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The importance of belief in God and the Holy Spirit in the church's actions is discussed, including a recent video about a man claims to be the Son of God. However, the church has a long history of teaching the Son of God and is not trying to make people believe they are the Son of God. The speakers stress the importance of identifying one's Christian background and problem, using the Bible as a reference, and not commenting on claims about the Son of God. They also offer resources for further information.

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a chance to gain re

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spend on you

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know sending God. Good deeds are opportunities, sparkling bright and true, raising you in the sight of Allah and adonia for you, so rush to three

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Don't forget the oppressed and when you go to sleep

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam along rolling them and foreigner one foreigner Lima lantana was in Nairobi, Kenya Karima Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brothers and sisters, welcome to a time to please Allah live from Dubai, it is your Friday or a sort of Thursday, I keep mixing Thursday, Friday, it's your Thursday night show that you don't want to miss. And it is live from Dubai 8pm, Eastern Time and 7pm KSA. Saudi Arabia. And if you have missed some of our previous show, make sure to check out our Facebook attempt to please Allah. And you can subscribe Michelle and share all our previous videos

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with your friends and family. And if you missed last show, you want to catch up inshallah, after the show, don't leave now you want to catch up after. But basically, we are talking about a very, very important issue. And I'm sure most of you who are watching this show, know someone who is Christian, and who believes in God, but associates partners with God and you know, believes that Jesus is the Son of God, or God, and believe in the Holy Spirit and the whole dry on, you know, a head or a triune, God or Trinity. And you might want to give them doubt, you might want to call them to Islam to this beautiful way of life, which is the truth to help and there's no other way and there is no

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other way other than Islam. All the prophets that came on this earth are all Muslim, okay. And I know a lot of people get confused from the nonsense that when you tell them that, but when you explain to them that a Muslim is the one who submits his will, to the will of the Creator, he basically says whatever, lots of prayer that says, I believe it, I'll follow it, I'll do my best, you know, to struggle to follow it. And all the prophets were exactly that they follow Allah spontaneous order for them. And they believed in him. And it was always the same message that, you know, there's only one creator, one deity, and there's no one else worthy of worship except him. I

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mean, if you look at who did Adam worship, it was God, who did Moses worship, and Noah and Abraham and all the other prophets, it was God, none of them believed in a trinity, none of them believed in some kind of, you know, Triune God or anything like that, even though I will discuss maybe later on shala some of the, you know, how I would say, you know, kind of stretched arguments, you know, I like to call it, you know, mental gymnastics, they try to do with their scriptures to try to justify and do what, you know, through what hardship they have to go through and through what, you know, illogical in arguments they have to recur to, in order to somehow somehow give credibility to what

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they say.

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So, of course, Allah subhanaw taala. And he says, over and over and over again, that he is the only one and you do not worship no one and do not associate a partner's ex with him. And that is something very clear that doesn't need too much explanation. It's something very simple by itself in defines itself. It's something very easy, you don't need to come up with some kind of weird explanations for people to make them understand to give them all kinds of, you know,

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parables and so on for them to try to understand that it's very simple. So inshallah today, once again, as last week, I'm joined my by my dear brother and guests, I met habits and I want to get to know you ever.

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Thank you for coming on the show. My pleasure. And for those who might not know me, Hammond has been involved in dow for a long time kundala and hamdulillah. He runs a lot of programs that trains people how to give down Okay, so this is something very important, because if you remember last show, he said something very interesting, very, very important. They said, by your willingness to give dour, you are basically saying that you love illustrator, and you want to share this love with other people want to share this career and give it to other people. Right? You want to tell them the truth. Right? So Mohammed has been doing this for a while. He's got his own YouTube channel and show

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even on Hodor TV and you can inshallah, watch that. It's pretty

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Even you know, these days, so you can check out the timings on the Hooda. tv website. And he's basically training people now he's been given out to people, and now he's training people as well. And that's what we want to do today. In the end, it's not just an information session, we want to give people some kind of, you know, tools, we're not saying we're going to make them the eyes, you know, do other scholars, but some small tools or ideas, what they can do with their neighbor with their co worker, colleague and so on. And last time, we were left off you you made a distinction. He said, there's a there the Christians, who will they believe in Christianity, but they're not, you

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know, they're not like the Bible thumpers, you know, like, they're not like, they don't really, you know, your quote, you know, john 316, and, you know, the first apostles and this and that, you know, they're like, okay, we believe some things don't make sense. But you know, we're born like this, and we think Jesus, our Savior, and, and then there's the ones who you know, will give you the whole breakdown, and, you know, they go to Bible study, and so on. So there's a difference between those two. And we talked a little bit about the,

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the former. And we said that, you know, there's certain logical arguments that we can go to do you mind reviewing really fast, some of those

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100 la Salatu, Salam ala rasulillah,

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as we discussed in the last, you know, Episode, during the hour to the Christians, first you need to understand, you know, who are Christians and their, their background, essentially, that will facilitate you to, you know, deal with them. You know, I always tell, you know, give an example or an ology that di is like a doctor, you know, he knows he should know his patient. Well, the more he knows his patient, well, he can diagnose that first and foremost thing is, he needs to identify his problem. Is he religious person, religious, you know, in terms of really practicing it or not. So, as a die, Doctor, you are basically diagnosing and identifying his problem. Heart doctor? Yes, I

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mean, so to say, fixing the heart. Exactly, exactly. So a doctor, his his, his half of his study, or majority of his study, it goes in identifying the problem. So that's what we discussed in the last episode, that, first we need to identify Is it easier believing Christian or practicing Christian? Or he's like, you know, you know, full time Christian?

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And we said that there are obviously two categories. One is the, you know, Christian by name, you know, by passport, and the other one is really religious Christians. And will we categorize them further when we go on, you know, further down? So we said in the previous episode, that the way to deal with them is start from a logic, rational, reasonable understanding and background that will basically you know, because the more you throw, you know, a biblical references or Quranic references is, you know, I don't, you know, believe in, you know, we don't have to actually have a scripture, he might go to that level as well. So you need to basically make them they're almost

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like, you know, I would call them pseudo atheists. Right. And let me interject here, I did meet a lot of people, especially in Canada, West, where you'll, you know, you'll, you'll quote, something from their Bible, and they'll say, Well, this was inspired to men were faulty, and they had mistakes. I, you know, it comes from God, but it's been, you know, to import from the perfect, imperfect people. So if there's mistakes or contradictions or problems, it's not a big deal, we still believe in Jesus, you know, they will they'll take that path. Exactly, exactly. So it down the line, if you actually diagnose this problem, somewhere down the line, they, they, they do believe in

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Jesus to be to be God. I mean, when we go, you know, deeper and deeper, we understand that, yes, he's a believer. So that way, you know, taking up a logical OR rational approach for these kinds of people would would definitely help and that's, that's what we discussed in the, in the last session and throwing them you know, the purpose of life, why are you here, you know, some of the logical reasoning of your existence, you know, it cannot be just eating, drinking, walking, working, it is much more beyond that. So that's what if someone want some of them would say, Well, you know, my existence or my purpose in life is to worship Jesus or to, to love you know, Jesus, his greatest

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greatest commandment is to you know, is to love you know, love, love Your love, love God, love your neighbor, love people, you know, they always have this hippie type of, you know, intelligence, love, everyone. Love is the answer for everything and so on. So what if they say that I mean, what's another argument that we can offer them to show them that we know Jesus was not God? Or you know, or you know, you Yes, love is important, but it's not everything. I mean, how do we approach see the true love towards Jesus Christ cannot be done in the pulseway.

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It should be done in masters way right as Jesus Christ peace be upon him repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. You know, the master is greater than the slave. So you need to follow the master in order to love him in a way

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He deserves to be loved. So in that way that we try to understand the essence is coming closer to the Scripture. So we we dwell into the discussions of those people who believe in the Bible to be the Word of God, if not totally majority are the part you know portion of it. And they believe Jesus to be you know, the the God or the Son of God or the Begotten Son of God or He died for instance. So we try to understand that yes, he is now talking like a believer in Christianity. So to deal with these kind of people, I think we need to strongly you know, studied the Quran first. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, he mentioned very beautifully in the eye of Surah Baqarah. So number two and

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number 111, you know,

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Allah subhanaw taala he says, but just before that, I wanted to, you know, put this as a disclaimer, okay? to all our Christian viewers, if they are watching, this is what we are discussing is nothing to you know, or humiliate or infrared, anybody knowing when this is when the pure spirit of clear our stand with regards to Jesus Christ peace be upon him, and our study our viewpoint with the fair, you know, and just the way that we have done with the with the Koran and the Bible as well. So I just want to you know, make that disclaimer. So Allah subhanaw taala, he says in Surah Baqarah. So number two, number 111, will call you and they say, the halal janitor in La Mancha houden.

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Allah subhanaw taala says they say that none shall enter into paradise they claim basically, unless you be Jew, or a Christian, take our money. These are the wind desires, you know, imagination hallucinations, all say to them how to,

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say produce your proof in quantum Salatin if you're truthful. Now, when Allah subhanaw taala commanded us about their claim that they say none shall enter into paradise and give you a Jew or a Christian. Allah Almighty has a you know, he commanded us cold, hard to produce your proof if you're truthful, now we as Muslims are very reasonable, because our inspiration and our you know, way of approach of Dawa is based on the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and that is Islam and Islam is a reasonable, rational way of life. So it although las panatela, you could just you know, straightforward 10 this is all blatant lie, but Allah helps us understand, to

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get engaged with them, tell them produce your proof. So, you know, over many, many, many years, people have given Bible as their proof. So, as a student of you know, Islam and comparative religion getting engaged with the LA Kitab with the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, you should know certain beliefs that they have this belief system, when you understand and we understand better, we'll be able to deal with a believing Christian in a very organized, programmed and systematic way. So, some of the belief systems will go through inshallah, and the first and essential thing you know, as Allah Almighty says, Allah, Allah kita Hello, Ella Kalimantan, Saba,

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Im, by Nana obey Allah nabooda illa Allah, the first thing which is which we find very common between the LA Kitab and us is allana. Buddha in Dhamma, that we worship, none but Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that, you know, drives us to discussion of concept of God, in the Christianity, in the true Christianity in the in the Bible, as practiced and preached by Jesus Christ he's been wanting. So

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before before we start, before we get into the, I find a lot of times the Christians will say when we started getting to their scriptures, and I know we talked about the the Christians who are not so much into the Scripture, we said, we'll approach it from a rational point of view, and so on. And that works a lot of times and

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sometimes we'll try to escapes towards the scriptures now, and when we reach there, but we want to always make clear what is our stance with regards to their scripture to the Bible, because a lot of times, they'll accuse the double standards, they also will hold a second, you're using my scripture to prove your argument or your point. So we always need to, you know, make this disclaimer and say, What do we actually believe about the Bible? Definitely. Now, I would like to clarify to two parties here with regards to our belief in the Bible, to the Muslims, and to the Christians as well to the Jews and the Christians, to the Muslims, you know, because sometimes we get this kind of, you know,

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point of view that Why are using you know, the Bible or other scriptures for Dharma, this is not you know, right. So, we use it just to clarify, we use it as a source or as a means to give them Dharma, not for the, you know, for the guide

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For sure. So this is only for the purpose of using it as a means to do that and not because we are trying to seek guidance or Quran and the Sunnah is enough for us. This is for the Muslim for the Christians. Our belief is that we believe in the worry in the revelation, which was sent to Jesus Christ based upon which we believe that was, indeed the gospel, the gospel of Rizal, he said, I'm the gospel of, you know, Isa, which was inspired by Allah subhanho wa Taala. It also indicates that we believe in the Torah which was given to Moses PSP upon we believe in this book, which was given to David peace be upon him. So we believe in the inspiration in the revelation given to these

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people, which we know and as the Quran mentions that the responsibility of protecting it was given to the bunnies raised the children of Israel, and they failed to do so. So we believe that a portion of it was inspired by Allah Almighty. However, we do not want to comment on that, as a lot of mighty citizens would have been Israel. If you do not have a certain knowledge of something. Don't come, you know, don't comment on it on that. We try to use it if they say why are you using it because you believe so?

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Because you claim that you believe in the Bible to be the Word of God, we say, okay, it's your book, in your own book, this is what it says, okay? So we're basically trying to show them from their own scriptures, that their beliefs might not align with what the scripture says, salute or simply we're gonna take a short break inshallah, but if you are with us, or you're just joining us, make sure you do come back after the break, we were talking about how to do, how to get down to Christians, what kind of arguments what kind of things we can bring up there, and of course, in the in the best of manners in the nicest way with hikma and so on. So make sure you stay tuned, we'll be right back.

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A chance to gain

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spend on you