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Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of inspiration and being a slave in their work, as it can motivate individuals to take action. They also touch on the history of Islam and the use of the word Islam in various context, including the conflict between Islam and religion, the numbers of the Persian army and the numbers of the Iranian army. The segment ends with a discussion of the numbers of the Persian army and the Iranian army.
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Reality is that when we listen to listen about the heroes of Islam, they should be a source of inspiration for me and you, me and you, they would motivate us. Because we are living in times of fitna and in times of fitna, you need people on motivation. When Allah Allah gave his first footbaww What did he say? And it was amazing time because this was a time of great fitna and difficulty. After the demise of the province of La Silla. No other difficulty was greater than the assassination of Monrovia Allahu

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Allah The Alon, who was appointed as the Hanif and what did he do? He What did he say? This first cookbook, this is all he said. He ascended the pulpit. And he said, Oh believers, you are in need of origin for Allah. You are in need of a man of actions and not of a person who just talks because if revolution didn't change came through talking me and you would have a revolution every hour because we and you are very good at talking. But the help of Allah does not come through talking. It comes through the actions of individuals, if you want the mercy of Allah to descend, if you want the help of Allah to descend, then you have to do actions you have to perform actions because this is what

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the * but one last panel data descent

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alira the lander said oh people you are in need of original

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action man.

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No people who just to

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know the people who just talk, we want the mercy of Allah to descend. We want their help of Allah to descend. We have to translate our talking into actions. You know, how often do you hear Muslims complaining? Uh, why is it the help of Allah descending? How do you have them winning? But how many actions do we do has this oma paid it's a god and then Allah withheld his health.

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Has this Omar prayed Salah like it should have prayed and then Allah withheld his health has this oma made the province a Muslim there role model then Allah withheld his help? Has this oma made people like Abu Bakr and Omar Anissa, deja and Fatima they're role models and then Allah withheld his help? Has this oma had the concern of the province of Muslim as a concern for the rest of humanity and then Allah without his help? Or do we have the perception that somehow allies obliged to help us somehow now will be law as the we are Allah and Allah is a slave, understand You are the slave unless you have to fulfill the conditions and then the help of Allah this sense that when the

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help of a lot the sense not that you do nothing, and you go on laxa days in your lives. Dunya is your Moxon. You don't learn anything about your deeds, and somehow allies are obliged to help you allies, the Lord allies Holic, allies, man Malik,

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Allah does not require to help anybody. And your numbers don't make make any difference you can be 1.6 million 1.2 billion, they don't make any difference.

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Your power your wealth doesn't make any difference. What counts in the eyes of Allah? Is your quality, not your quantity, your substance and this is what allows a government fair

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attempt Kathy rotten B is the law. How often do you see that a small group of people, a small regiment defeat a large Li

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a large regiment? Why with the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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With the help of a last panel, Darla in the time of honey bin relief, and the Battle of Yarmouk, this was the ultimate battle. After this day, the Christians never came into the Arab Peninsula, the Muslim world 41,000. And the conservative estimate of the Romans were that they were 140,000. And highly Meanwhile, he was checking his ranks. He was checking his men, and he walked past this young soldier who was looking at the Roman soldiers in the army. And he marveled at their numbers, and how much weapons they had. And he said, How many are the Christians and how few are the Muslims and hollyburn believe rhodiola Andrew said Don't, don't say that for say how many other Muslims and how

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few are the Romans and the Christian because weakness comes from being forsaken by Allah subhanho wa Taala weakness come from being forsaken by Allah. If you lose Allah, you lose everything.

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You lose everything. And if you attain the one Allah you have everything after the Battle of the mirtha de Abubakar.

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Now, the superpower of the day, the superpower the Persians

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Waiting and he said go and deal with them and but allow you meant those who want to go home because they fought many battles who go home and hardly been relieved made the announcement yes 13,000 men out of those 13,000 men 11,000 decided to go the only had 2000 men and he was gonna face the superpower, the Persians. And he wrote a letter to Omar of Nakata. And he said, Oh miramont, meaning I've only got 2000 men left, and Omar and aboubaker, viola and who said, a reinforcement in the shape of how many men? He said, the reinforcement in the shape of one person, armor

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for 11,000 men, and there's an Obamacare What you doing? What you doing? Levin 1000 men, and you're replacing them with one man? And he said yes, because those rents, which have the likes of Dr. Ahmed will never be forsaken by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because these were men of substance and by Allah, these people will never forsaken by Allah. You never had the concept of Guantanamo Bay, Belmarsh you will never humiliated in the time of disease. One, one Muslim prisoner was humiliated in the Byzantine lands and the news reached over of knob disease. And Omar Abdulaziz wrote a letter to the governor. And he said before you place this letter down freedom Muslim prisoner for By Allah, I will

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send an army which begins here and ends with you.

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There was never a time really, there was never a time like what happens in Israel and Palestine. And the time on what the same. One Muslim lady was slapped in the visit Thailand, and she cried at Walmart.

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And the Romans began to laugh and they said why you call him mortal sin is 1000s of miles away, you think he's gonna jump on his black and white horse and come and save you. And the news reached more costs in the news reach Moto Z and moto sim sent an entire army for the ISR of one Muslim lady and he told every single one of them. He said, each one of you climb and when you go go on the black and white holes. And you look and you look

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and you look how last vandala turns the table online. What is really soldier gets kidnapped, who by international law is upholding an illegal occupation. And the Israelis follow the Sunnah of Marxism and they send the entire army. They send the entire army. But the difference between the army and the army is a modern army didn't terrorize women and children. They didn't knock out lectricity plants. They didn't terrorize innocent women and children.

Are you feeling lazy? Need motivation and an Imaan boost? – Shaykh Zahir Mahmood of the As-Suffa Institue gives an inspiring reminder on the legends of Islam. These were people who were motivated, it is an example we need to follow and become people of substance.

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