins are automatically being erased. Allah wants agenda for us. What was the one after it? What was the one after it read it out to me?

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The grave, or when Allah tests people in their grave, even when you are in your grave, and you're experiencing the squeezing of the grid, or the darkness of the grave, the loneliness of the grave before it is made into a garden of gender for the believer. Sins are erased because of that suffering. Allah wants you to go to Jana. What was number nine? We said, when a person experiences the hardships of the Day of Judgment 50,000 years of worth of standing beneath a son that is one meal from the top of your head. It is a difficult day for those who have not prepared

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sin sins are erased. What was number 10?

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When Allah Almighty chooses to have mercy on that person, Allah

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ibn almost wrote he said layer fear on Allah Who yo milk Dr. Murthy, McPhee, ruthenium, Dr. Allah Appleby, Masha, Allah will forgive people on the Day of Judgment in a way that no human mind could ever imagine.

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Then able to Tamia concluded with the sentence if you remember he said to whoever misses out on all of these 10 Then he has no one to blame but himself. I conclude by asking this question, some of you will say, Brother Haile, you have shared with us 10 practical strategies to how we can eliminate sins after I have committed them. You may say to me, hold on, I need something before that help me create a firewall between me and sins to begin with, what can I do to prevent myself from committing those sins to begin with? It's too tempting, it's always there at the click of a button. She's always there. He's always there. It's always there. What can I do to limit my susceptibility to

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falling prey to these sins? Again, and again, I share with you one last bit of advice before I leave.

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And it's just a conversation that took place between two of our predecessors if no, Kodama mentioned this conversation in his book at wellbeing,

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a man came to one of our predecessors His name is Mo is hot Ibrahim.

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And he had a complaint that I have made, and I make and perhaps many of you are making as well.

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He said, Yeah, it's hot in the most refundable. NFC is hot, I am committing many sins. So present me with an antidote, a remedy that will limit my desire for these things.

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What did he say to him?

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He said, I'm going to share with you five conditions if you're able to able to overcome them. Then guess what you can commit whatever sin you want, nothing will harm you. Just five obstacles you need to overcome. He said present them. He said the first of them

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either Arata and ghastly Allah azza wa jal

00:23:13 --> 00:23:19

when you disobey Allah Almighty, just make sure that you're not eating any of his provisions.

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The man said, subhanAllah How can I not eat from the provisions that belong to Allah, whilst all of the rest of the provisions of life belongs to him?

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He said, My brother, does it make sense to you to eat from the risk of Allah His provisions and then disobey him using that provision, the energy he gave you? He said, No, of course not. Please present me the second, he said the second is the following. The errata and Tatsuya Allah Azza. wa jal. Falletta, squishy and mean Billa. If you want to disobey Allah Almighty, just make sure that you don't live on his land. He said, This is more difficult than the first.

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How can I not live on his land? When the East and the West is from his land? He said, Brother, does it make sense that you eat from his provisions? You live on his land and you disobey Him?

00:24:13 --> 00:24:14

He said, Absolutely not.

00:24:16 --> 00:24:17

Can you give me the third?

00:24:18 --> 00:24:22

He said either Arata antacid, Allah halfen Vermell, the ILI RR Caffi fossa Heafy.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:30

When you want to disobey your Lord, at least find a corner on the planet where he can see you disobey him there.

00:24:32 --> 00:24:48

He said, How can I do that? Well, who am utterly on Allah Sarah and whilst he reads my very thoughts, I can do that. He said, Brother, does it make sense to you to eat from the food of Allah and to live in the land of Allah and you know, you are under the eye of Allah and then you disobey Allah?

00:24:50 --> 00:24:51

He said, Absolutely not.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:53

Can you give me the fourth?

00:24:54 --> 00:24:57

He said either Carmela could know Juliet

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59

for Kula who asked me

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

Have you heard that I do by Elon law? He told me that.

00:25:03 --> 00:25:12

He said the fourth is that when the angel of death finally comes to claim your soul, say to him, don't take my soul, give me just a moment to apologize to Allah.

00:25:14 --> 00:25:17

He said you and I know that he will not accept that for me.

00:25:18 --> 00:25:22

He said to take a photography class, so how can you hope for any security?

00:25:23 --> 00:25:38

said brother give me the fifth? He said either Jaya Atkins Giada Ania Talia, your Roca Illa na. Na home. He said to him on the day of judgment when the gatekeepers of * come to you from the masses to take you to * don't go with them.

00:25:41 --> 00:25:49

He said you know that they will not accept this for me. He said for Kiva Terrigen Naja. So how can you hope for any safety after this?

00:25:50 --> 00:26:10

After this, he said to his heart has to be has to be unique, please, this is enough. This is sufficient. Don't say any more. I do Illa Allah He was telling you really I have turned to Allah and repentance. And I have apologized to him once and for all. And he remained close to Ibrahim worshipping Allah Almighty until death separated between them.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:20

Brothers and sisters, for those of you who wish to turn a new leaf with the Lord subhanho wa taala.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:23

The path is clear.

00:26:24 --> 00:26:50

And more importantly, the opportunity is still there. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive our sins, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to transform all of those sins into us and that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give infidels Allah Allah to us and our siblings and our children, to our mothers and our fathers and our teachers, and all of those people who have a right upon us and the organizers of this event and all of those who are participating in it well hamdulillah

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