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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hilde Carrie woebot respective brothers elders. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Today inshallah, we will cover a very important topic which impacts all of us.

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And that is education,

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I'm sure all of you have heard the term that the pen is mightier than the sword. It's a well known phrase.

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Is it right?

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I would say most cases it is. Sometimes you do need the sword.

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But generally, the pen is more mightier than the sword. Because with the sword, you don't win the hearts with the pen, you win the hearts

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with the sword, you don't convince people with the pen, you convince people.

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The victory with the sword is short term, the victory with the pen is long term.

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And this is why you see one of the meanings of fat victory in Islam is actually for what is to open.

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So the Muslim would bring an army to a certain area and then they would overtake that area, they would present them Islam. If they didn't accept Islam, then they would take that area that would open the doors for the local people to see the beauty of Islam because that was the only way

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because the leaders and the kings of those times would never allow you to come and hand out leaflets outside their local temples.

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First revelation

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is what

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Allah revealed in the Quran ekra a crab is Mirabella the Halak read in the name of the one who created so Pamela our first revelation is ekra Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala bring the first revelation Islam

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was the was the Pillars of Islam.

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Salaam, Hajj, had Jerusalem, none of that. The first revelation Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed was a crabby smear of bacon Lady haluk. Read in the name of the one who created you.

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People at that time

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were using other human beings as animals, lower than animals. They were burying their own blood, their own daughters alive. They were at war with each other at time for over a decade. But none of that was mentioned. Allah mentioned what a crock read.

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Because see,

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sound knowledge will eradicate all evils in society

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will uproot all evils in society. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala went for the foundation. You give people good knowledge read in the one who created you meaning read that which is pure economics Mirabella, the HELOC and that will be a source of eradicating the illness and the sicknesses in society, you will no longer bury your daughter's alive, you will no longer abuse your daughter in law, you will no longer disrespect your parents, you will no longer be disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala. If your fundamentals is sound knowledge, otherwise have some knowledge you will be dealing with the symptoms of not having sound knowledge.

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So this was the first revelation.

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And this is why you see look in knowledge, pure knowledge.

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The first thing when a child is born is what what do they say? They give avant in one a that the first thing that he hears is La ilaha illAllah the Allies a cabal that come towards success.

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You give the car a comma in the other air

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you know not before now it's changed a bit but before you know what would they endeavour that the first word of the child would be would be Allah or will be La La

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Lala now is mama Papa cartoon, this that, but that was what it used to be. Even even you look at those who have hardly have very little knowledge in those countries that we come from. They still wanted their children to recite the first thing that would come out to their mouth would be kalama, the Shahada La ilaha illa Allah, or the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why because what you are instilling in that child because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, kulu, mold in your Allah do Allah fitara to Islam, that every child is born on the fitrah of Islam

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is born on the innate nature of Islam. He's like a clean slate. And then it is society with impacts in the borders of Muslims. And then the parents.

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The parents, they make him a Jew, they make him a Christian, they make you a median, they make him something else, they make him an atheist, because the parents have a huge impact on the child. And what is what is the promise or loss of them telling us that the first murder of that child when that child is your

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is the parents, if the parents fail of the often that leads to the child failing. You look throughout the Quran, Subhana Allah, look throughout the entire Quran. Literally, every comb that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about that the Navy came to, what did they say?

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They said, you know, what we're on is what we found of our forefathers to be armed. And therefore, we fought our fathers to be mushriks we fought out our fathers to bury the daughters alive, therefore, we are doing exactly what we found. Our father's doing. Literally, in every single case, the destruction of the children was because of the hands of the parents.

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Because the parents failed, because there wasn't sound knowledge and there was no Amal if they had any knowledge.

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And then you had a band salaallah alayhi wa sallam who comes to these group of people, the vast majority of them could not read and write, messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was limited could not read and write. To the degree they're unsuitable for the BIA.

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They finished the treaty off with Muhammad Rasulullah saw the progress of Allah Allah was solemn turn to Elliot of the Allahu, and he said le

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finishing off with Muhammad Rasulullah saw earlier the amount of rights Muhammad Rasulullah saw Haley Amara, who was came on behalf of the machine. He said no, no, no, Mohammed, if we had regarded you as a newbie as a Rasulullah, that we wouldn't have this issue. Delete the word Rasulullah leave Muhammad, the son of Abdullah.

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So the problem is Allah said I'm not turned to Allah, the landlady says only remove the word Rasulullah. So earlier the alarm message of Allah

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that's difficult for me. They may not regard you as a messenger of Allah, but I do I can't do that.

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So I

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took the pain and he said, Ali, take my hand over the word Rasool Allah. So Allah, Allah now has the hand of the Messenger of Allah and he took it over the word Rasool Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised the word Rasulullah, the Messenger of Allah was unlettered. But the first revelation descended upon this man who was unlettered was Accra

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come the Battle of butter.

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And these are our stories, brothers and sisters. These are not stories.

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We implement these in our life because that's what changes society with the province of lots of them came to so the problem is, I'm Omar they were selling better or better the first battle that the Muslims had with a machete key

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was the ransom. Those who could not give the ransom, but could read and write, what was their ransom their ransom was

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that they would teach 10 people how to read and write and they would be freed.

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So Hon, Allah, these were people look, these were people who came to kill the Muslims, the Messenger of Allah took them and utilize them to educate the Muslims. And how big was the class is 10

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now 40 now 50 like a McAdams you know, the more you get into the muck tops, the cheaper it gets, the more the mothers

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and the parents don't care because the lower your fees are.

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So you have fought

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Tina modasa 30 in a modasa, the province ally, they will send them said no 10 only 10 per class 10 per teacher. How long does it take you to teach them? As long as it takes you?

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There is no time limit. ism has no time limit. And this is what the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did, and this is a G Why? Because this was a man who himself was unlettered but he understood

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the importance of education. Brothers and sisters, I know many of us are old, we've we've missed the boat. But you do have an obligation to your children,

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that you give them good sound education. You You make them Aspire at schools. You make them Aspire and mcribs. You make them do

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you know, why do most MCC dubs fail?

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Why do most of them fail? There's a few reasons. But let me address with a reason which is directly connected to you and I.

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So your three people in a mock up? And why did why do I say that the MCC dub failed to a degree is because we are the only population only population in the entire country who after school, our children go for two hours to a maximum for five to six years.

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No other community has that Alhamdulillah.

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But why do they fail? Why after six, seven years of studying Islam, we are 4% of the country, but we are 15% in prisons. Why?

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the muck tubs are not adequate.

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The teachers are not trained to the degree that they should be trained. And one of the reasons is that because you and I are not ready to pay enough for that mucked up, you want to pray minimal.

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And then you want the resources of your schools.

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You want to organize your school and then you can play it all by our my school, they send me a letter soon as anything happens, and you're paying four or five, six pound a week.

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That's one

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The second part is the children I don't want to prepare the children because the children are generally the victims.

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And the third is the parent which is generally you

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whatever they do and mock them, they teach their children 42 hours over a period of years and I teach them 42 hours. The child reads the Quran and he read the Quran with Tajweed and never has he ever heard his mum and dad ever read while before they eat.

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Because you don't know the door.

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The best you know is Bismillah for everything Bismillah out of the house Bismillah inside the house Bismillah eating Bismillah after you finish Bismillah when you burn through Bismillah

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when you when you write it when you drive your car Bismillah

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your your Mashallah which is good. Alhamdulillah better than nothing Alhamdulillah but that's where far as it goes. So those 42 hours that child has learned over the years, he's forgotten them all, because never has he heard his parents read one.

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So all the effort all the minute of the teachers at the mucked up is wasted, and whose hands you're an eye.

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So we, we

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cause the children to be victims.

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If you don't know your dogs, learn your dogs. You can learn everything else. When your dog eating.

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When you sit in the car, let your dog out and then make your children read every single time they said after they finished the food, make the child read the dog.

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Learn them if you don't know them.

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Because this is what is the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala you know what keeps people in the deen Let me tell you.

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It's been proven, because as a healer in the West is a huge issue with atheism, and agnosticism. You know what keeps you people in the eyes, not the leaves. Remember this

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is not that you can break down you got the Cosmopolitan cosmological argument for why

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Law exists. You know why it's proven? It's because the experience of the religion if you've never experienced the sweetness of Eman if your children have never experienced the sweetness of a man that you never given them an Islamic nice environment where they feel Islam when they experience Islam

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then they have nothing to go back on.

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So what doubt is created regarding the man and everything is gone whitewashed.

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So brothers

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make environment you have to think about everything else in our life, we think how we can do it better. What about the future of our children? the education of our children? You look at a man like Bob you know Omar, you know the vast majority of people at that time could not read and write but over the new could return right? So we did Amaro de la new go Amara de la now goes where to go and kill them se of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam laborious Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam said, the worst of people. The worst of people are those who kill a nappy or are killed by and maybe you don't get worse than this.

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So he goes out and and he goes with the intention to kill the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And on the way he's directed to his sister's house, Fatima with embraced Islam, and he is a humming noise when he's at the door and he's not 100% sure why he is.

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So they've been taught how to read the Quran. So he goes into the home

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and the teacher hides.

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And he said, What was that noise? I heard? They said, No, is nothing for me. What did you hear is nothing.

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And then he said to them, I heard that you are Muslims.

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Firstly, they kind of denied it.

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Then the brother in law said to him, he said, Omar,

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what if the religion of our forefathers is wrong than the religion of Mohammed is right? Omar was Omar, you know, he was he going? He was going to kill the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So he grabbed his brother in law and he started picking his brother in law. He grabbed him and he was beating him sitting on a beating him. His system moved forward, and he slapped his sister. And then she started to bleed.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala changed the heart of Omar.

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And Omar said, what was that you what you were reading?

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What was that what you were reading?

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And they said it was the Quran, Omar and we're giving it to you until you go and have a bath. So Omar roseola. Ando goes and has a bath.

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And then he comes and they give him a papers with with sort of Baja on it. And it started off with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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And the Arabs had no concept of Bismillahirrahmanirrahim they had a llama Bismillah Bismillah Allahu Allah. That's what they had. That's it. So Omar pig read that word. This will learn of mana Rahim. And he gets angry and he throws into the floor.

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And then he picks it up again and he starts reading. And the narration is mentioned. The more he read, the more Allah opened his heart, the more Allah opened his heart.

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The man who went to go and kill the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam now leaves his sister's house and says the mystery of Allah and the Messenger of Allah is in the door.

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So he

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so he goes to Dotto, accom, which is at the foot of where the mountain of software is now. And he goes there and they see him and the vast majority of Muslims that migrated to Sydney there's only a handful of Muslim left so they got scared.

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He's got his sword with him. So Hamza roseola was there um, just let him come if he wants Hale Alhamdulillah if he doesn't want a will kill him with his own sword.

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So Amara de la knocks on the door, and he could and he walks in and they grab him by the arm from both sides. And the barbarism Omar la wa sallam moved forward and he grabbed him by his Garmin and a messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Omar When will you come right?

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When will you come right? Only after destruction for you like you felt bullied. Remember Lila, and Elena fell to his knees. And he said I should do a la ilaha illallah wa rasulillah Wanaka Rasulullah he said I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that you are the Messenger of Allah.

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Omar because of the Baraka that he could read and write, so the nude and the beauty of Islam, Allah says, find love and know who La ilaha illa Allah. No, no, that there is no god besides Allah fatling have knowledge, you cannot recognize Allah if you do not have knowledge, before you can even become a Muslim. Before you can even become a man of a person of Eman, fathom and no la ilaha illa Allah know that there is no god besides Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is why brothers

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very important that we educate our children, but we educate them however we educate them, that education has an Islamic dimension to it.

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If you make them doctors, because they should be conscious of the fact that what they are doing is ultimately they are serving creation and serving Allah subhanho wa Taala

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naam ghazali says that people cannot really appreciate Allah subhanaw taala unless they know the anatomy of a person. Because if you know the anatomy of a person than that, and you know how complex the anatomy of a person is, that will increase your Eman in the last pump dollar. So even if you are studying medicine, and you marveled at the human being and it brings you closer to a last month Allah that is a club is mirrabooka lady Halak read in the name of the one who created

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and therefore brothers.

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We need to

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invest in our children.

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Give them a good education, though they are achievers. You know, a research came out recently which said

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Muslims of all religious denominations, even non religious the nomination, the lowest achievers in secondary education in an accredited university education are the Muslims in attaining a higher degree. So in attaining a first or upper to one, the Muslims are the lowest, the average is 76%. The Muslims is 65%.

00:22:38--> 00:22:45

And there's a number of reasons for this background other reasons. But there's also one reason that the report mentions

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that they're discriminated against. So they saw any university which had a reasonable amount of Muslim staff, the Muslims achieved higher

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were when they had very little Muslim staff, the Muslims achieved lower so they say one of the reasons for this is that the Muslims are discriminated against.

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So provers the only people who are going to have to be a notch above everybody else is you and I just to get a fair playing field.

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So we make no other laws, by law makers, people who really appreciate him which brings us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We make dua that Allah, Allah make our children pious that Allah Subhana Allah make our children future as also sacajawea that they contribute and they become an asset to the ummah. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah.