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Edris Khamissa
AI: Summary © The host discusses three important pieces of advice for parents: connecting emotionally with their children, creating a safe environment for children to express themselves, and communicating with children about their emotions. The host emphasizes the importance of communication and sharing experiences to improve one's life.
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Salam aleikum. My name is Nora dilemma. I'm your host and With us to discuss on the role of parents, particularly in this rapidly changing society where we don't know a lot about the Friends of our children, we would like to get advice for what parents should be what would be the three most important pieces of precious advice. Our shake, it reads Tommy's, who's a counselor is a coach and consultant in personal development, organizational growth and Islamic education from South Africa. So I'd like to start

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camisa, what would be the three most precious pieces of advice you would give to parents who are facing challenges with their children? You know, I thank you so much for the question. Because today, I find also huge hierarchies between parents and the children is almost two different worlds, the wall of anxiety of parents and almost the Disney wall of children, a wall of fantasy, the cyber bubble, the virtual world, I would say the first important and fundamental thing is parents need to connect with the child emotionally, that children need to feel the love of the parents, children need to know that my father, my mother, they love me, they tell me this because they care for me.

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And you, when children understand that, then what happens? The father and mother, in the sense becomes almost like the externalized conscience. It's a reminder to them of what the purpose in their life is, when I speak to many a youth and I asked them this question, well last in your heart, your father and your mother, many of them cannot remember. And as a result, no matter what you do, it's not so much giving your children things, but doing things with them. So the first one to connect with them emotionally. The second one is to get involved activities with your children, so that they get to know you. It is said I came across a story. When one father said or other one son

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said that I had over 10,000, breakfasts my father, I cannot remember any one of those experiences is almost like mechanic collected zombies sitting there. Not connecting, there is no emotional connection, no spiritual connection. So the first is emotional. The second is to do things with your children, play with them, because it is safe in your home, where family plays together,

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prays together and eats together, stays together. Very important. So if we can do that make a huge difference. The third important aspect is this. Communication is the recurring theme. When your child can come up to you, your son comes up to you and tells you daddy, this is what I've been through in life. What this is my challenge I face is refuse sermonizing and lecturing team allowing to speak what's in his heart, because a psychologist said, revealing is he because if you're not going to listen to them, if you're going to chastise them, then they'll go outside to someone else who's not really concerned about his wholesome development, who may have an insidious intention. So

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it's very, very important that we create the environment where children can express their feelings when they can celebrate with each other. And that is very, very fundamental. So what you're saying is, firstly, connect emotionally with the children show feelings, and let them know you care. do things with the children so that they see various sides of you and understand you better and vice versa. And the third one is to create an enabling environment, a safe space, where children feel safe enough to express sincerely how they feel. So that at least I guess, you have a pulse on the temperature and you know, how things are going on? In fact, you know, just to add this, when I

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conduct workshops throughout the world, when I talk to the youth and I asked them, What would you do differently as a father, what would you do differently as a mother, and they tell me the same two things throughout. They say, I would love my child more. And I'll communicate more with my child. And they say communicate anonymously sing the father speaking. Communication also means sometimes we listen with empathy to our children. And if we can do that, it is excellent. I have no doubt. In such a home, there'll be harmony. In such a home, you find there will be togetherness in such a home. There will be a cohesive, coherent family.

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just such a character of power.

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And would itself be exemplary for such as absolutely because as they say, nurudeen an apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

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Excellent. Thank you very much, Michelle. Until next time. Thank you brother Idris camisa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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