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When Maryam (AS) Was Questioned About Her Chastity

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Zahir Mahmood

Channel: Zahir Mahmood

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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So one day he said to me,

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because he knew about her worship, he knew that this woman is perfect.

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He said, Oh,

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can I ask you a question but don't hold it against me. She said what?

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So one of her family members saw the boat. He used to work in the machine, he saw the bolts.

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So first generation mentioned, he convinced himself morikami to not marry him Chica be pregnant, but then he saw the bulge increasing. So one day he said to me,

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because he knew about her worship, he knew that this woman is perfect.

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He said, Oh,

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can I ask you a question? But don't hold it against me. She said, What?

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said have you seen ever seen a tree without a seed?

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Have you ever seen cropped without a seed? Without sowing the seed? Have you ever seen a child without a father?

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She said yes.

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When Allah created the first tree,

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Allah did not need a seed.

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When Allah created the first crop, Allah did not meet a seed.

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When Allah created are the Malays lot Islam, it neither needed the father, nor did he need a mother.

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So he turned away and he told nobody