How To Be Resurrected With Rasulallah

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Do you want intercession on the Day of Judgment every believer of course they do.

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You want intercession. You want to be with the Prophets Allah Salah in Jannah. Then the messenger Allah, Allah Rama, Rama,

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Rama, Rama Maha, whoever you love in this dunya whoever is your role model in this dunya you will be resurrected with that person, the Day of Judgment.

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If you love the message of Allah in this dunya

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if you love him in this dunya then on the day of judgment, you will be resurrected with the Messenger of Allah. And if you love others, you adopt the way of others the others are your role models that on the day I'll Moreau mom and messenger Allah didn't say that you will be resurrected with me to you will be resurrected with those who you love.

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Those who are role models, those who you spit out on your face books and on your Instagrams reading about and following and dreaming that you could be like them. You will be with those people on the Day of Judgment. The Sahabi said O Messenger of Allah said I know how much faster don't have much Salah meaning he prayed is follow Fosses photos but like the other Sahaba but he said one thing I do know is that I love Allah. And I love his messenger, the messenger Allah says Allah aroma man, you will be with that person who you love in the Hereafter. And Malik says, After EMA nothing was more pleasing to the sahaba. Then to know that in Jana, they will be resurrected with the messenger on

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the Day of Judgment, they will be resurrected with the prophets of Allah alayhi wa sallam. But much of this is also to do with actions. Not just love, you love we all love the promise Allah salah.

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If you love somebody, you follow the way as well.