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In Alhamdulillah Nakamoto who wanna study no one wants to steal food all went through the biller, Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman CEO, Dr. Medina, Mejia had to Hilah HuFa la medulla woman Yulin who Fela ha de la wash

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in in LA LA who had done hola Shetty. Cada wash her do under Mohamed and Alberto Hora sudo. Yeah, you heard Hina Allahu Akbar, Ducati Walter moto. Illa. One two Muslim moon. Do your Muslims twice in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a concept that translates as the days of Allah, the Arabic is a yummy Allah. And in both of these verses, both times the context of these verses, is the context of punishment and pain and suffering, the concept of worldly dunya we pain and suffering, where Allah tells the believers something about a yarmulke the days of Allah. So in today's hold the BA in light of the political circumstances of the globe, let us go back to the Quran. And let us see

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what are these things that Allah calls the days of Allah, the yum of Allah twice in the Quran, the first of them Surah Ibrahim, in the sixth verse, Allah subhana wa Taala says Welaka the outsell Musa Biya Tina, we sent Moses with our miracles. We sent the Prophet Moses to the great to the evil Pharaoh. We sent him to the Bani Israel II the children of Israel and we gave him miracles and signs and we said to him, an average Homer come in of Illuminati either nor your job or Moses is to take your people from darkness into light with the kid whom be a yummy Allah and remind your people about the days of God a yummy Allah remind your people about the days of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Nephi,

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daddy kala Tilly Coolio, so bad in Shaco, in the days of Allah, in these, a yam are many signs, many motifs many points of wisdom to those who are extremely patient and to those who are extremely grateful. This is the first time that Allah mentions this concept known as a Yama Allah. What is the A Yama of Allah? What are the days of Allah? Because clearly the days of Allah are not our days. Clearly as Allah says, we're in the Yeoman and the Rebekah Elfi sanitary Mehta don a day in the eyes of Allah is like 1000 of your years. So Allah is time that oh Allah azza wa jal conceives of time is different than how we conceive of time. So when Allah says my days, a yam Allah, it is not like our

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days. What does it mean the days of Allah, our scholars, even Abbas and others they mentioned, the days of Allah are the positive and the negative lessons we learned from history, the days of Allah Yama, Allah or the blessings Allah gives to the righteous and the punishments Allah gives to the wicked, the A Yama Allah or literally we can say in modern English lessons from history. Allah is saying, oh, Moses, Go teach your people two things. Number one, that what is Budo Mata nor what is Jah? Helia and what is still eight what is sheer can what is eemaan Teach them spirituality, teach them the purpose of life, teach them what it means to be a believer. And number two, remind them of

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the lessons of history with a kid home, be a yam, Allah. And remember, when did Moses go to his people? When did Moses go to the children of Israel? He went when the children of Israel were being persecuted the most severe persecution, Allah azza wa jal mentions that the Pharaoh would persecute you a shut down either, he would be the most severe against you. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that you are DeLuna Obinna accom, he would slaughter your sons in front of your eyes. Imagine Oh Muslims, that terrible scene where the army of the pharaoh comes. You've just delivered a newborn baby infant and you can do nothing. The Army snatches this child and the army slaughters this child.

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The people of Pharaoh innocently killed these innocent children not in the 10s not in the hundreds in the 1000s imagine the pain. Imagine the humiliation imagine the powerlessness that the children of Israel would have felt and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada reminds the children of Israel well la cadena Jaina Bani Israel ADA Minar either Bill Maheen We saved you are children of Israel from the humiliating lives you used to live. Allah reminds the children of Israel you lived either been more when you were persecuted and you were human.

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created so you were both physically tortured and you were mentally tortured. And Allah says, We saved you from that minffordd around in the hookah. Anna Alia Minam was Sufi and we saved you from frown who was the worst of all tyrants? And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that the Pharaoh for sick borrow what kind of will Coleman on him? The Pharaoh was so arrogant, he had no humanity and he would transgress against all bounds of decency, he would do what nobody had done before him. Allah says to Musa is hot enough around in the hotel Hall go to fit our own, he has transgressed beyond anyone else he has done the inhumanity that nobody before him has done. And Allah subhana wa Tada

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says, The arrogance of Pharaoh was known to everybody, he would say, we're in a phone call home call heroes. We are above the children of Israel, we can do anything we want to them, and nobody can stop us from doing what we want to them. This is when Allah sent Moses to the children of Israel, when the children of Israel had no hope. When they had no army when they had no power. They were ethnically different from the oppressors and occupiers they were humiliated and tortured not to single government on Earth, cared about the children of Israel, they were persecuted and abandoned. They were left to themselves. And Allah said, Remember, I saved you when nobody could save you. I

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saved you when the world abandoned you when you were being persecuted. When you had no army, I was the one who saved you from the evils of a frown of the Pharaoh. And of course, Allah describes the Pharaoh as being employing the greatest armies and employing the worst media tactics. He would send his his interviews his Warners, he would send his his media experts the PR spinners, and they would go to the cities and towns and they would say to the people of the cities and towns that are people of Egypt, I am scared that these evil people meaning the children of Israel are going to corrupt your pure minds. I am scared a harmful and you but Dena Dena come out and you'll hear I fill out a

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deal facade around the evil frown actually flipped the script rather than showing Himself as the oppressor. Rather than showing Himself as the source of evil. He accused the children of Israel of being the source of evil and the ground as the Quran tells us. He sent criers for herself and I want to feel about that. Anyhow, she didn't fit out and sent the PR experts, the media, the news, all of them were around and they said these people in the heart will eyelashes Mr. Tong Kowloon, these are despised and abandoned people they are wanting to change your lifestyle. They are against our beautiful ways and our beautiful source of life and they are going to corrupt you. So Allah azza wa

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jal describes the children of Israel in a way that we see the reality the irony how the oppressed has now become the oppressor, how Allah describes the Pharaoh and every single description of the Pharaoh. It applies to the very biological descendants of those whom the Pharaoh persecuted in our times, the script has been flipped in our times, that people who once upon a time were persecuted by the Pharaoh are now enacting the exact same persecutions of the pharaoh from the oppressed, they have become the oppressor and that is why all Muslims, the Quran has no story in more detail and in more quantity than the story of Moses and fit down. Think about it. Ask yourselves why, in the whole

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Quran, the most often frequented story, the story that is mentioned more than 40 times in the Quran. And no other story has been mentioned, even close to this number is a story of Iran and Musa why because the benefits from this story are eternal, because there's no other OMA before us that we can benefit from as much the good and the bad, the positive and the negative as we can from the story of their own and Musa and that's why Allah says, oh, Moses, when you go to the children of Israel, teach them history, teach them the oppressor will never win. The oppressor will always lose in the end, oh Moses, teach the children of Israel that those who are oppressed will one day become free,

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no matter how powerful the tyrannical regimes might be, no matter how evil no matter how much media they have, one day those who are oppressed for my sake, I shall set them free. This is very clear in the Quran. Allah says in the Quran, when Who do you do under Munna Allah Latinas tutoring fulfill all the we wanted to favor those who were persecuted. We wanted to bless those who were persecuted notice Allah is saying when Who do you do under Munna Allah dena. So therefore, we wanted to bless those

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Those who were in the lower camp. We wanted to make them hire one who did do a pneumonia. I didn't know. So if you're the one that you're either home, Emerton, when you're either home worldwide a thing we would make them the leaders and we would make them the inheritors. Allah subhana wa Taala tells us through the story of Musa through the story of fit own, that those who are oppressed today, a time will come when they shall overcome the shackles of oppression, those that are oppressed in the name of Allah today. It doesn't matter what armies they have and don't have. It doesn't matter what media they have or don't have those who are oppressed for the sake of Allah, those who are

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tortured in the Name of Allah, those who are persecuted for their faith. It is the Yama Allah, the Sunnah of Allah. It is the lesson we learned from history, that the oppressed will one day be free. Allah does not allow oppression to flourish, the children of Israel, they were persecuted not for 10 years, not for 20 years, not for 8090 years. They were persecuted for 300 years, three centuries. They were persecuted. They were enslaved, they were tortured. They were literally killed. The babies were killed, how long could they last? Allah says no one day of time will come when you shall be free. And Allah sent Musa to them to set them free. This is what a Yeah, humble law means. The

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children of Israel are told to know the days of Allah to know the lessons of history. It is now our job to tell the descendants of those children of Israel, they had better learn from their own history. They had better learn from their own history, have they become blind to their own transgressions? Have they not seen what happens when you oppress when you plunder when you pillage? When you kill when you keep on killing and killing and killing. Look at your own history, oh children of Israel and see what our Lord and your Lord did to those who oppressed the believers. Once upon a time you were oppressed. And now the tide has changed, and you have become oppressors

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once upon a time it was the Pharaoh who used the tactics that you are using today, every single tactic that the Bible and the Quran ascribes to the pharaoh, I repeat every single tactic, every single methodology, it is now being used by the modern descendants of the people who are once oppressed by the Pharaoh. And Allah says all Muslims, it's our job to remind people of history with a good home be a yummy Allah. And so that's what I'm doing today. And I want all of us to continually as we keep on trying our best to change the situation. This is the first verse in which Allah mentions the days of Allah. And the concept once again is the lessons of history that Allah

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rewards those who are oppressed, that Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses those who are persecuted and that Allah azza wa jal will deal with those who are oppressors and those who perpetuate the persecution. Allah says in the Quran, that found sent forth all of these criers for outside of it I want to film my dad and he has Shireen in the house. Alicia Dima, Tonka you don't fit around said these are outcasts, these are renegades. There are a small number of people were in the home, Lana, Aloha, Yvonne. They have done things that anger us notice fit islands, the one killing for islands, the one pillaging found is the one surrounding and fit out and has the audacity to say you guys

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provoked us, you can, quote, fit around and apply it to the modern apartheid regime and what they say about Palestinians, you can literally quote from the Quran. What frown is saying it's your fault, we're killing you. It's your fault. We're surrounding you. You are the ones who enraged us. Literally I say to you, I've said this from this member. And I say it today again, you read the Quran, and literally every verse that Allah mentions about the crown. It is as if the tactics of the modern apartheid repressive regime are being described so far out and says it's your fault. This is happening not mine you transgressed against us not the other way around. We're in the gym, you don't

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have your own and we're going to take our we're going to take our our warnings against them and we're going to surround them Allah subhanho wa Taala says don't worry or children of Israel for a hostage now who mentioned that and what are you on what canoes in Walmart calm and Kareem cada Lika with our rathna Her Bani Israel eel in the Quran, Allah says oh children of Israel, just wait when found will leave we will take care of you and we will give you what you want to aspire to have. However, once they have gotten what they wanted, Allah azza wa jal has shown the reality of what is in their hearts rather than being thankful rather than it being grateful they have flipped the

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script and they have taken the path of fear around so this is the first time that Allah mentions a Yama Allah. The second time that Allah mentions a Yama Allah is suited to jatiya and this surah was revealed when the Muslims were being persecuted in Makkah, when the Quraysh were killing Muslims for no reason other than they said

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La Ilaha illa Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed in that very difficult circumstance called Lila Dina Armano your funeral Lila Dena Allah your Juna Yama Allah He the edges here call me McConnell Yuxi bone, tell the believers they should overlook what these people who do not believe in the days of Allah are doing, overlook it because the time will come that Allah azza wa jal will give them what they deserve. In other words, in this verse, Allah is saying, Oh believers, you believe in the aim of Allah and the ones who persecute you don't believe in the aim of Allah. So Allah is saying, Don't worry, those who don't believe in the days of Allah, I shall take care of them and I

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will give them what they deserve. Now in this context, a Yama Allah takes on a slightly different meaning. And it means yo Medina yo Milka Yama, it means the hereafter. So a Yama Allah becomes the days of Allah in the hereafter. Allah is saying, Oh Muslims who are persecuted, oh, Muslims who do not have any defense are Muslims who are literally being killed for out fraud without any legitimate cause. My comfort to you is just wait a time will come when Allah will take care of the very people who do not look forward to his days. Now, this idea, it only applies to those Muslims who do not have any mechanism to fight back. And for those the constellation can be given. This is not a

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defeatist verse, no idea in the Quran just says go ahead and let people attack you and die. That's not what the Quran is saying what the Quran is saying, oh, Muslims who don't have the strength to fight are Muslims who don't have the wherewithal to defend yourselves, don't worry, you believe in the days of Allah, and those people don't believe in the days of Allah. And I will bless those who believe in my days meaning the Day of Judgment, the accurate agenda and now and those who reject my days, they will see the reality of what they have done. So this is simply an uplifting this is simply a spiritual means of making a sense of optimism when there is no more optimism that people

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can have and so on Muslims, these are the two times that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a Yama Allah, the first of them, it means lessons from history. We go back to the past and we see never does oppression flourish. Allah does not bless any oppressor. Allah does not bless any volume. Well, Allahu Allah, you hit bull facade, and Allah azza wa jal never give success to those that are evil in the long run. This is a Yama Allah in the first verse, and in the second verse, A Yama Allah means there's always something to look forward to. Even if in this world Sahaba die, then we should we go and kill the Muslims have courage, the courage kill the Muslims, still, there is something to

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look forward to. And that is the day of judgment on Muslims as we see what is happening and the situation of our brothers and sisters in Gaza and fell asleep. When the situation has gone from bad to worse. Wallahi we thought we have seen the worst of it. And yet Subhanallah yesterday as you're aware, over 110 women and children primarily were shot as they're waiting for food. They're already starving. People are literally starving to death. Oh Muslims, it is shocking. We thought we had seen the worst. And yet what is happening now? Even words do not describe how can a child die of lack of food and malnutrition in the modern world? How can video footage and pictures be shown that

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literally evoke what happened to World War Two and how those prisoners were like bones. We saw those pictures in World War Two. And we said never again, what Hitler did to people, including the descendants of the children of Israel, he starved them he put them in concentration camps. Literally. We saw the pictures in black and white and we thought that's never gonna happen again. We're never gonna see skeletons like this. And now we see images coming from Azusa, children, women like skeletons. Children are dying because they don't have food to eat, and the whole world is watching brothers and sisters will Llahi I can do nothing except remind ourselves of that drop that

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our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the incident of thought if it is a dua that comes from the heart, it is a dua that is the epitome of accepting Allah's decree complaining to ALLAH asking ALLAH for a change. And remember when the thought if happened, or if happened when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in many ways it was really the lowest part of his difficult you know journey when our mother Aisha asked him what was the most difficult day of your life? What was the day that was the most difficult day He himself said it was the day of thought if that was the most difficult day of my life that day. He had no army. He had no supporters in this world. He had

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lost his wife Khadija, five weeks ago, he had lost his uncle Abu Talib. A week ago he had lost the two people who he loved the most and who loved him the most

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He had no support in this dunya and he goes to the people of thought if and what happens to him happens, the humiliation, the physical pain, the mental pain, the anguish, the torture, never in the Sierra has it been so difficult as it was on the day of birth, and as he exits thought if his whole body is bleeding, the blood is coming and seeping into his shoes. He doesn't have a single protector after Allah subhanho wa Taala and he raises his hands and he makes this dua and this is the dua that has come to mind when I see what is happening in Gaza. Allahumma Aika, a school blog for Guwahati working letter hawan the other nurse Oh Allah, to you I complain of my weakness and of my lack of

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support and of my humiliation amongst the people. Well, Allah He what humiliation is there? What humiliation is there greater than this humiliation and OMA of one and a half billion and we can't even help innocent children and women starving in front of our eyes. What greater humiliation is there? And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cried out to Allah and terrible Mustafa Delphine. Notice You are the Lord of those who are weak and oppressed. At that time of loneliness at the time of pain. He said Dr. Rob I am Mustafa. If and you are my Rob I have no one else to help me other than you. I am hurt. I have been persecuted and terrible Mustafa caffeine and you are the robbed of

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those who are in tragedy wear and tear a B and you are my Rob Oh ALLAH and he cries out to Allah He does what is called chakra a complaining to Allah and complaining to Allah is the sign of Eman because you should only complain to Allah and not to the creation. And so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, ILA men, Turkey loony Who are you handing me over to who is there to protect me Illa Montecchio Dhoni who is there that is going to help me in I do when you get your harmony? Are you giving me to my enemy? Who is going to give me hostility? Oh no I do when Malacca who somebody or to an enemy that is going to have power over me. Who am I going to go to Oh Allah, I

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don't have anybody. And this is exactly what we see in our brothers and sisters in Azusa, who can they go to? Not a single Muslim country, not to single of our leaders even has the spine to speak out. The fact of the matter is in the majority of our Muslim lands, you cannot even make dua for the people of Gaza. How much humiliation in Muslim lands you cannot protest and Muslim lands? The people have said no support for the people of us thing could we ever have imagined? Could we ever have imagined a time and a place where Muslim leaders are telling their own populations? You cannot support the people of Gaza? What utter humiliation What a bunch of incompetent losers that we have

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in charge of us and to Allah we complain and if it shows anything, it shows us we cannot rely on any power we cannot rely on any entity other than Allah subhanho wa taala. And the worst of them all. And we have to say this bluntly, is our own government of a suit. Suppose that superpower the very least of words that come from their mouths to condemn these killings. Yesterday, at least one government of the Muslim lands set to the UN condemned the killing of children who are lining up for food, just issue a condemnation, that you shouldn't be killing people as you starve them to death and our country is the only country that did this vetoed the bill to simply condemn Can you believe

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and here we are sitting not knowing what to do so we go back to this dua? What can we do? Oh Allah, what can we do? Allah Houma la escuela for Qulity O Allah to you, we complain of our weakness to you we complain of our incompetence to Wii U to you we complain over humiliation, who can we turn to Oh Allah, there is no one to turn to except you. And so Oh Allah, we turn to you, because only you can help us only you can give us aid. And if this issue of Gaza has not opened our eyes to this reality not to single entity in this world is able to stand up not a single power, not a single country, not a single government. And here we have Allah subhanho wa taala. And so all Muslims, cut off your hope

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of any aid from any power from any regime, from any government, from any dynasty from any kingdom, and put your trust and put your hope in Allah because the one who saved Moses and the children of Moses, the children of Israel, the one who saved them from the Pharaoh, he is the one that will save the modern believers and Allah the modern followers of Musa and the prophets from the modern Pharaoh. And as the story teaches us, you don't need an army when you have Allah. You don't need an army when Allah is on your side when we put our trust in Allah and we turn to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. It doesn't matter if the ocean is in front of us and the armies are behind us. It doesn't

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matter if the whole media is against us, it doesn't matter if not a single power on earth helps us when the real believers turn to Allah. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will split the very ocean in front of them. And Allah will send armies from places they never expected and Allah will help them from sources they never even understood. So all Muslims learn from the A Yom of Allah, learn from the days of Allah learn from history, learn from the Sierra and let these incidents and let these issues be a call for us to awaken to enlighten our spirits and to be true believers in Allah. May Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you will turn to the Quran and may make us of those who is versus

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they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness you as well ask him for his love of food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hilde Wahidullah had a solid Allah de la mia lead wala mula wollemi Akula, who for one I had what I do.

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All Muslims, the month of Ramadan, is about to come upon us one week. And that's it. And as quickly as we're anticipating, we all know for some of us, this is our 16th and 17th Ramadan. For others, it is our first that we're going to be fasting. But wherever your age, we all know how quickly the month comes and how quickly the month goes. Today I'm telling you that Ramadan is around the corner and will law here in the twinkling of an eye you will be hearing it as either announcements and Ramadan is gone. But I want to make a special appeal to myself and all of you a special appeal in light of what is happening in the world. If you are not intending to make this Ramadan, the best

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from Oban of your whole lives, if you are not absorbing the pain around the globe, the reality of humiliation and then accepting that Allah has given us the opportunity to worship Allah has given us the opportunity to turn to him to cleanse ourselves to pray too fast to reconnect with our religion. If you are not understanding this, then we'll law one else will you understand. So I am appealing to every one of you from now, no matter what you did in the past no matter how your lives were and even if you're righteous or you thought you were righteous this Ramadan has done Ramadan to raise your bar this Ramadan is the best Ramadan of your lives that's what your Nia should be I want to do in

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this Ramadan what I have never done in any Ramadan before aim high. Our brothers and sisters don't even have food to eat. They're literally being massacred in food lines. So in this Ramadan I appeal to all of you to first and foremost cleanse your heart of any arrogance any Kibet any Hill and the hesed any heck purify your hearts of any evil make it pure for the sake of Allah. Secondly, strive in your ritual strive in your worship, try your best to do as much as you can. Thirdly, and I know this is difficult but Wallah he almost Slim's Wallahi in light of what is going on, we cannot be extravagant in our bodies. We cannot be spending 10s of 1000s when children are literally starving

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because they don't have food to eat Have some shame and high up I'm sorry I don't want to burst your beautiful times of Ramadan but cut back a little bit be a little bit yes do if 30 But tell the people will have a simple meal and I'm dedicating 2030 40% for the people of Gaza do this and people will be happy with you while Allah had they're going to be happy, just lower a little bit of the expenses and send spend upon the people of Gaza. The least we can do keep them in our hearts and minds. We are voluntarily giving up 13 hours of food and water they have not had pure water clean water for weeks on end they have not had food for Allah knows how long so in this month of Ramadan,

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be simple to the level that is acceptable. I understand. We don't want to ruin the children's you know what number that's understandable but toned down a little bit for the sake of our brothers and sisters and announced to the people hey, look, usually we have these types. But now we're going to spend some percentage on the people of Gaza. So make something of a sacrifice in your own lives and whatever you are going to spend on the events you're going to do cut back even 2030 40% if not more, and say I'm going to give this much to us and the rest we're going to be doing here in our houses so also brothers and sisters in this month reconnect to your Lord and dua in vicar in the masjid or one

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of the best and the most beautiful places to in order to come close to Allah make coming to the mystery that part of your routine Salatin Fajr salata Asia are more important the salah to Tara we have to be very honest here a lot of us we comforter oh yeah that's great so Latin Fajr is more important to pray and Gemma than Salah to Tara we're so if you have to choose between the two honestly it's a no brainer every scholar of filth will tell you solitary Fajr is more important. Still if you can do both better than that pray Taraweeh at home or in the masjid turn to Allah subhana wa

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either cleanse your heart be aware of the Ummah make dua to Allah and realize that sometimes victory is delayed but it is never canceled. Sometimes victory might be postponed. This is the Sunnah of Allah we learn it from a young Mila sometimes victory might be postponed but victory is always given to the believers cut up Allahu Allah has really been an hour Rasul. Allah has decreed that I shall be victorious and my prophets and those who follow them, Allah and the believers of Allah will always be victorious. We need to be amongst the believers and Allah will write victory for us. Allah how many died for me? No, Allahu Allah Tada if you how to meet them and in love Africa, where the

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Hammond Illa for Raja Wallah Dana and Lakota well I'm idea of an illustrator when I see an Illa yourself to Allah my friend Anna what is one interlinear it's about who Neville Iman. What are the geography of luminol Greenland Lilina Amano Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah whom is Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allah Houma is an Islam almost one Muslim in Allah Who Montserrat Allah has Allah Allah for them. Are they him? Sobre Allah Mirtha bitrum Allah hoomans surah Allah I do wake up I do with him Jaco. Will you yeah as he is about Allah in Allah Jota and Mr. Lacombe Emery better BBFC within the Medaka decoder What's that letter become a Johan moment an engineer he

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went insane for all SML Conan Idema in Allah home and Ecuador Soluna Allah Nebby Yeah, you will Latina Amanu Sallu Allah He was selling him with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik WA and an abacus with a call Mohamed while early he was a big marine about a lot in the larger motor will add the word ehsani What is the ideal orba warrior in Halifax sure it will Moon carry well belly you come to the karoun Oh the Corolla hull LDMOS come wash crew who years it did not come with a crew loita Allah Akbar what is Salah?

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Angeline either

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me Emma's the heathen doll seni wanna just showed

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me what to feed

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Sunday. What

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feels cool. We took my journey

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down to

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me down