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Yet another insightful piece by Mr E H Khamissa

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Every day, you have an opportunity, what you need to do act upon it. In the homes, I see a lack of compassion. People are so mechanical. I see children disenchanted with the parents, spouses disenchanted.

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who say I'm very unhappy, but they're carrying their unhappiness everywhere they go. It's about changing the attitudes. I believe in the capacity for human beings to transform the life, from desperation to hope, from a lack to an abundance of love. But I see many of us have a victim mentality. Are you prepared to sabotage your own life by your narrow, negative thinking? feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help you. Then in the row is not the end.

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There are three critical steps. Number one, move the focus away from yourself. Number two, show gratitude. And third, he starts off with one single step to success to get success. When you take a small step for most people is a quantum leap. It's very important also, to ensure the people around you are not toxic. You need to be evil, to give you hope. Before you can think of having a constructive relationship. You're going to first love yourself in the end, through friends, well you cannot quantify happiness is self inflicted and not created balance.