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You know, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam really long to meet you.

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Like Abu Hurayrah says that we went with him to the cemetery

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and having entered the cemetery and greeted the, you know, inhabitants of the graveyards as his Muslim tradition he sold ala Holly who was selling them says What did to a Neve Padilla a to acquire Nana

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I wish I saw long I sold wish that I had had the opportunity to meet our brothers. So the US have say, unless no one UK are we not your brother's a prophet of Allah. So he says well unto us heavy, you want my companions? What if worldly and Levina lamb yet too bad? But my brothers are those who will come afterwards. They will be those who believe in me having never seen me and I will go ahead of them and anticipation of them waiting for them by my pool that costar. So the US hub say if you've never met them, how will you know them and the Day of Judgment? How will you know that this is, you know, followers of me and believers of me and from my Oma. So he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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says, imagine a person has a herd of horses, and these horses are horses marked with marks of distinction. They have white forearms and white four legs and a white mark on their foreheads. And then this herd mixes with an ordinary herd of horses, you know monochrome, bland colors, when he comes in sees his horses, will he be able to pick them from the rest of the horses? So they say yes or prophet of Allah, horses of distinction will be able to be picked out from the rest of the horses. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam say, my ummah will come, my brothers, the ones that believed in me, having never seen me will come in the day of judgment, and their marks of

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distinction will be their limbs will be glowing, their faces radiant from the author of will do and I will recognize them and meet them and wait for them at my house. So glad tidings to you and Muslim you for whom the prophet is waiting on the other side. Glad Tidings to you