All Religions Teach that you should not Rape but Islam Shows a Way where People will not Rape

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Let me give you an example.

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Most of the religions say

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that you should not molest a woman, you should not Republican. Hinduism says that Judaism says that Christianity says that Islam says the same. So what's the difference between Islam and the other religions Islam, besides telling you not to molest a woman, not to rape a woman, it shows you a way how to achieve a state in which people will not molest when not to when not rape any woman.

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Islam has the system of a job.

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Many times people talk about the job for the woman is up for a woman in Islam, but Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, first piece about the job for the man and then for the woman. Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter number 24 was Timothy 30, the believing man that he should lower his gaze and guard his modesty. Whenever a man looks at a woman if any breathing thought comes, he should lower this case.

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When there was a Muslim was staring at a girl for a long time at rebreather, what I doing, it's not allowed, he said, a beloved Prophet said the first glance is given the second is prohibited as not complete half my glance.

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What did the Prophet mean when he said that the first glance is forgiven, the second is prohibited what the prophet meant that unintentionally if you look at the woman, it will be forgiven, but don't intentionally Look at her to feast on the beauty. That does not mean you can look at a woman for 10 minutes without blinking and say you have not completed my glance.

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The next verse speaks about the hijab for the woman. Allah says in the Quran in surah nude chapter number 24 was number 31 said to the believing woman that she should lower the gaze and gather modesty and display not a beauty except what appears ordinary off and to draw a head covering over the bosom or the chest and display not a beauty except in front of her husband, her father Hassan and a big list of men from the close relatives who she can marry is given. Basically, there are six criteria of a job given the Quran and decided the first is the extent

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which differs between the man and the woman. For the man it from the naval to the knee, for the woman, the complete body should be covered, the only part that can be seen are the face and the hands up to the wrist. These are the only parts that can be seen. Otherwise, the complete body should be covered. The remaining five criteria are the same for the man and the woman. The second is that the clothes they wear, it should not be tight fitting, so that it is the figure. Third, it should not be transparent or translucent, so that you can see through fourth, it should not be so glamorous, so that attracts the opposite sex. Fifth, it should not resemble that of the opposite sex

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and six, it should not resemble that of the unbelievers.

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This In short, is the job which is mentioned Quran Musa de

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Furthermore, Allah Allah says

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in Surah

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chapter three verse 59, oh Prophet, tell your wives, and your daughters and the believing woman that when they go abroad, the she put on the clothes that she put on the jilbab so that they shall be recognized and it will prevent them from being molested. So Quran says he job has been prescribed for the woman so that they shall be recognized, and it will prevent them from being molested.

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Let me ask you a question.

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Suppose the two twin sisters who are very beautiful, equally beautiful, and if they're walking down the streets of Chennai,

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and one sister, she's wearing the Islamic hijab, complete body covered except the face and the hands up to the wrist. And the other twin sister, she's wearing the western clothes, the miniskirts and shot.

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And if they're walking down the streets of Chennai, and around the corner, there is a hooligan, that Ruffin who's very far a catch. who's trying to tease a girl. I'm asking the question, which girl will it is? Will it is the girl wearing the Islamic job? Or will it is the girl wearing the miniskirts for shorts?

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Which girl is the girl? The girl wearing the western clothes miniskirts and short, easy and easy question is the answer.

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You don't have to be a intelligent person to answer this.

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So Quran rightly says that he Job had been prescribed for the woman so that they shall be recognized and prevent them from being molested. After this, the Islamic Sharia says any man rapes a woman. Capital punishment, death penalty.

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May non Muslims say death penalty in this 21st century. Islam is a barbaric religion. It's a ruthless law.

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But when I ask the question, and I'm asked this question to 1000s of non Muslims that suppose God forbid

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someone rapes your wife, or someone rapes yada.

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And if you're made the judge and if the rapist is born in front of you,

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What punishment will you give Believe me all

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Have them said we'll put him to death, some meant to the extent of saying we will torture him to death. So why do you have the double standard? Someone rapes your mother, your wife your independent with that somebody raped somebody else's mother says like you said death penalty, the barbaric law. Why these double standards

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and do in America, USA rich we look up on to be one of the most advanced countries in the world. Do you know it has one of the highest rates of rape in the world.

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According to the 1990 statistics of FBI in the year 1990 alone, 102,555 cases of rape took place. And the FBI statistics said only 16% were reported to get the exact figure you have to multiply by 6.25. And you'll get total of 640,968 rapes took place in 1990. USA alone.

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That means every day 1756 rapes took place.

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And out of those reported only 10% were arrested. That means only 1.6% of the rapist arrested out of those arrested 50% were led feet before the trial. That means only point 8% of the rapist underwent a trial.

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That means 125 rapes who commit and the chances will be caught and undergoing a trial is one. It's a very good bargain 125 rapes you do,

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and chances you will get caught and go for the trial only one

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and majority of the case, though the American law says seven years rigorous imprisonment most of the time, it's always the first time you give him a lesser punishment.

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If you read the statutes of 1996, US Department of Justice, it says that in 1996, on average 2713 cases of rape took place every day in USA. That means every time to second one rape is taking place in America, we are here for more than an hour. already more than 100 deaths have taken place in America since the time I'm giving this lecture.

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I'm asking you the question, that if we implement the Islamic Sharia in USA, that whenever a man looks at a woman, if any brave in any unashamed thought comes in his mind, we should lower his gaze. After that every woman should whether Islamic is complete body covered, the only part that can be seen other faiths and hands up vanished. And after that, If any man rapes a woman, capital punishment, that penalty, I'm asking the question, will the rate of rape in USA, will it increase will remain the same? Or will it decrease?

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It will decrease. It's a practical law. you implement the Sharia and you get results. That is the reason I say Islam. Besides doing good things. It shows you a way how to achieve a state in which the good things can be practiced.

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And today, the least rate of rape in any country in the world, it's in Saudi Arabia.

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Not that the police is very intelligent. The law is so strict, you implement the Sharia, you get results. And in Saudi Arabia, Allah says this law.

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Even in Saudi Arabia, the rape will increase and even 30 will increase. It is the law which is important. The Islamic Sharia, implement the Sharia, you get results. that the reason I say Islam, besides picking good things, shows you a way how to achieve the state of goodness. Therefore I say Islam is a religion, which shows you how to lead life. It's a way of life. it caters to both the body as well as the soul